A workshop on urban planning for energy efficient data processing: taking the next step with thermal storage
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Workshop Heat/Cold Storage and Urban Planning for Datacenters

In the afternoon of Tuesday 3 April 2012, Green IT Amsterdam Region will organize a workshop on Heat/Cold Storage (WKO) and Urban Planning for Datacenters. 

During this workshop, the cooperation between governmental, scientific and industrial organizations on realizing an urban green ICT infrastructure is made tangible by focusing on the combination of thermal storage and urban planning for more energy efficient data processing in the Amsterdam Region. 

During the workshop, we will look back at Jan Willem Tellegen's constribution to Green IT Amsterdam's activities, we will look forward to the City of Amsterdam's urban planning strategy for datacenters, and attendees will receive the feasibility study by AgentschapNL and ICTroom on the use of the drinking water system and thermal storage for sustainable cooling of datacentes.

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Host: Amsterdamse Innovatie Motor, Kamer van Koophandel 
Location: De Ruyterkade 5
Date: 3 April 2012, 13:30 - 17:45

13.15 Registration and reception

13.30 Welcome and introduction
            Jaak Vlasveld, Green IT Amsterdam Region
13.35 Green Datacenter Propositions for the Amsterdam Region: how to combine information provisioning, regulation, and support options to attract greener datacenters
            Stef Le Fevre, City of Amsterdam (DRO)
14.05 The case for datacenters to employ a heat storage strategy: what are the precondiations for employing heat storage and who can benefit?
            Wim Kessels from Royal Haskoning

14.35 Coffee Break

15.00 Realizing reliable cold storage systems for datacenter cooling 
             Marcel Swets from IF Technology
15.30 The case for using the drinking water system as a cooling source for datacenters
            Wim Elfert from ICTroom 
            Stefan Mol from Waternet

16.00 Heat/cold storage installations in datacenters, both in the Netherlands and abroad: what will the future bring us?
            Coen Dijxhoorn from IF Technology

16.30 Discussion

17.00 Ceremonial change of director Green IT Amsterdam Region: as of March 1, Jan Willem Tellegen handed over the management of the consortium activities to John Post.
            John Post and Jan Willem Tellegen
17.15 Drinks



Heat/cold storage is more and more being used as a technology for heating or cooling of buildings. Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) or Heat/cold storage stores heat or cold in aquifers 20 to 300 m below the surface. Cold water is pumped up, cold is extracted and relatively warn water is re-infiltrated. A cold groundwater zone (5 to 10° C) develops around the infiltration well, which can be used for cooling of datacenters. This water then absorbs heat from the building and energy can be stored in a corresponding warm water zone (15 to 30° C) and used to heat buildings in the neighbourhood of datacenters.
ATES or Heat/cold storage is more and more being used as a technology for heating or cooling of buildings. Datacenters can store and transport their residual heat in the ground for reuse by other buildings. They could also store their excess cooling in the winter for use during the summer. And as demonstrated in a recent study by Waternet and ICTroom, the drinking water supply can also offer opportunities for cooling datacenters, with the added advantage of improving the temperature of undesirably cold water during winter times.
As heat/cold storage becomes more widely used, new questions arise, such as how to coordinate where to built new heat or cold storages. The City of Amsterdam cooperates with the ICT sector on identifying such spots in a way that matches current and future needs for building new datacenters. In addition, the ICT sector and the energy sector are invited to come up with innovative solutions to lower the energy consumption and improve the carbon footprint of the ICT sector.
This workshop serves to bootstrap activities within this scope, focusing on the application of heat/cold storage techniques from a holistic, city-wide perspective.

This is an open workshop, for which you are reqested to register for free by filling out the registration form here
Please feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues and friends if you feel they might be interested in attending.

This workshop is organized by Green IT Amsterdam Region, and is supported by the Green Metropole.

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