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Old Carpark to WA’s Biggest Pump Track

by Ian Humphrey

The vision is complete and by the number of riders with big smiles on their dials, it has been a success.

I freely admit it, the Black Stump carpark started out as a selfish vision to get myself a pump track. My garden wasn’t big enough and with the trails up Kalamunda being my second home,  I thought what better place for it. My involvement in the MTB community was like most, minimal apart form riding with my buddies. I’d only ever attended one trail building session but  thought with such a great idea I’d only have to present it to DEC/WAMBA and they would build it for me…

I had no idea that WAMBA was a bunch of unpaid volunteers that give up their valuable free time (often ride time) to build better MTB facilities, and that DEC’s budgets were so tight. I was welcomed in with opened arms but informed that if I wanted it I’d have to run the project myself, but they’d give me all the support and help they could. I’ve never built anything like this before, let alone run a detailed building project or seeked grant funding.

I feel incredibly lucky to be riding on the wave of support currently in mountain biking in WA. Lindsay and Jake (and those who went before) have tirelessly worked behind the scenes to educate, inform and turned “no” into “yes” over the years, and I have no doubt that their contacts and enthusiasm allowed this project to happen.

I also found that some of the negative rap given to government departments is completely unfounded. DEC has literally bent over backwards to make this project happen. In less than a week from gaining approval the site was cleared and material free of charge started to arrive. The large amount of cartage (25- 30 round trips ) of the all important clay material was done at short notice and again at no charge. Simply put, without this the project would not have proceeded.  The grant funding from the Department of Sport and Recreation for the workshops enabled us to secure the professional skills of Dirt Art. Steve Bennett from DSR made this happen and it is due to this we have a professional quality track.

Dirt Art themselves have been a pleasure to work with and helped guide me through the process. The design is far better than I ever thought. Simon  (Dirt Art Director) displayed great patience and resourcefulness whilst working to such a tight budget, and it has still resulted in a high quality product. As humble as he is, he’s designed and built over 25 of these tracks, but never in such a way as this one, ie no money and mainly with a fleet of willing volunteers. Speaking of which; to the volunteers who dug, compacted, shaped, compacted, raked, compacted, brushed, compacted and finally compacted some more, a massive Thank You. The quote  of “I love the sound of compactors in the morning…. “ seemed quite relevant with four wacker plates working continuously breaking the serenity of a Sunday morning….

The project from inception to construction has taken 6 months, which in itself is a minor miracle, but shows that by cooperation and using the correct channels it can be done.

So thanks again to all those involved, you know who you are, and enjoy your new pump track. Now hands up… who wants to sponsor it?

Perth Hills Trail Survey

If you ride in the Perth Hills please take 2 minutes to fill in this survey that will contribute towards the Perth Hills Trails (of all types) Master Plan. It is very important that mountain bikers are represented strongly.

Please note - this is different survey to the Single Track Minds State Plan survey but equally important if you ride in the Perth Hills.

Click here to take the survey.

Goat Farmers

A new group called Goat Farmers has been formed to manage the maintenance and development of the Goat Farm, Perth’s oldest MTB park.

Initially focussed on maintenance, upgrades, and planning the group is a sub-commitee of PMBC and is headed up by WA MTB legend and 3 Chillies Trail designer Paul Neve. The group is not code specific and invites interested people from all parts of the MTB community to join and have their voice on the future of our park.

To help the Goat Farm reach its full potential drop Paul an email ( to get involved or you can join their facebook group.


‏Support the Camel Farm

The Calamunnda Camel Farm continues to be a popular place for riders using the Kalamunda Circuit to park. If you enjoy the safety of parking here, and use of the toilets, then say thank you by buying something from the cafe.

Alcoa Dusk till Dawn 12 Hour

Entries have opened for this year's Alcoa Dusk till Dawn 12 hour enduro, which will be held at Langford Park, Jarrahdale on Saturday/Sunday 24/25th November.

There is a discounted entry rate of $75 available until 17th October. Perth Mountain Bike Club are generously donating $10 from every entry to WAMBA, which we will be spending directly on Langford Park in conjunction with our trail maintenance plan for this location which is currently being formulated.

Click here for full entry details.

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