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Promoting CASE
by Lucy Glazebrook, DCMS Senior Research Officer

Last month DCMS and its CASE partners in the Arms Length Bodies embarked on a short communications project to raise awareness of CASE. We want to help reinforce CASE’s reputation as a trusted and authoritative data and information source. At the same time we hope to build stronger relationships with the CASE stakeholder community and encourage more interactive communication. We’ve made a start on this by setting up a Twitter hashtag for CASE and hope you will join in the conversation as it unfolds. Follow us on Twitter @DCMS using #CASEprog.


Making CASE easier to use
A key part of the project to promote CASE is a focus on how to use outputs. We will soon be producing a range of material including case studies, fact sheets, infographics and feature articles. We are also running a series of guest blogs on CASE (so keep an eye on the DCMS blog). The first blog in the series, is by James Doeser from Arts Council England. If you are interested in participating or have a suggestion for an article or case study, please email

Measuring Cultural Value –  Phase Two 

Phase Two of Measuring Cultural Value is now underway with the appointment of Dr Claire Donovan (pictured above) to a six month fellowship jointly funded by DCMS, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and The Economic and Social Research Council. Claire is a Reader in Assessing Research Impact at Brunel University and succeeds Dr David O’Brien, from Leeds Metropolitan University, whose report to DCMS, Measuring the value of culture was published in December 2010. Claire has an interactive blog on the DCMS site Priceless? A blog on the very idea of measuring cultural value.


Upcoming projects – CASE business models research

CASE is currently looking at ways in which publicly funded organisations in our sectors are changing as a consequence of the economic downturn. We want to know what factors contribute to the sustainability of organisations delivering culture, heritage and sports and their effectiveness in contributing towards agreed public policy outcomes.

The CASE board wishes to underpin the existing evidence, mainly case studies, with robust data which will allow us to quantify the relationship between particular organisational characteristics, or business models, and measurable outcomes.


Museums, Libraries and Archives council (MLA) transfer to Arts Council England

Responsibility for some work streams previously undertaken by the MLA on museums and libraries transferred to Arts Council England (ACE) on 1 October 2011, in advance of the MLA’s closure in May 2012. ACE is now the CASE partner with responsibility for research on museums and libraries. It is currently considering what to do with the resources available on the MLA research evidence resources website and would welcome your thoughts. If there is any part of the site that you have found particularly useful then please bring it to the attention of James Doeser via We anticipate that ACE will transfer the most useful and important resources from the MLA resource for display on their own website.



CASE updates

Regional and Local profiles datasheets – we are working to update these and hope to complete this in the next few months.

CASE database – Work will start on updating the database at the end of this month. This means that all relevant articles published between February 2011 and February 2012 will now be included and will be available from June 2012.

IMPACT database – In April 2011 CASE absorbed the IMPACT database hosted by the Centre for Cultural Policy research at the University of Glasgow. We have ensured that the search methodology used to build IMPACT is replicated in the CASE update so that all the material that would have been available via IMPACT can now be found in CASE.

Related updates:

The Taking Part 2011/12 Quarter 3 Statistical Release is scheduled for 29 March 2012. The Taking Part Survey is commissioned by DCMS, Arts Council England, English Heritage and Sport England.

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The following event is now fully booked but we are hoping to run more workshops and will keep you updated via this newsletter.

Making the CASE for Culture and Sport – a workshop on using CASE for local cultural policy making (organised by the South East Cultural Improvement Forum).

Wednesday 21 March, 10.30-14.00, Winchester Discovery Centre

The workshop will provide an introduction to CASE as well as a demonstration of the Local Culture & Heritage Profile Tool and Sport Profile Tool by James Doeser (ACE Research Team) and Jon Horne (Sport England).