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New Material Kits Available
We have listened to your requests and are now proud to introduce our material kits! Our kits enable you to buy a wide variety of fuel cell materials, such as Gas Diffusion Electrodes, Gas Diffusion Layers, and Nafion Membranes, at discounted prices all in one single click. Come check them out:Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) Kit - Fuel Cells Etc
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Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) - Fuel Cells Etc

Featured Products

20cm x 10cm
$36.00 /ea

Hydrogen Air MEA
25cm² Active Area
$55.00 /ea

Custom MEA Calculator
Choose your Membrane,
GDE, & Dimensions!

0.5 mg/cm² PtC(60%) GDE
10.0cm x 10.0cm
$50.00 /ea

100W Fuel Cell
$1,495.00 /ea

Nafion 117
20.0cm x 20.0cm
$96.00 /ea
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