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When the Spirit Moves Me

When the spirit moves me. It's a phrase I heard my grandma often use when I was a kid. Who'd a thunk it would become what my life would be about? 


It led me to write about its inner voice, and to take this long, strange trip I've been on for the last 20 years. 


The nuances of living by its light are many, as are the repercussions that following it has upon the achievement of our desires. 


When it inspired me to write, it usually comes as an initial idea or phrase. But though that's usually where it starts, often the final product goes far astray. Today seems to be one of those days. 


Last year I spoke about feeling untethered, detached from much of what I had focused upon before. It triggered a life review to make sense of it all, and where I'm going from here. 


To be honest, I'm not really sure. 


Part of my attention is focused on the inability of many to consider, much less tolerate, views different than what they hold. Social media has allowed it expression in ways that are less than loving, exacerbating social tensions and putting our political affairs in turmoil. 


Polarities are increasing to make the resulting conflicts ever more intense. 


Love is rarely to be found in those forums, even though many lightworkers talk a lot about it. Their warm and fuzzy messages sound great, but rarely seem to have much to do with how to live or treat each other. 


Yet even they give little credence to free will and individual choice, much less life plans and soul contracts, telling others what to do or how to think. Often they imply that the hardships people face are either their own fault for falling short of their lofty standards, or the result of oppression by some group (Archons,anyone?) or person (Trump). 


It's enough to make me want to withdraw completely from the outer world. Frankly, it almost has. 


I just see things differently than most do. Efforts to articulate them fall on deaf ears, or trigger attacks in response.


My law practice put me dead center in the arena of human conflict. It allowed me to see the many energies and interests at play, and how people would rather fight than make peace, at least until the cost and risk got too high. 


That's how I see our world. Polarities have increased to a point most cannot even consider adverse views. Reason has fallen by the wayside. People want to win, and appear ready to fight (to the death?) to impose their wills on others. 


And this thing called free will -- the primary principle of creation -- is something that applies only to those who agree with us, and never to those who don't. 


As for love, the energy by which those differing wills can be reconciled, it never seems to be applied in acceptance or allowance of those differences. 


It makes me sad. Worse, it makes me concerned for the future of humanity. 


For even though many crave peace, love and unity consciousness, they only want it on their own terms. Far too many of those who profess to be awakened are ready to crush or separate from those who don't dance to their tune. 


Whatever happened to where we go one, we go all? 


Now the political season is ramping up, and those differences will be on full display. It's obvious they don't all want to go to the same place, or even live together the way things are. 


Free will comes with a responsibility to restrain ourselves and seek a way that serves all wills. Only love can make that happen. But love is in short supply, and given lip service in the name of getting what we want. 


I'm struggling to find a role within this environment. My inner voice is telling me to stand back and watch, to let things play out as they will. Whether I can remains to be seen. 


What's yours telling you? 


There is only One.
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Where we go One, we go All.

Separation is an illusion.  Find the Oneness at your core.  Allow it to show you the way.
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