P&P Update April 2015

1st Anniversary of Social Care
(Self-directed support) (Scotland) Act

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The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act was passed in 2013 and the duties in the Act came into force in April 2014. The Act includes the following principles for individuals receiving support:
  • Involvement
  • Informed choice
  • Collaboration
  • The right to participate in society
  • The right to be treated with dignity
The Act places legal duties on local authorities to ensure that anyone who is assessed as being eligible for social care should be offered Self-directed Support (SDS).  The Statutory Guidance to accompany the Act explains these duties in full.

'Self-directed support is intended to support, promote and protect the human rights and independent living of care and support users in Scotland. It aims to ensure that care and support is delivered in a way that supports choice and control over one’s own life and which respects the person’s right to participate in society.'  (Statutory Guidance)
For further information, read:  
P&P's guide to the Act

Provider Guide

Have you checked out the new National Provider Guidance website for SDS?  

Support Me Support You contains lots of useful information, resources and case studies aimed at supporting providers with SDS implementation.

A print version of the Provider Guide will be available soon and will be mailed out to organisations across Scotland

Resources for SDS

New Scottish Government SDS website - the Self-directed Support Policy Team at Scottish Government have launched a brand new website for Self-directed Support

What's the Matter with Asset Based Approaches -  interesting blog from a senior lecturer at Edinburgh University on community asset based approaches

Stop Worrying about Risk - Stephen Finlayson from the Thistle Foundation writes about changing the culture of risk

Re-imagining Brokerage - a new report from the National Brokerage Network on the role of brokerage

Care Inspectorate Position Statement on SDS - The Care Inspectorate have published a position statement on SDS.

CCPS Briefing on Living Wage - Everyone is talking about the Living Wage, this briefing provides information for providers when responding to tenders. 

CCPS Provider Optimism Survey Results - includes information about SDS implementation and the impact on providers.

Coming Soon.....

P&P will soon be launching a new online searchable directory of third sector support providers. 

Search for Support will enable individuals, professionals and families to search for support providers in their local area.  

Watch this space for more information.....

Individual Service Funds (ISFs) 

Option 2 of Self-directed Support is a new way of delivering choice and control to individual receiving social care.  
Under Option 2, the individual should be able to choose their support provider, without having responsibility for managing the budget. This has been described as the 'no hassle option' as it enables choice for individuals with out the 'hassle' of managing the budget.  

The Option 2 budget can be held by the local authority,or  the provider, or a brokerage organisation.  Where the budget is held by the provider, this is often known as an Individual Service Fund (ISF).
New resources regarding Individual Service Funds are available on the
P&P website.

Local Authority Implementation of SDS

P&P has been carrying out research into the implementation of Self-directed Support.
A report of the findings will be published soon and will highlight the different approaches local authorities are taking to Option 2 of SDS - E.g.: using competitive tenders, framework agreements or approved provider lists and how these impact on providers and in turn service users.  

Based on interviews with local authority SDS leads, commissioners and providers, the research report will give a summary of what is happening with SDS implementation across Scotland.

SDS & the Workforce

Are you interested in workforce policy? We have a part time secondment available for people interested in taking their operational experience into national policy. For more details and how to apply go to the P&P website

Workforce Development Network Sign Up
If you have an interest in workforce development and self-directed support, you may be interested in signing up for the Workforce Development Network to receive regular news bulletins and information.
 Sign up here. 
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