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June 2022 - FAQs from the Field           Notable Questions


Question:  Should we develop our proposed FY 2023 budget on the estimates posted on the ACL website?

Answer:  Estimates are developed from amounts included in the President’s budget.  ITACC staff recommend you develop a budget based on the amount of money you received in FY 2022.  If you want to look at past budget estimates and compare them to actual allotments for a given year as a way to inform your budget process, check out state allocation tables
Program Performance Report (PPR)

Question:  What is the CDC grant PPR?

Answer:  If your Council accepted CDC Vaccine funds to expand access to COVID-19 vaccines for people with disabilities, you will submit information on number of people served, information on activities, successes, challenges, lessons learned, collaborations, and recommendations for future activities.  Reporting forms and submission requirements will be announced by ACL.
Check out the CDC Vaccine Funds Reporting Requirements document.
State plan and implementation

Question:  What is State plan revisions tracker form and where can I find a copy?

Answer:  The revision tracker form is to show where you made revisions or updates to your state plan.  The State plan revision tracker should be completed and emailed to your assigned Program Specialist after you submit your state plan changes in the Verity system.

Question:  Is there a requirement that the public version of our annual report be in plain language?

Answer:  While there is no DD Act requirement about plain language, the DD Act does indicate the annual report to “affected constituencies and the general public” must be available in accessible formats.  Councils should use plain writing guidelines so that information is clear, concise, well-organized, and best practices appropriate to developmental disabilities and your intended audience are used.

The Plain Language Act of 2010 requires all federal agencies to provide information in plain writing.  Agencies such as CDC, USDA, and NIH have lots of resources to help.  The official website of the US Government on plain language has additional resources.   Check out this plain language checklist for reviewing your document (from NIH).

Call to action!  If your Council has developed plain language or plain writing resources, share them with everyone by sending an email to and attach or link your resources in the email. 

Question:  We have been asked to consider an emerging needs objective in our state plan revisions, is any need an emerging issue?

Answer:  No. The purpose of an emerging need objective is to take up work that results from a natural disaster, a manmade disaster, or a pandemic type of situation.  This is not to be a “catch-all” objective for any project or activity that a Council wants to consider.  State plan work must be supported by existing goals and supported by the comprehensive review and analysis.


Question:  Do all Council members have a vote?

Answer:  Yes.  The DD Act considers all DD Council members equal (citizen members, state agency members, DD Network partner members, and non-profit and local non-governmental organization representatives).  All members have the right to vote on every matter presented before the Council unless the individual member abstains from a vote.  

Sometimes Council members choose to abstain from a vote because they believe they have a conflict of interest on the matter before the Council, but typically within a quorum, an abstention is "effectively viewed the same as a "no" vote.

Question:  If someone applies to be a Council member as a guardian of a child or adult who cannot advocate for themselves, do they need to be a legal guardian?

Answer.  Yes.  A legal guardian is someone who has been court appointed to care for another person and make decisions on their behalf.  A Governor’s appointments office staff member should be able to tell you what their process is to determine if someone is a legal guardian. 
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