IWD sale plus five great new books!

For forty years we have been challenging the mainstream and this month is no different with five new books that will get the gears going. Want to hear right from the authors in person? See below for our upcoming events! Want to win a book and a 40th anniversary tote bag (and who doesn't?). See contest below.

March 8th was International Women's Day and we are offering 30% off with the coupon code IDW2017 on the following titles: Ain't  I a WomanBetter to Have LovedFeminists under Fire; Girl Trouble; NNG Feminism (see below); NNG Women's Rights 2eNothing to Lose but our Fear; Out Our WayPain & PrejudiceRevolutionary Mothering; Serial GirlsShameless; States of Race; Talking Back; Ursula Franklin ReaderYearning. This offer lasts until March 31st! 

Easy to win book contest
Win a copy of the No-Nonsense Guide to Feminism PLUS a BTL 40th anniversary tote bag!  Send us an email with the subject line "Newsletter contest 2017 #2" and the name of the author of the book by March 23. We will do a draw of the correct answers and mail you a book and tote bag (to Canadian addresses only please). 

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Case Critical                 
Social Services and Social Justice in Canada
7th Edition

By Banakonda Kennedy-Kish (Bell), Raven Sinclair, Ben Carniol and Donna Baines  

This latest edition of Case Critical applies decolonized, critical analysis to highlight what is often hidden from view for most Canadians: the personal trauma and communal devastation inflicted on Indigenous people by past and present colonialism and the ways in which neoliberal tax cuts, austerity, and privatization create more inequality, homelessness, and despair among both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Social service providers, the authors argue, should become social activists, working in solidarity with progressive grassroots social movements in order to de-legitimatize colonial and neoliberal policies.  

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Shopping for Change
Consumer Activism and the Possibilities of Purchasing Power

Edited by Louis Hyman & Joseph Tohill

Consuming with a conscience is one of the fastest growing forms of political participation worldwide. Every day we make decisions about how to spend our money and, for the socially conscious, these decisions matter. Political consumers “buy green” for the environment or they “buy pink” to combat breast cancer. They boycott Taco Bell to support migrant workers or Burger King to save the rainforest.

But can we overcome the limitations of consumer identity, the conservative pull of consumer choice, co-optation by corporate marketers, and other pitfalls of consumer activism in order to marshal the possibilities of consumer power? Can we, quite literally, shop for change?

Shopping for Change brings together historical and contemporary perspectives of academics and activists to show readers what has been possible for consumer activists in the past and what might be possible for today’s consumer activists.

You can buy it without irony here!

No-Nonsense Feminism
Why the World Still needs the F-Word

By Nikki Van Der Gaag

We were supposed to be in a ‘postfeminist’ age. But recently we’ve seen a resurgence of feminist campaigning among women (and some men). There’s a new brand of feminism: young, social media savvy, militant. But there’s also a new kind of backlash, driven by so-called fundamentalists and by increasingly overt misogyny. This book takes an international perspective on the new feminist movements.

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No-Nonsense Legalizing Drugs
The key to ending the war

By Steve Rolles

The question is no longer if we should end the war on drugs but how do we do it. This No Nonsense guide counts the human and financial cost of fifty years of drug war – and proceeds to outline a better way, looking at where drug law reform is already working, how to overcome the obstacles to reform, and what a post-drug war world might look like.

Bogart it here.

No-Nonsense ISIS and Syria
The new global war on terror

By Phillis Bennis

From its sudden emergence as a military force to be reckoned with in Syria and Iraq in June 2014 through its YouTube executions of hostages to its atrocious attacks in Paris in November 2015, the movement variously known as ISIS, Islamic State, and Daesh has captured the world’s horrified attention. Where did it come from and how on earth should we respond?

This No-Nonsense book places ISIS in the broader context of the US-led ‘war on terror’ from the Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq to Obama’s drone attacks. Bennis makes a strong case for responses that build peace and justice rather than feeding the cycle of violence and terror.

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BTL author events

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April 1st
Jamie Swift on The Vimy Trap

March 20

Banakonda Kennedy-Kish (Bell), Ben Carniol on Case Critical 7

March 27
Jamie Swift on The Vimy Trap 

April 1st
Jamie Swift on The Vimy Trap

March 29
Jamie Swift on The Vimy Trap

April 6
David Stocker on Maththatmatters 2

April 10
Ian McKay on The Vimy Trap 

April 21
Bryan D. Palmer and Gaétan Héroux on Toronto's Poor

May 4
Tyler Shipley on Ottawa and Empire

May 18
Joseph Tohill on Shopping for Change

September 19
Kevin McKay on Radical Transformation

May 11
Jamie Swift on The Vimy Trap (location TBA)

May 13
Jamie Swift on The Vimy Trap (U of Vic, location TBA)

March 16
Tim McCaskell on Queer Progress

March 30
Jamie Swift on The Vimy Trap


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