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Inspiring Marine Video Proves
We Are Still a Christian Nation (VIDEO)

Over the weekend a video of U.S. Marines enthusiastically praising God has gone viral. 

The decades of Supreme Court decisions removing Christian symbols and God from the public square has not worked.  We are still a Christian Nation.

The Marines sing “Days of Elijah,” a Christian worship song many may remember from their youth group days.  Click here to view video. 

Lt Colonel Allen West, a TMLC Citizens Advisory Board member, wrote,

“Oh boy, this here video is surely going to send the head chucklehead of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Mikey Weinstein, into a apoplectic state of frothing hysteria. And you can imagine that the leadership of the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation is running about gnashing their teeth and tearing at their clothes.”

And World Net Daily managing editor, David Kupelian, commented on the video:

 “It’s been said that it takes a religion to fight a religion. With the butchers of ISIS daily proclaiming that they are inspired, motivated and directed by their insane religion, it’s great to see members of the U.S. military proclaiming their faithfulness to the one true God.”


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