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Uncertain Times

Some of you may be seeing Cambodia coming up in the news these days. Cambodia has a general election every five years and the most recent one was on July 28 of this year. This has been a history-making election for Cambodia because for the first time the main opposition parties joined forces against the CPP, the party which has been in power for three decades, and actually had a very respectable showing, despite allegations of wide-scale voting "irregularities" which they claim prevented them from an even greater victory. The opposition party believes the election was stolen from them and are determined to hold the government accountable to the will of the people by demanding an investigation into the election involving third party observers. The momentum of this movement has given Cambodians a strong sense that change is possible and there have been a number of huge demonstrations in Phnom Penh surrounding the election, the most recent of which started yesterday and is intended to continue through tomorrow. Up until yesterday, both sides had managed to maintain peace in the midst of protest, but that is no longer the case. The tension that has been palpable ever since the run-up to the election in July has now broken out into violent flare-ups at the scene of the demonstration. I am writing this from home today as our office has been closed for the day to ensure the safety of our staff. So far, the violence has been limited to one area of the city and our office is not in the immediate vicinity, so I do not want you to be overly alarmed, but it is difficult to say what might happen next. 

It is the policy of Children in Families not to endorse any political party and I write this only to give an update of the current situation to those who support CIF and the ABLE program through your giving, encouragement and prayers. We do hope and pray for the very best outcome for the people of Cambodia and to continue to have the freedom to advance the cause of vulnerable children here. Please keep us and all of Cambodia in your prayers. 

If you would like to learn more about the situation, here are a few links:
ABLE's Community Rehabilitation Team staff member, Sovorn, working with a visually impaired child in the ABLE program.

I bragged on her (and God's beautiful providence) in the last post to my personal blog. I sent out a link to all of you previously, but, in case you missed it, here's the link again. Click here to read. 

Now for some good news....

I recently posted to the blog on the Children In Families website about one of the little boys who is in CIF's foster care program (Jenjum) who has been receiving services through the ABLE program. It's really encouraging to me, and I hope it will be to you as well. Your prayers and financial support are making a real difference! 

Click here to read the story!
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Prayer & Praise:

Praise the Lord with us for:
  • God's care over Cambodia. Though things have started to heat up here, this election turmoil has been a very peaceful process up until now. 
  • The privilege of making a positive difference in the lives of children with disabilities.
Please pray with us for:
  • Peace and a positive direction for Cambodia - please pray for her leaders across the spectrum.
  • Peaceful hearts and safety for our staff - these have been anxious times.
  • Wisdom and clear direction as we continue to develop the ABLE program.
  • Provision of the necessary funds to meet the needs of these children and families.
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