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July 3, 2020

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July 5, 2020
8:45am DayBreak | 10:30am BreakAway

“A Little Different"
Judges 10:6-18
Rev. Trent Walker
Colby Jolman, grandson of Jay and Dolly Kloosterman (219 S. State Street Zeeland, 49464) passed away unexpectedly on June 18 after a long battle with depression. He was 26. 

Tracy Lucarelli's (3268 Hillcrest Way Zeeland, 49464)19-year-old niece, Samantha, is under great care at Mary Free Bed, and her long term memory remains unaffected, but her short term memory has not returned

John Bruursema (7750 104th Avenue Zeeland, 49464) underwent surgery, but doctors were unable to remove the tumor near his brain stem. The biopsy did reveal a glioma, and more testing will be done to determine what kind. John is currently at Mary Free Bed and hopes to be home by the weekend.

Michelle Hop (3452 Hillcrest Way Zeeland, 49464) was admitted to Blodgett for wound treatment and there is an infection in the leg that was operated on. 

Arlen Meeuwsen (8810 Ransom Street Zeeland, 4946) has completed his radiation treatments and awaits consultation with the Urologist. 

Loie DeVries (230 S. State Street #91 Zeeland, MI 49464) will begin radiation treatment on Monday for cancer that has returned.  

Beverly Compagner, mother of Dawn Geuder (27 S Zeeland Pkwy Zeeland, 49464) is home recovering from her recent hospitalization.

Wanda Vereeke (1831 Lakeview Drive Zeeland, 49464) returning home following therapy at Heritage Rehab facility in Zeeland after surgery for a compound back fracture.  

Missionaries Pete, Abby, Eden, Charlotte, Ezra, Samuel, and Solomon Dockery request prayer for their family.  They are emotionally and mentally worn down in Guatemala.  Their trip to the US has been canceled twice and there is a concern if they leave Guatemala they might not be able to return due to Covid travel restrictions. Not being able to visit the US has implications for their boys that need new prosthetics, a lack of ability to update their homeschool resources, and they haven't been able to see family. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! Pastor Chris is out of town spending time with some family, so whether you like it or not, I will be the voice of encouragement for you today! :-)

Today I want to draw our attention to words written thousands of years ago, and they speak to a time yet to come that will last for the rest of eternity. Right now, it’s so incredibly easy to look at the world around us, and to see everything that’s wrong. So hear these words written by the Prophet Isaiah:
17        For look, I am ready to create 
            New heavens and a New Earth! 
            The former ones will not be remembered; 
            no one will think about them anymore.
18         But be happy and rejoice forevermore 
            over what I am about to create! 
            For look, I am ready to create Jerusalem to be a source of joy, 
            and her people to be a source of happiness.
19         Jerusalem will bring me joy, 
            and my people will bring me happiness. 
            The sound of weeping or cries of sorrow 
            will never be heard in her again.
20         Never again will one of her infants live just a few days 
            or an old man die before his time.”
I look around, and I see the faces of good police officers wondering what the future will hold. I see the faces of men, women, and children who have experienced systemic and personal injustice. I see the faces of terrified mothers-to-be wondering if they’re going to survive the journey to come. I see the sorrow in the eyes of moms and dads who have lost their little ones before ever getting the chance to meet them. I see the scared eyes of the boys and girls in foster care who have lost everything. I see the dimming spark in the eyes of a widow who is so tired of being alone. I see the fear in the eyes of vulnerable wondering if this pandemic will mean the end. I see the tired men and women working tirelessly to do what is right while they lead those around them while taking shot after shot from the people they love. I see the sorrow of the families of the now 520,000+ image-bearers around the world who have drawn their last breath because of COVID-19. I see the sadness on the faces of children who said goodbye to a grandma or a grandpa too soon. And I see the sadness on their faces as school has changed, and a place they once sought comfort is now vacant. I see the bruises on the body of a child at the hands of someone who says ‘I love you’.
It’s impossible to say which of these is most important. It’s impossible to say which one of these deserves our undivided attention.
Today I want to remind us of a day coming when Jesus returns and God will make all things new. A day when there are no more tears. A day when there is no more isolation. A day when we get to walk with Jesus in the cool of the day basking in the glory of His New Creation. A day when we feel the grass beneath our feet and breathe the very air beside our Savior.
That is our future hope – the resurrection of the body. Life Everlasting! And what I love is that our everlasting life has already begun. We are now alive in Christ, and we have the beautiful work ahead of us to meet the brokenness in front of us with grace, love, humility, and power! Each time we pay special attention to the widow, we usher in the Kingdom. Each time we encourage the weary and lift them up, we are ushering in the Kingdom. Each time we grieve with those who have lost because of this virus, we are ushering in the Kingdom. Each time we befriend a terrified mother-to-be who feels they are all alone, we are ushering in the Kingdom. Each time we work for a child who has been abused at the hands of someone they love and trust, we are ushering in the Kingdom. Each time we advocate for the broken, the beaten, the vulnerable, the oppressed, we are ushering in the Kingdom!
Jesus spent the time to give special attention to the Samaritan, to the value-less child, to the ‘outsiders’ of God, to the ‘insiders’ of God, to the Leper cast out, and even to the one who would betray Him… Each time He did so, He showed us the work to come. He showed us wisdom. He showed us His Heart.
There is a lot of sorrow in the world right now, I feel it; I know you feel it. Know that there comes a day when God will make all things new. There is a day when Christ returns, the 1 is returned to the 99, the outsider will join in the table of God, and the little are lifted up. 
What a beautiful work to be a part of! And what a wonderful thing God is doing through each of us. 
I pray you are well and that your Fourth of July plans are safe and full of Joy!
Have a wonderful weekend, brothers and sisters.
With peace,
Pastor Andrew

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