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Welcome to August's CASE eNewsletter, bringing you all the latest CASE-related news. In this issue:

CASE Business Survey goes live
Meet the Team
CASE well-being research
CASE user survey findings

Related updates

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CASE Business Survey goes live

The current CASE research project (The organisation and outlook of cultural and sporting bodies) includes an online survey which goes live today (28th August).  We've invited over 650 organisations across our sectors and hope to capture data on how they are evolving their business models in response to the current economic climate.
We want to find out how cultural and sports delivery organisations, both large and small and in receipt of public funding, have changed in recent years with respect to staffing (including volunteers) and sources of income and their relative importance. We also ask about recent efforts to increase revenues and attempt to capture possible barriers and enablers to innovation.
Research findings which will also include secondary analysis of existing data plus a literature review will be published late in 2012.

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Rachel Smithies
Meet the Team – Rachel Smithies

Rachel is the Acting Director of the Research Team at the Arts Council, recent projects of hers include a review of literature and evidence in the museum and library sectors and a major survey of digital audiences for culture. Prior to joining the Arts Council, Rachel was a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, working on mental health policy.

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CASE well-being research

As part of its strategic research programme, CASE is seeking to commission a study to develop our understanding of the social benefits arising from engagement with culture and sport and the impact of such engagement on well-being.  Outputs from the programme will include evidence-based narratives outlining the social benefits of engagement and a ‘conceptual framework’ exploring the relationship between engagement, the resulting social benefits and measured impact on well-being. 
This work aims to make clear the social case for increasing engagement with culture and sport and will complement DCMS work exploring the economic case.  It will also help inform CASE members’ activity to enable social benefits to be better identified, understood and considered within both policy development and initiative design.
CASE plans to commission this work before the autumn, with results published in 2013. This is not a call for expressions of interest but if you would like to be notified when the tender is released please email us.

CASE user survey findings

In June we launched our survey of CASE users to find out more about your views on the CASE programme and resources.  Results from the survey highlight the importance of the local profiles data and tools for the CASE community and demonstrates the continued interest across our sectors in well-being related evidence.  The well-being related articles in this month’s newsletter should therefore be of particular interest.
We’d still like more of you to let us have your views. So if you have a couple of minutes to spare do please complete our survey here.

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Related updates

Taking Part 2011/12 Adult and Child Annual Report published
The latest results show the positive effect that London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games is having on children taking part in sport more often.  This is for data collected in the year to April 2012, before the Games had started.

This year’s report also includes analysis of culture and sport engagement and its impact on subjective happiness. This is the first time analysis of the survey’s happiness question has been published. 
The full report, published on 23 August, is available on the DCMS website. To receive updates and key findings from the survey sign up to the Taking Part newsletter.

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