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The Rest of the Story....

Our last communication with all of your was pretty brief. Lisa wanted to send out a quick update for everybody who may have otherwise been wondering, "So, what happened?" Her situation was so tentative that she did not actually have confirmation that she would be able to leave on September 06 until September 04 and then, though she had been packing and preparing "in faith" that she would actully be able to leave on the sixth, there was still a bit of a mad rush to actually be ready to leave. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have been such a blessing through praying, encouraging, giving, etc. Lisa was so short on time that she did not get all of the thank yous on her list out, but will hopefully be able to connect with most of you via email in the near future.

At any rate, here were the potential roadblocks that had to be overcome:
  • Finances - this was the big one and you know from our previous newsletter that a significant shortfall in Lisa's support had to be made up.
  • Medical - With her focus on partner development, Lisa had forgotten to follow up on a recommended vaccination - one that had to be administered in two doses 28 days apart!
  • Administration - While the main issues were the two listed above, she also had to ensure that all parties at WorldVenture who needed to approve her departure had time to get the information that the requirements had been met and grant approval. 
And here's how God answered our prayers:
  • At "the eleventh hour" Lisa's committed support reached 100%. As the old saying goes, "God is never late, but He is seldom early." And again, thank you so much to all of you who participated in making that happen. We pray that you will experience the joy of seeing what God does through your sacrificial giving.
  • When Lisa realized that the support just might reach the target, but that she could still potentially be delayed a whole month by the vaccination issue, she was discouraged. But then she thought about contacting a clinic in Phnom Penh to see if she could receive the vaccination upon arrival. They had a vaccine, but it was a different one than is used in the States. In the end she was able to get it approved by the WorldVenture medical department and she received the vaccine a few days after arrival.
  • Of course the vaccine issue was a potential complication to getting the go-ahead from WorldVenture, but it, like the financial issue, was worked out just in time, and the fantastic Assistant to WorldVenture's Asia/Pacific IMD worked hard to push the approval through. In her email giving Lisa clearance to depart she said she thinks Lisa may have set a new WV record. (Thanks again, Sue!!) 
So, that's the grace story behind Lisa's getting back on the field. Another great lesson in depending on God for His perfect (though at times somewhat disconcerting) timing! 

The Next Big Thing

Everything keeps running along with the ABLE program and, while we trust God to provide, we do have to do our part in securing the resources we need. Well, God has definitely provided in an amazing way - Lisa returned just in time to receive an invitation to submit a proposal for a grant from UNICEF. This is amazing timing and this grant could be a HUGE blessing over the next couple of years for the ABLE program. The challenge is that it has to be submitted by September 30. Please join us in praying that Lisa, with support from other CIF staff, would be able to complete the proposal on time and that we would have favor with UNICEF to receive the amount we are requesting. Thanks!

All Work and No Play....

Today was the last work day before a big Cambodian holiday, Pchum Ben, so the CIF Phnom Penh staff put together a celebratory lunch featuring Cambodian BBQ. 

Update on Cathleen:


Cathleen is doing relatively well, but the radiation can make her feel weak and nauseated. She is trusting the Lord, but does not always get clear communication from her doctors about what to expect. Please pray that she'll get some clear answers, that she will be completely healed, and that she will keep her heart at rest in Him. 

"On a Personal Note"

 (from Lisa's blog)

Near the beginning of my six month home assignment I had sort of a surreal experience. Having flown in to the Twin Cities from California the night before, I was standing in my sister, Suzanne's kitchen, sipping my coffee while looking out the window. I had this sudden "deja vu" kind of moment where it felt as if I had never even been in Cambodia, as if the past two years had just been a dream. 
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Prayer & Praise:

Please pray for:
  • the completion of the grant proposal to UNICEF and their acceptance of it
  • Continued healing and comfort for Cathleen as she continues her radiation treatment in Thailand
  • Lisa's continued re-integration into Cambodian life and her responsibilities with the ABLE project
Join us in praising the Lord for:
  • all of the answered prayers which have allowed Lisa to return to Cambodia as planned
  • all of the ways in which the Lord provides for Children In Families and the ABLE program, particularly this UNICEF grant opportunity
  • Srey Ny's recovery from her gunshot injury

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