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Welcome to the inaugural newsletter from HARMONY783, a new innovative grounding footwear company for women and men.

We may not always be aware, but we are as much a part of the planet as the soil beneath us. Our primary mission at HARMONY783 is to re-establish that connection and return our bodies to the natural harmonious state with the planet we live on (the inspiration for our “Harmony”).

We want to help people tap into the earth's natural and nourishing energy fields by directly re-connecting them with the source. This is known as grounding or earthing, a simple act that improves your body's health and wellbeing. People worldwide are now noticing the many health benefits more than ever, including grounding's ability to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, alleviate chronic pain, and fortify one’s immune system.

Our founders, Pamela Bard and Sharon Whiteley, came together with the same goal in mind—to develop footwear that would remove insulating barriers between the earth's surface and our bodies. HARMONY783 has developed fashion-forward and comfortable footwear that enhances this natural connection, one that has been compromised and lost over the years due to modern living. 

HARMONY783 footwear is specially designed to give wearers of all ages the benefits of grounding without taking any extra steps in their daily routines or extra effort. By simply wearing grounding shoes, you'll be increasing your health every day without having to think about it one iota.
Live Life Grounded! 

The earth is loaded with valuable energy, called electrons. These have been proven to be helpful for the body's healing cycle. These can be called negative charges. Indeed, something negative can't be good, right? That's where many get it wrong. The positive electrons that collect in our body can slow us down, and we need a way to discharge the excess energy. 
Grounding is precisely how you do that.  There's a great deal of science behind it. Over 21 scientific studies substantiate these findings.  if you're looking for more information, please visit our article What is Grounding

Simply stated, grounding is positive for every human being on the planet? Some of the significant health benefits grounding has shown to improve include, but are not limited to:
  1. Boosting immunity
  2. Reducing inflammation
  3. Lowering stress and anxiety
  4. Improving sleeping patterns 
  5. Supporting cardiovascular health 
There's no denying that many people report challenges in these areas. It could be as simple as a disconnection from mother earth. We recommend grounding a minimum of 20-30 minutes per day; longer is even better.

You can’t overdo it.


Sharon Whiteley, one of HARMONY783’s co-founder, is a subject matter expert on grounding and the co-author of Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health Through Grounding. This is one of the leading books about grounding and receives praise from researchers and fellow pioneers of the practice. 

This book is an easy to read guide with many real-life stories of people whose lives have been dramatically changed simply by incorporating grounding in their lives.
In addition, many doctors and wellness practitioners continue to contribute their positive perspectives on grounding benefits.
We enthusiastically want you to have the tools needed to incorporate the practice of grounding into your daily lives. To celebrate the debut of HARMONY783, we include a complimentary copy with every first-time purchase of HARMONY783 footwear.
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Grounding: Growing in Popularity

Grounding is growing in popularity and recognized by some famous names - including many “disruptors.”
Dave Asprey, the author of The Bulletproof Diet and many books and included in Barefoot Wisdom, has featured the topic numerous times on his blog and in podcasts and speeches. Asprey has repeatedly given grounding praise, discussed the science behind it, and exclaimed how grounding can help improve your health. 
Ben Greenfield, a renowned fitness guru, also recognizes the wonders of grounding. He, too, has written extensively on the topic. To further advance awareness, he has invited Clint Ober, a pioneer recognized for re-discovering the benefits of grounding over two decades ago, along with others on his podcast.
Hollywood icons, too, have begun to take up this healthy practice in droves. Zac Efron was introduced to the benefits of grounding on his new Netflix series, Down to Earth. His co-star, Dairen Orien, engaged him to ground after a long flight to France. The two effectively demonstrated the immediate positive effects grounding had on mood and reversing the effects of jetlag. Jenny McCarthy recently interviewed Step Sinatra from, who has accredited grounding with dramatically improving his serious health challenges over the years.
While it may be new to many, it won't be long until grounding becomes a household word and common practice for people looking to improve their health naturally. As awareness about grounding continues to grow, HARMONY783 looks forward to being a leader in this movement.
With all that grounding has to offer, we think you will love our HARMONY783 footwear (we admit to being a little biased). We do hope, however, you’ll share your story with everyone you know (heck, ok with strangers, too). 
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