Specification by example
10 years later

What's changed since the book

It’s now been ten years since I submitted the final manuscript of Specification by Example to the publisher. In the book, I documented how teams back then used examples to guide analysis, development and testing. During the last two months, I’ve been conducting a survey to discover what’s changed since the book came out. Some findings were encouraging, confirming that the most important problems from ten years ago have been solved. Some findings were quite surprising, pointing at trends that prevent many teams from getting most out of the process. The results are a bit too long to send by email, so instead of the usual long post delivered to your inbox, I invite you to read it on my web site:

How to run specification workshops remotely

One of the best things about Specification by Example is how it allows a group of people to quickly get to shared understanding, and collaboratively discover and define exactly what they need to build. Specification workshops are the most effective when everyone is in the same room and has access to the same information. For better or worse, that’s impossible to do in most countries around the world at the moment. Here are some tips on getting the benefits from spec workshops without having to be in the same place:

Running Serverless: online workshop

My book Running Serverless is now available as an interactive online workshop from Educative. If you're stuck at home and looking for something interesting to do, check it out here:

Check out my new tool: Edit videos as easily as editing text!

Finally, I'm extremely proud to announce the launch of my new product, Video Puppet. It's is an online service that that enables trainers, educators and marketers to create videos much faster than with traditional editing tools. With the current travel situation, many people suddenly found themselves in a situation where they need to create engaging content for remote education and communication, and if you are in a similar situation, I hope Video Puppet can help you do that more effectively. 

Using the tool, you can easily create videos from PowerPoint presentations or markdown scripts. It's free while in beta, and you can build videos without even creating an account. Check it out at

For a quick demo of Video Puppet in action, see the video below (If your email client blocks videos, watch it on youtube). 

Check out a quick demo of Video Puppet in action. I actually created this video using the tool, and it only took about fifteen minutes.
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