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What we are doing next to help with the public health response to our current national crisis

Last week I sent a note out to our Mostly Medicaid family (all 10,000 of you- we're gonna need a lot of barbecue for the reunion one day) letting you know I would share more about what we are doing next to help. This message has more details. 

In general we are focused on 3 things: 

  1. Sharing our platform with state /local/ federal staff to distribute information about what different states re doing 
  2. Equipping existing state and health plan staff, as well as job seekers 
  3. Making connections for our our state / government staff network to reliable vendor partners options from the private sector to quickly deploy disaster relief programs for the Medicaid population
The info below is meant to give you insights into how you can get involved with our efforts. We will share more as we move forward. 

We all have a lot of work to do together. It is an honor and a privilege to play a part in this alongside you. 

-Clay F

P.S. I share the contact info for our team leads below. You can also reach me with or 919-727-9231.

We are developing a virtual conference series

The conferences are a critical part of how we all learn and get to know each other. 

As you know we have been involved with all the major conferences over the past 15 years. I have several that I chair and we partner with most whether or not I speak. Based on everything we are seeing, there will not be traditional, in-person conferences for some time. 

I am already set to chair a virtual conference in May for one of our long time partners. I will probably be doing that quite a bit, and will share info on those as I have it. 

We have also been working on our own conference series for some time, and will be using this time to launch our own virtual version. I will send more info once we have the agenda developed for the first one. 


How you can get involved

Submit an abstract to speak
Inquire about sponsorship
Sarai McDowell on our team is leading these efforts. In addition to the buttons above, you can also send her an email to or call her @ 901-730-2149

We are curating and distributing information about COVID-19 and the public health response in an online repository for free access to everyone

As most of you have seen over these past 15 years, one of the things we do best is pull together a LOT of information and curate it for you. We used to share online Evernote notebooks of articles, etc, and recently we started provided our detailed outlines for all our Medicaid news shows in the show notes. In keeping with that, we are standing up a dedicated source of curated information on COVID 19. 

We hope to have the initial version of this resource open to the public by the end of this week. We will send out information about it when its ready. 

How you can get free access

Register for a free account on our website

We are refocusing the State Peer Group webinar series

Those in our state/local/federal staff segment of the audience are familiar with our dedicated webinar series for state peers to share info. We are repositioning that series to focus on COVID 19 response efforts. 

How you can get involved

  1. If you are in HHS leadership, volunteer to lead a session (or segment in one) or ask your staff to participate
  2. If you are in an HHS agency, at any level- suggest topics, speakers and volunteer to lead a session or a segement in one


Sign up to speak about what your agency is doing
Nominate a speaker

We are making our Medicaid 101 course entirely free

Our online training courses seem more relevant now than ever. And the Medicaid industry will need many new Medicaid / public health workers in the coming times.

We are making our Medicaid 101 course completely free to anyone (not just government staff). We are working on improvements to the tech on the site to make this happen and hope to send info on how to access it free in the next 10 days. 

How you can get involved

1.Register for a free account on our site, which will make it easier for you to access the course when its available 

2. Let others know this will be available

Register for a free account on our website

We are ramping up our support for job seekers in the Medicaid industry

We have been a source of job postings in the Medicaid industry for years, and I usually am helping dozens of people and companies a week with filling roles during normal times. 

Given the impact on the economy (the unemployment filings are staggering), we expect this assistance to be critical in the near term. In addition to our normal efforts in this areas, we are building out our v1 solution for this in the next 2 weeks. 

How you can get involved
1. Employers- Send us info on roles you are trying to fill
2. Job seekers- We are scaling up our resume DB. Please send your resume to  

Employers- Send a job listing you want us to post
Job Seekers- Send us your resume
Sarai McDowell on our team is leading these efforts. In addition to the buttons above, you can also send her an email to

We are helping state and local government staff plan procurements and waivers to deal with COVID 19 response

We know that there will be a deluge of work effort on public sector staff to let procurements and select vendors. We have been helping states with these efforts for years, and are working to scale these efforts. 

How you can get involved

  1. If you would like an initial consultation (no charge) to help frame up options you have, we are offering 1 hour sessions to any state staff. In this session you will get free consultation based on our state government services lead's expertise
  2. Please reach out to Kris Vilamaa to schedule a session
Kris Vilamaa on our team is leading these efforts. In addition to the buttons above, you can also send him an email to or call him @ (334) 220-7834. 
Schedule a free consultation with our State, Local and Federal Government Lead

We are holding small-group virtual learning sessions to connect states with vendor partners who are ready to act now to help

For our clients whom we have worked with for at least 1 year on the consulting side, we are working to help them stand up simple but promising solutions that can be offered to states for immediate disaster relief. These options are only for clients who we already have a track record with and trust their capabilities. 

How you can get involved

  1. If you are a state, request an initial conversation / list of options from vendors we have already vetted and have experience working with. 
  2. Vendors- we are working with existing clients in this initial phase. If you would like to explore assistance from our team with sales support or strategy solutions, please reach out using the button below.  
Agency Staff- Get on the list of states who want to participate in small-group learning sessions with vendor partners
New clients- Reach out to learn more about consulting and sales support solutions we typically offer
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