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I am John. I greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now. 


I love that. It's Ra's opening in all of the sessions as he gave the Law of One. I recommend it. It reconciles well with my own understandings as well as the teachings of the Masters. But that isn't why I write today. 


Last month I spoke of feeling untethered, drifting in time/space with little ability to influence my own life, much less others'. 


It's increasing, spreading to all corners of my life. I can do what's put before me. But when it comes to whatever I want, or manifesting any particular future, it's hit or miss. And I usually miss. 


Once all that failure would have raised self - judgments and unmet expectations. Now it brings confusion and questioning whether I truly want what I think I want or know what I think I know. 


And worse, a wondering whether I am capable of all that I once was, much less able to marshall the energies, effort and knowhow to accomplish what I set my mind to do. 


Funny how the farther down the path to union I travel, toward dissolving the illusions of my separation from the omnipotent One Infinite Creator (God if you will), the more impotent I become to do much more than experience my life in this moment. 


And somehow it's triggering not greater effort, but trying to be content with myself, as well as the process of turning me and my efforts upside down. 


Some desires are fading away. Others go into the dustbin of failure, lurking in the shadows until they too are one day released. 


Maybe this is the result of my soul ripping the flower of desire from my heart, as held in the ancient wisdom needed by those on the path. Maybe it's just revealing inadequacies for me to quit papering over with will and desire to achieve, and enjoying the success of its attainment. 


Is there some benefit I can offer from these breadcrumbs of my journey that can help you with yours? 


Sure. Don't take yourself so seriously. Don't attach to what you want, believe or how you see things (especially yourself). Don't think you're a failure or success or however you see yourself. 


Just take it one breath at a time. It's all you've really got anyway, so try to enjoy whatever it brings. Even the darkness when light fails you and you don't have a clue which way to go.


God bless you indeed. 

There is only One.
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Where we go One, we go All.

Separation is an illusion.  Find the Oneness at your core.  Allow it to show you the way.
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