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Electrolysis MEAs and Systems
Electrolyzer Membrane Electrode Assemblies - Fuel Cells Etc
Earlier this month Fuel Cell Today published their Water Electrolysis & Renewable Energy Systems report (download it here) and I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight one of our most popular and highest performance products - Electrolyzer Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA).  In fact, several of the organizations mentioned in the report rely on FuelCellsEtc for their own Electrolyzer MEAs.

FuelCellsEtc manufactures some of, if not the, highest performing Electrolyzer MEAs in the world.  We can customize and adapt different parameters to best meet the requirements for your particular project.  
Need the ultimate in Hydrogen production efficiency?  We have a configuration for that.  

Need exceptional durability for either start/stop cycles or long hours of operation?  We have configurations that can balance your expected durability requirements with maximum efficiency during the target lifetime.

Need an efficiency vs. cost configuration?  You guessed it - we've got it.  Our experience ranges from Micro Electrolyzer designs producing mL/hr of Hydrogen to large scale production systems suitable for grid level storage applications.

Our Electrolyzer MEAs are better than any other on the market due to our flexibility and experience in designing Electrolyzer MEAs and systems.  Contact us and let us know about your project and we can help you lower costs, increase performance, increase efficiency, and improve your project overall.
Below is a general performance graph of our standard Electrolyzer MEA configuration.  We also have configurations that are more efficient, lower cost, longer duration, etc.

Just let us know what you need and we can help fine tune your parameters to optimize your system, cost, efficiency, and much more.  
You can also purchase our Electrolyzer MEAs directly from our store website here.

Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE) - Fuel Cells Etc

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