Have a novel catalyst, but need a customer?  Do you have a product that needs a competitive advantage?
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Call for Catalysts
Call for Custom Fuel Cell Catalysts - Fuel Cells Etc
Have a novel catalyst, but need a customer?  Do you have a product that needs a competitive advantage? The Call for Catalysts initiative has been set in motion to help match those with new technologies to those who need them.

FuelCellsEtc is often in contact with companies who are in the process of solidifying a design or are redesigning their existing products.  We are in the perfect position to offer these customers a possible improvement on their existing technologies and help them transition new technologies into real products.  We can also produce quantities from single piece prototypes to pre-production levels of Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) utilizing these new catalyst for either Researchers or Industrial partners to test, evaluate and optimize.

In order to better help both our industrial clients who need new competitive advantages as well as our research community who need to find real users of their developments we are now opening the Call for Catalysts initiative at FuelCellsEtc.  Provide us with basic, non-proprietary information regarding your innovation in the field of catalysts and we will attempt to match emerging catalyst work with current and future needs of our customers.

Just answer a few basic questions to better help us understand your technology, such as:
  • Catalyst Name
  • Application
  • Description of Catalyst
  • Technology Status
Submit your catalyst today!

If you are a customer or someone searching for a catalyst with specific properties or a catalyst that achieves a specific goal, please contact us and we will attempt to match you with a suitable technology that fits with your goals and your desired technology readiness level.


Hannover Messe (H2FC) Fair

In case you weren't able to attend the Hannover Messe (H2FC) Fair a few weeks ago the Hydrogen+FC Group has done an excellent job posting all of the presentations on their YouTube Channel.  There were many great presentations made in the fields of electrolysis, current political/funding climates, micro grid (encompassing wind, solar, H2 generation/storage, fuel cells, etc.), hydrogen infrastructure, and more.

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Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) - Fuel Cells Etc

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0.5 mg/cm² PtC(60%) GDE
20.0cm x 20.0cm
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Hydrogen Air MEA
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