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A quick apology. Please see my dates below for my visit to Sydney and Newcastle for April 2017 have been amended. 

Cyclone Debbie and her wake of has certainly knocked a lot of us around but I do know that this will not hold any of us down. I have seen and heard of many “Mud Armies” heading to affected areas and getting down and dirty for their neighbours. The large numbers that have already placed their normal routinely life on hold to head North and help those in need is outstanding! It is very heart warming to know we all unite in times of need.
As we know Rockhampton is now bracing for some history changing flooding as the water is climbing still to its peak. Our thoughts are with them all. Their preparations for this event have been well thought and manged by all involved and I believe will significantly change the outcome for the better once the water has receded.
I would like to inform all of my friends and clients that their investment properties have not been majorly affected from the flood waters, a reason for this is that I personally check every lot we sell to ensure that it is well above the 100 year flood line.
 The reports that we have had due to the recent event  are some trees that have fallen from water logged soil causing only a little inconvenience and small clean ups and some soggy back yards. A few leaks here and there also.

I will be making my way down to Sydney region within the next two weeks and will be available Thursday 20-04-2017 and Friday 21-04-2017. I will then be Travelling to Newcastle and visit until approximately Friday 28-04-2017. It would be a pleasure if any of you have time to catch up for a coffee.
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Hopefully we can catch up soon. 

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