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IPOPI launches website toolkit for NMOs >
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Biennial Meeting Florence >
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IPOPI takes part in WHO Workshop >
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Argentina World PI Week Report >
1st Continuing Medical Education program on PID >
WPIW celebrated in Portugal with three events >
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From the Chairperson's desk...
Dear Friends, dear Colleagues,

As summer approaches and many of us are starting to think about taking a well deserved break and dream of hot and sunny destinations (or colder holidays if winter is coming your way in your region of the world!), IPOPI will also be very busy working on the preparation of several projects and events including an advocacy workshop in Belgrade, IPOPI's PID Forum on the implementation of national rare diseases plan at the EU Parliament, our upcoming Biennial Meeting in Florence, an awareness campaign workshop in Spain, the publication of IPOPI's latest NMO survey and many more!!

IPOPI PID Awareness Campaign Workshop, Dublin
As part of IPOPI's PID Awareness Campaign NMO programme, a workshop was held on Saturday 12 May 2012 in Dublin, Ireland. The programme was launched in 2011 to provide NMOs with enhanced skills and support tools that will help them running successful PID awareness campaigns in their country. The workshop brought together Irish patient and physician representatives, IPOPI representatives and other key stakeholders.

2nd World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week... a resonating global success!
The second World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week (WPIW) held on 22-29 April 2012 following a successful launch in 2011 and was marked by a significant increase of awareness campaigns around the world making it a resonating awareness raising success worldwide.

WPIW 2012 Editorial Article
This editorial article was prepared at the occasion of the Second World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week held between 22 and 29 April. The article was submitted and published by numerous stakeholder organizations and journals. IPOPI is very pleased to publish it in its integral version.

IPOPI launches website toolkit for NMOs
IPOPI recently launched a NMO Website Toolkit created to help IPOPI's National Member Organisations (NMOs) set up their own websites.

IPOPI attends EPPOSI Stakeholders Day
EPPOSI's Stakeholders Day is every year a unique opportunity for all EPPOSI member organisations to review progress on the 4 EPPOSI Advanced Innovation Programmes and provide input and guidance on upcoming activities and projects.

IPOPI attends IPFA/PEI workshop
It was with great interest and pleasure that IPOPI attended the 19th International Workshop organised by the International Plasma Fractionation Association (IPFA) in collaboration with the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) on "Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens". This year the meeting was held in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, on 23-24 May 2012.

IPOPI patient information leaflets - now available in 3 languages
The new IPOPI patient information leaflets are now available in Spanish and Arabic.

Biennial Meeting Florence
On 3-6 October 2012, IPOPI will organise its XIIth Biennial Meeting in conjunction with the XVth ESID and Xth INGID Biennial Meetings in beautiful Florence, Italy.

IPOPI Position Statements on Chronic Diseases and Access to IG Therapies
IPOPI recently released two new position statements on Chronic Diseases and Access to Immunoglobulin Therapies.

IPOPI takes part in WHO Workshop
IPOPI was invited to attend the WHO Workshop on 'improving access to safe blood products in law in middle income countries' which was held at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, from June 15th to 19th.

Blog about it! IDF Creates Content for Multiple Blogs
The Immune Deficiency Foundation, U.S.A. generates its own news with numerous ongoing activities and initiatives. And IDF regularly receives updates from patients, caregivers, volunteers and sponsors across the country. Basically IDF has plenty of quality content to share, so the Foundation decided to blog about it!

Argentina World PI Week Report
In our country several events were held during the World PI Week.

On April 24th we shared a stand with the Transfusion Medical Network (TMN), in a very strategic point in the city of Buenos Aires.

1st Continuing Medical Education program on PID
Successful outstanding event on PID at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

The 1st Continuing Medical Education (CME) program on PID in east zone has been a memorable one. IPSPI organized this event jointly with Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences - KIMS, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India on 8th April,2012 .We had an attendance of 250 Doctors - the HODs, faculties, JRs and PG students from all the medical colleges of the region, pediatrics specialists & private practitioners participated in this CME.

WPIW celebrated in Portugal with three events
For the second consecutive year, from the 22th to the 29th of April 2012, the World Week of Primary Immunodeficiencies (WPIW) was celebrated. This World PI Week ended on 29th April with the International Day of Immunology.

Annual Assembly of AEDIP and report of activities - Spanish association for ID patients and relatives
On April 14, the Annual Assembly of the Spanish patients association and the celebration of the International week of PID, took place at the Hospital Gregorio Marañon, Madrid. 52 patients and relatives from different cities, half of them from Madrid, 3 doctors and one pharmaceutical company's representative participated at the meeting.

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