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April 2022 - FAQs from the Field
Notable Questions


Question:  One of our disability partners is holding an event and asked us to purchase a table in exchange for a half-page ad promoting the Council.  Is this allowable?

Answer:  No.  This would not be allowable because the purchase of a table (with dinner) is not necessary and solely promoting the Council is not allowable.  However, communicating activities or accomplishments that result from performance of the Federal award and are considered necessary as part of the outreach effort for the Federal award and program outreach to meet the requirements of the Federal award is allowable.

Question:  We received a grant proposal and they requested a 10% match requirement because their offices are located in a poverty area.  The activities they proposed are not in a poverty area, can we honor their request for 10% match?

Answer:  The DD Act indicates a Council can pay 90% of the cost of a project, activities, or products that “target individuals with developmental disabilities who live in urban or rural poverty areas…”
The key word is target – this means the work (a Council project, activity, or product) must be focused on people with ID/DD who live in a Census Bureau identified urban or rural poverty area.  
Council staff and members should ensure the WORK is benefitting people living in poverty areas as a requirement for reduced match/cost sharing for Council funded efforts.
State Plan Implementation

Question:  Where can I find more information about demonstration projects?

Answer:  There are two key resources available.  There is a Program Instruction on Time Limited Demonstration Projects and 45 CFR 1326.30 (e) and (f).

Question:  If someone spends a few months in a different state, can they qualify for Council membership?  

Answer:  It depends, residency requirements vary from state to state.  Check with your Appointments office to find out what requirements must be met.  

Question:  How do I post a message to the ITACC list serve?

Answer:  The first step is to make sure you have subscribed to this list!  If you need to join, click here and fill out the Sign-Up form.  

To post a message, start an email to the following address: then, click send and your message will be posted to the
itacc list.

If you want to see if a topic has been addressed on the ITACC list serve, you can access list-serve archives at 

There is a search feature and messages from 2014 – present are available.

Question:  How can I find older appointment letters, executive orders, and outdated statutes?

Answer:  You may want to start with your state offices of archives and/or records.  

Territory records are also available:

American Samoa's Office of Archives and Records Management (OARM) 
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Archives at Northern Marianas College
Guam Official Archive and Records (Sagan Rikuetdon Guåhan), Department of Chamorro Affairs
Puerto Rico - Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena
US Virgin Islands Department of Libraries, Archives and Museums

Question:  Where can I find population/census data for American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and US Virgin Islands?

Answer: 2020 Census Data for the Island Areas
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