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Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE) now available

What a busy year!  In spite of all of the work, negotiating and paperwork that went on inorder to establish Lynntech's former Commercial Fuel Cell Components Division as a new entity - FuelCellsEtc (press release), we have still managed to post a record year for sales and shortened our lead times.  Even for 100% custom items our average lead time is less than 14 days (that's real days folks, not business days).  This means you can call us up with a completely unique design - single sided, weird catalyst loadings, strange shapes, etc - and we can build them to your specifications and have them shipped out to you in just a few weeks.

And our turn around times are getting even shorter.  Some of our more standard configurations can even be shipped the same day.  Of course, there's no minimum order quantities on anything.  Custom or standard.

New Products!

We are now supplying Gas Diffusion Electrodes precoated wtih catalyst and Nafion - ready to be hot pressed to make your own MEAs.  We currently have two standard loadings in-stock: 0.5 mg/cm2 Pt/C (typically for Hydrogen/Air fuel cells) and 4 mg/cm2 Platinum Black (typically for Hydrogen/Oxygen and Direct Methanol fuel cells).  Of course, if you would like a different loading, all you have to do is ask!

New Deals on Existing Products

Save $200 on a Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM).  These CVMs are the lowest power, fastest and have the lowest total cost on the market that we're aware of (we include the software and drivers for free).  We only have limited stock of these items remaining.  Mention this email to get the discount.

Lower priceing on standard 5-layer (w/ GDL) Hydrogen/Air and Hydrogen/Oxygen MEAs

AskUs Feature

Have a question about Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers or life in general?  Send us an email at  We will do our best to help you where we can.  We will post your question and our answer in future editions of the newlsetter (no personal information, of course.  And just let us know if the question is proprietary.  We know how to keep your secrets, too and will not disclose anything you're not comfortable with).

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