April 2015


Earth Day and the Power of Citizens to Create Change


"Never in my long lifetime have I ever seen such an aroused populace at the grassroots level. This oil pollution has done something I have never seen before in Santa Barbara – it has united citizens of all political persuasions in a truly nonpartisan cause."
~ Santa Barbara NewsPress Editor Thomas Storke, February 1969
“There are no scientific or technical obstacles to protecting our world and the precious life it supports.  It all depends on what we truly value, and that we can summon the will to act.”
~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Earth Day 2015 is April 22, the 45th Anniversary of the original Earth Day in 1970, a massive nationwide event that was the largest public demonstration in American history.  20 million people across the nation participated in teach-ins, demonstrations, festivals, and marches. This AP photo is from a rally in Philadelphia during the first Earth Day.
The first Earth Day resulted from outrage over uncontrolled pollution that...

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You're Invited to the 3rd Annual Spirit of Sustainability Awards Ceremony

Please join us in acknowledging the recipients of the third annual Spirit of Sustainability Awards. The ceremony will be held at the Pavilion at Ag Heritage Park on:
April 22nd
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Sustainability Week :
April 15th - April 22nd

The Sustainability Coalition  will host and promote a number of events such as a Seafood Boil, the Hunger Hike, and a gathering at Mama Mochas for a couple short videos with a conversation. For more information view our blog post.

April Poster:
Earth Day

Watershed Sciences Minor Latest Addition to Natural Resources Management Degree

The Watershed Sciences Minor was created in response to the increasing need for professionals in natural resources, fisheries, biological sciences, agriculture and other fields to become engaged with water management. While open to all students, the Watershed Sciences minor was created along with three other conservation and sustainability focused minors (Nature-based Recreation, Urban Environmental Management, and Natural Resources Ecology) to accompany the Natural Resources Management major.

For more information please contact Dr. Jodie Kenney, or visit this webpage.

New Course:
Engage Interact Lead

Engage Interact Lead is a new course offered Fall 2015 titled Engage Interact Lead features women in environmental leadership. The course counts for the Community and Civic Engagement and Women's Studies minors. For more information contact Dr. Baker

Seed Library Looking for Volunteers

Do you care about the diversity of our local ecology and food supply? If so, consider this unique opportunity to volunteer at the student-run seed library. For more information click the above flyer or contact librarian Patricia Hartman.

Campus Conversation: Earth Day and Caring for Water: Why Does Citizen Participation Matter?

This month Eric Reutebuch, Director of Alabama Water Watch, will explain the issues, the impact citizens can have, and ways to get involved in efforts to watch over, restore, and protect water resources. Join us for our April Campus Conversation:
April 7th
12:30 pm
Student Center 2310
Everyone is invited to attend.

Sustainability in Action: Charlene LeBleu

by Alicia Valenti, Intern

Throughout the nation and here on Auburn’s campus, developers are beginning to focus more on creating buildings and landscapes that are both beautiful and sustainable. Charlene LeBleu, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, is one of the people working towards turning this idea into reality.
Growing up in Saint Augustine, Florida, Charlene developed an interest in horticulture early before going on to win 4-H competitions in that category at the state and national level. Her interest later turned to ecology and conservation ethics, leading her to 

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Common Book Chosen for 2015 - 2016:
Half a Life: A Memoir

Auburn Connects! has chosen Half a Life: A Memoir for the 2015 - 16 school year. The program builds community among students, faculty and staff through a shared reading experience and activities both in and out of the classroom. For more information, please visit the Auburn Connects! website. 

Give Input on Auburn's Biking Network-
3 Quick Questions

The Auburn Bicycle Committee, in conjunction with Auburn University, is working on research to help with the future planning of the bicycle network and infrastructure in the Auburn community.  Please take a moment to answer three questions on the survey. Please share with everyone you know that rides a bicycle. 

Tiger Dining Hosts Seafood Boil

In celebration of Earth Week, Tiger Dining will be hosting a Seafood Boil. Come and enjoy regionally harvested seafood and produce with your friends. The cost is $ 7.99 per person. Students can pay with their Tiger Card. Come enjoy a delicious lunch:
Tuesday, April 21st
10:30 am - 2:00 pm
Student Center Greenspace

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Books to Consider

How to Save a River
by David Bolling

Blue Covenant

by Maude Barlow

Rivers for Life

by Postel and Richter
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