Patience is a form of wisdom

The Week in Review

Welcome to Friday. Take a breath. It's been a big week.

Grab a few minutes to yourself and consider the following questions:

  1. How were you different this week? What did you do differently?
  2. In what ways did you help grow your team?
  3. Whom did you see in a new light?

Send me your thoughts. I'd love to hear how things went for you this week.

Ideas of Note

1. [Great Book] - The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World

Icon: The Introvert's WayEvery once in a while I read a book that really connects with me. Sophia Dembling's latest work is one such book. Dembling writes The Introvert's Corner blog for Psychology Today. Drawing upon her acute self-awareness, great research, and the feedback of thousands of her readers, she explores the preferences, nuances, and idiosyncrasies of being an introvert. She makes the case that introverts aren't wrong, just different. The book challenges introverts to take ownership of their personalities through — you guessed it — quiet strength.

The Introvert's Way was published about the same time as Susan Cain's Quiet, and the two make a great set. While Cain explores some of the introvert's inner world, she also looks at the broader societal impacts of a culture that has a bias for extraversion. Dembling focuses exclusively on the introvert's inner world, offering keen insights and sound strategies for living in a noisy world. It's an enlightening read.

Check out the book on Amazon…

2. [Great Advice] - The Secrets of Increasing Your Power at Work

Here's 5 secrets for being more influential and powerful at work. Hint: doing a good job is not one of them.

In this short article, Eric Barker, the author of the blog post, distills the essence of Jeffrey Pfeffer's latest book Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't. There's good stuff here. Be visible. Keep your boss happy. Be confident.

Read the post…

News and Events

1. Audio Interview

I was interviewed by Kylie Jenkin for her Drop by Drop podcast recently. We talked about leadership, and careers, and coaching, and introverts, and extraverts, and vibrant organizations, and … well, you get the idea.

Kylie did a marvelous job of pulling it all together and bringing out what I was trying to say. Check it out at Drop by Drop Cast: Episode VI.

2. California Bound

I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area April 18th through May 6th. If you're in the area, please get in touch. I welcome the opportunity to get together.

I am looking for additional opportunities for speaking and facilitation on leadership, team building, and careers. Can I do a Lunch & Learn for your organization? Drop me a line if you know someone I should talk to. 

What is Success?

To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pass this along!

Have a great weekend.

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