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How About a Free Lunch?
Whoever said there was no such thing as free lunch never visited with FuelCellsEtc at a show. If you would like a chance to get away from the constant hustle and bustle of the Fuel Cell Seminar next month (Nov. 5th - 8th), we would love to take you out for a quiet cup of coffee, lunch or other "beverage" after the show. Just let us know a little bit in advance and we will make sure we get a chance to meet with you.  We enjoy meeting and catching up with all of our old friends, as well as making new ones, so don't worry if you don't have any specific "business" to attend to.  As always, we will also be there to provide any assistance you may need so you are more than welcome to come loaded with technical questions too!

Need Help with Proposals?

I know the SBIR proposal season is upon us and many of you are prolific grant writers, so we just want to offer our assistance again to any of you writing proposals. Whether you just need quotes for budgets, technical advice, or even some assistance with preparing the proposal itself, we are here to help.  FuelCellsEtc's founder has helped win millions of dollars in SBIR and we will gladly do what we can to help you with your proposal efforts.

Tech Articles

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Most Popular Products

0.3 mg/cm2 PtC(40%) GDE
10cm x 10cm
$35.00 /ea

Hydrogen Air MEA
5.0cm x 5.0cm Active Area
$55.00 /ea

30cm x 30cm
$400.00 /ea

Nafion 115
30cm x 30cm
$170.00 /ea

4 mg/cm2 PtB GDE
5cm x 5cm
$45.00 /ea

100W Fuel Cell
$1,495.00 /ea
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