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Did Someone Order a Hurricane? -
Art Opening postponed

Due to the tropical storm, high winds and rain that will make landfall in Annapolis Royal tomorrow, I've had to postpone my art opening until
next Saturday July 12 from 2-4pm.
Here is the BIG REVEAL of the show.

Step into the Mym Gallery….
Demeter was the Goddess of the flowers and the harvest and one day while she tended the fields, her daughter Persephone (daughter of Zeus) was kidnapped and taken down, down, down into the underworld by Hades to become his wife.
While Demeter searched for her daughter, the girl begged to return to her mother and refused to eat all food except for several pomegranate seeds.
Under great pressure from Zeus, other gods and spirits, Hades released the girl but insisted that she return for a few months each year – one month for each consumed pomegranate seed. Demeter grieves and stops tending her fields and that's how we get winter.
The Seven Ravens
 A couple have seven sons and and finally a sickly daughter is born. The sons are sent to the well to fetch water for their sister. Their impatient father curses their tardiness and all are turned into ravens. When their sister becomes a teen, she learns about her brothers and goes through tests of heroism in order to reach them and free them and transform them into men again.
Rapunzel’s mother has cravings during pregnancy so her kind husband steals a plant from a witch’s garden for his wife. He escapes with his life by promising to give the baby to the witch.
When Rapunzel is 12, the witch abducts Rapunzel and banishes her to a high, doorless tower. Eventually a wandering prince blinds himself while freeing Rapunzel. Years later he hears her talking in the woods to their twin children and marries her and they all live happily ever after in a safe castle.

Red Riding Hood

This classic fairy tale presents the wolf as the archetypical conniving, dangerous, and predatory bully who chooses vulnerable old women and young girls to bed and to consume.
But is this characterization of wolf a little over-the-top? Was this fairy tale used to justify the extermination attempts of Northern Europe’s wolf population from the Middle Ages until the late 1800’s?

I positioned the viewer as observer of the wolf. Is he less threatening to us when we are unobserved? Are we as watchers complicit to his actions? Is conniving the same as problem solving? Did rabid wolves terrorize European villages? 

An old, poor couple has a daughter who is perfect in every way except that she is the size of a teacup. She is abducted by a toad and is hostage to various insects and small rodents until she meets another tiny person who happens to be a prince. They marry and live happily ever after.

I loved the idea that Thumbelina’s world would have very different proportions than ours. I enjoyed putting her in a lovely flower garden with her confidant and friend, the sparrow.
Painting Technique
My ‘painting materials’ are pieces of my watercolours. Many are from my former life in Toronto. Like the young heroines in these stories, they are transformed in my studio to tell this visual story.

The archival watercolour paper pieces are glued onto cradleboards that have birch plywood tops and basswood frames. Three coats of acrylic matt varnish seal and protect the paintings.
The larger paintings (16” x 16”) are $450.
The two smaller paintings (12” x 12”) are $300.
I welcome creative payment plans.
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