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President's Message Andrew J. Wasiniak, CPC

I am happy to report that our Institute is strong and continues to thrive because of the commitment of our excellent members and volunteers.  We continue to reach out to our “sister” organizations, educators, owners, employers, and practitioners to communicate our commitment to a shared mission of enhancing the professional reputation of the individual constructor and the construction industry.  I would like to thank David T. Jones of SUNDT who recently volunteered his time to help us produce our first CPC “Boot Camp” prep course that was offered in webinar format to CPC registrants for the November exam.  David donated several hours of his time for these highly rated study sessions. 
I would also like to thank all of the AIC and CCC leaders who will be participating in our 2011 Mid-Year Meetings October 13-14 in Washington DC.  We are very excited to again be hosting an Inter-Industry Reception, this year at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center at 5:00 pm on Thursday evening October 13.  Our guest speaker is Sam Carnaggio, the Project Director of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. Sam is directing billions of dollars of civil infrastructure spending, clearly the largest project in the nation's capital. The presentation he's put together is a "before-during-after" account of this massive project.  If you are interested in attending please contact Wendy Stevens to RSVP.

What we do at the Institute and the Commission is important and I challenge you to help us spread the word about AIC to ensure that we continue to make a difference in our Industry and continue to set the highest possible standards of practice and education.  Thank you for your support!

Best regards,

Andy Wasiniak, CPC

AIC Chapter Profile                 
Washington DC Metro Chapter Profile
David Bierlein AIC,CPC
The Washington DC Metro Chapter is a newly created chapter of the AIC and is anticipating charter in the Fall of 2011. The process involved with creating a new chapter includes registering 20 plus charter members, writing and approving by-laws and applying to National for charter approval. Membership is extended to those AIC members in Virginia, Southern Maryland, and throughout the District of Columbia. The goal of this chapter is to promote professionalism in our industry, grow the individual constructor, and to get the Associate Constructor (AC) and the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) designations weighted in governmental procurements.

Membership in the AIC is open to all professional level personnel working in the construction industry.  This includes people in education, government agencies, construction supply, and the many specialty contractors.  The basic requirement is that you be employed at a professional level some place within the construction industry. 
The local chapter and national programs are dedicated to the promotion of professionalism in construction.  You will have an opportunity to work on programs for the benefit of your career and industry. 
One of the benefits of membership in AIC and a local chapter are meetings throughout the year that allow for networking, education, and exposure to other individuals working within the construction industry. The first organizational meeting of the Washington DC Metro Chapter was held on March, 2011 in Washington DC. 
The most recent meeting, held September 13, highlighted guest speaker Mr. Leo Titus Jr., P.E. who works for ECS Mid-Atlantic, as a civilian member of VA-TF1 and a structural specialist for ten years. Mr. Titus was deployed September 11th to the Pentagon after the most deadly attack on the United States in its history. He shared his thoughts on this experience, including details of the processes used to stabilize the Pentagon during the days following the attack and shoring plans developed and implemented by engineers and rescue crews to stabilize the structure and successfully perform recovery searches.

Since the initial March meeting of the DC Metro Chapter, a membership meeting occurred as did three meetings each with guest speakers tied to the construction industry. Each month, meeting attendance has grown and interest expressed further supporting the formation of the DC Metro Chapter. The future meetings held by the chapter will be educational, highlighting engaging speakers from different areas of the construction industry.
We encourage and welcome you to join us at our next meeting. For information on membership or future events of the Washington DC Metro Chapter contact acting chapter President Jim Hoskinson or for AIC membership information.

Mr. Ethics

Dear Mr. Ethics,
I have recommended a friend of mine for a job with my company.  I have known this person for many years.  We attended the same accredited construction management program and my friend graduated with honors.  I have always known them to be a very conscientious person who always worked hard and always wants to do the best job possible.  They also like to unwind and they enjoy the personal, social side of their life as well.  I think this person would be a great addition to the professional staff and culture of the company where I work.  My problem is that a mutual friend chuckled when I mentioned that I recommended our friend for employment.  She chuckled because she was wondering what the company may think of our friend, and me, if they looked at our friend’s Facebook site.  Again, my friend enjoys her down time so there are pictures of her having a good time at some clubs and in New Orleans.   There are no really embarrassing pictures, but you definitely can see my friend knows how to have a good time.  I asked a couple of work colleagues who are in HR about our company’s hiring practices. They told me the company does check Facebook sites without telling employment candidates.  Because I want my friend to be hired, and I do not want my company to think poorly of me, should I tell my friend about the company’s policy?  Do you think it is ethical for the company to check sites like Facebook?  I mean, those sites are not reflective of how someone works.
Thank you, Reputation on the Line

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AIC Supports ACCE

The Annual Meeting of the American Council for Construction Education was held July 20-23, 2011in Minneapolis, MN.   AIC’s representative, Norma Jean Andersen Ph.D., CPC attended these meetings and has the following suggestions about what AIC members can do to support construction certification.

What can AIC members do?  
  1. If you have an opportunity to participate in the development of the learning outcomes, get involved, both as a company and as an individual.
  2. Get your companies actively involved in ACCE to chart the direction of construction education.  Your companies hire the students out of these programs.  You need to be very verbal about what you want them to be able to do when you hire them as a new graduate.
  3. As individuals, seek out a program near you and become involved on the advisory board, volunteer to talk to classes, work with the student chapters, or volunteer to help with a capstone course.
  4. If you or your company is a member of any associations get your association involved in ACCE.
  5. As an organization, AIC needs to have a strong presence at all levels of construction education, from the schools to the accreditation process.  If you do not, the curriculum may not adequately meet the needs of the industry.
Among the goals that were discussed were the expansion of ACCE membership from associations, organizations and individuals and recruiting 12 new educators at ACCE accredited programs from the ranks of practitioners.  Dr. Andersen can be reached at if you have any questions about how you can help.

Construction Outlook

If it wasn’t for all the noise, we just might be able to get more work done. However, it would take some industrial-strength earplugs and blinders to ignore the headlines about the budget battles and the screams from the latest Wall Street rollercoaster ride. This latest “noise” was occurring just as we closed the third quarter NRCI survey, but our panelists were not oblivious to it when giving their responses this quarter, as the NRCI slipped from 58.6 to a still positive 52.4. It is interesting to compare the losses on Wall Street, which one reporter estimated at $2.9 trillion for the period from July 22 to August 8, with the $2.4 trillion Congress agreed to trim from the federal budget. If one loss could be applied to the other, we would have solved a big problem in short order. But that is fantasy economics.
Back on Main Street, NRCI panelists reflected the concerns of most people in this economy. Just as business started to look like there was a real trend for improvement, we are taking a step backward. However, even though our current reading looks like a setback, it isn’t yet as severe as the setback we had in the third quarter of 2009, and we are slightly ahead of the third quarter reading of 2010.

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“Reprinted with permission from FMI Corporation, 919.787.8400. For more information, visit or call Sarah Vizard at 919.785.9221.” 

Book Review of Gladwell's "Tipping Point" and How it Applies to Construction
By Matt Stevens

Malcolm Gladwell's contemporary book explains the roots of medical and social epidemics. Although interrelated, one is desired by all and the other by no one. For business people, analyzing the social epidemics of our times is great instruction for those of us who want client acceptance about our business value. This is important if we are to "recession proof" our contracting company or management future. The book is one for the ages. Gladwell reaches back to Paul Revere's ride and narrates forward through Bernard Goetz's vigilantism, Hush Puppies' new found acceptance, and the AIDS epidemic to the present day.
Marketing in construction comes to mind when reading this book. However, it is not traditional marketing in the general business sense, but the best marketing a contractor can enjoy. It is not the web, the latest "tweet" or meeting event. It is quite simply positive word of mouth. 

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AIC News

Poor Man's Dinner and Raffle

The American Institute of Constructors’ Northern Ohio Chapter will be hosting their 26th ANNUAL “Poor Man’s Dinner and Raffle” on Wednesday November 9, 2011, at the Casa Di Borally Party Center, 27221 Chardon Road, Richmond Heights, Ohio. In the past 25 years, with the help of our sponsors, AIC has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to students attending various colleges through our primary student education fundraiser.  Please contact Chapter Coordinator, Natalie Farinacci, at (216) 642-6040,, to purchase tickets

AIC Offers CPC Exam Boot Camp

AIC recently sponsored an optional CPC Exam Boot Camp webinar for those registered to sit for the CPC exam this coming November.  AIC thanks David T. Jones CPC, DBIA, LEED AP for teaching the 3 day online webinar program designed to help registrants prepare for the exam.  This was the first time that this program was offered online.  Click here to read more about the Boot Camp.

A Program on Construction Ethics:

The AIC produced "A Program on Construction Ethics" has recently been released and is now available to AIC members at a discounted rate.  The program is also available for educators and may be licensed for classroom use.  If anyone is interested in obtaining their own copy at the Members Only rate please visit and put in discount code: aicmember2011 to receive your $25 dollar discount.

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If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective shipping, you can count on FedEx to deliver. AIC members can save up to 26% on select FedEx® shipping services. There are no costs and no minimum shipping requirements to take advantage of this great member benefit. For more information or to enroll in this program, please call 1-800-MEMBERS (1.800.636.2377, 8 a.m.–6 p.m. EST, M-F) or go to and enter passcode W4F5CV.


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