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Welcome to June's CASE eNewsletter, bringing you all the latest CASE-related news. In this issue:

CASE database
Meet the team
Latest CASE blog
CASE user survey
CASE updates

CASE database

We’re pleased to announce that the CASE database of research has just been updated and includes items published up to May 2012. This version now references over 12,000 studies providing evidence relevant to the drivers, value and impact of engaging with culture and sport. With over four thousand new items added in this update the CASE database will continue to be a potentially invaluable source of information on the latest evidence available to both those researching the sectors and practitioners responsible for making the case for sport and culture interventions.

Only studies that utilise robust methodologies are included within the CASE database, making it a one stop shop for empirical research from around the world. 

You can either visit the open access version of the CASE database or for the password protected version which contains fuller information please contact us at  

Meet the team - James Doeser

James is the lead at Arts Council England for CASE. He has a background in archaeology but moved ever-further from investigating ancient civilisations to researching how the public interact with the material remains of the past. His PhD looked at how archaeology public policy is formed. His current role in the research team focuses on supporting the development of Arts Council policy relating to audiences, libraries and research communication. 

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Latest CASE blog

Sally Staples, Cultural Strategy Manager at East Sussex County Council, explains how CASE data can be brought to life through third party software in her guest blog 'Unlocking CASE data'. 

Thanks to Sally for being our guest blogger this month. We are always looking for CASE bloggers. If you have used CASE and would like to write a blog post please email

CASE user survey 

We’d like know about how you are using the CASE resources. So, we would be very grateful if you could answer a few simple questions on our short survey.

CASE updates

Taking Part survey

The latest results from the Taking Part survey published today, show record levels of engagement since the survey began in 2005/06. The results also show it is becoming increasingly important for arts organisations to make material available for download from their websites.

The survey reveals:
  • Heritage – 74.3% of adults visited a heritage site in the last year, an increase of 3.6% cent since 2010/11, with just under a third reporting they visit a heritage site at least three or four times a year
  • Arts – 78.2% of adults had engaged in the arts in the last year, a significant increase from 76.3% since 2005/06
  • Museums and galleries – The proportion of people visiting a museum or gallery in the last year rose by 2.6 percentage points to 48.9%
  • Sport – The survey also showed an increase in the proportion of adults participating in at least one session of 30 minutes of moderate intensity sport in the last week (from 41.2% in 2005/06 to 43.8% in 2011/12 Q4)
  • Digital – Of those who had visited an arts website, the most popular reason was to find out more about an artist, performer or event (72.0%), followed by viewing or downloading part or all of a performance or exhibition (20.7%).
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CASE is a joint research programme led by DCMS in collaboration with Arts Council England, English Heritage and Sport England.


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