Issue 7
September 2012    

New AI MAXTools Functions Available!

AI MAXTools has been hard at work continuing to add functionality to our product line!  The latest addition is AI MAX Workplane!
AI MAX Workplane
AI MAX Workplane allows you to create and position workplanes more easily than ever before -- on a face or on an axis, with control over the orientation of the workplane axes.  

Some AI MAX Workplane highlights:
  • Create new or align existing workplanes on circular (cylindrical, conical, toroidal) or planar faces
  • Easily align workplane axes with an edge or any other desired direction
  • Slide workplane around circular face to align with a particular axis direction
  • Create construction crosses anywhere (including at 0,0 with a single-click)
  • Project faces onto the ne... (click here to read more)
Check out a short demo video or visit our AI MAX Workplane info page to learn how this functionality can make your life easier and save you time! 

Making CAD Data Exchange Easy

AI MAXTools makes exchanging data easier than ever before!

If you ever need to exchange data with suppliers and/or partners, AI MAXTools has functionality to help you clean up your models and prepare the required data in just a few clicks!  If you work with incoming data, either from legacy CAD or from suppliers or partners, AI MAXTools has great tools to help here as well!

Learn more about how you can simplify your CAD Data Exchange: Just click the image below -- It's That Easy!

Easy Image

Tips & Tricks

Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) Tips:
  • When drag-selecting elements (2D or 3D) in your Modeling viewport, you can change the selection method (completely included vs partially included) by hitting the TAB key when dragging -- try it for yourself! (v18.1+ Only)  

AI MAXTools Tips:
  • Use AI Reference Table (part of AI DesignMAX) to easily look up commonly used values (tap drill and clearance sizes, etc).  Then just click on the value you want, and that value will immediately be used in your active command.  You can even divide (or multiply!) the number by 2 if you want -- ideal for inputting radius values when you're looking at the diameter value!
AI ReferenceTable screenshot

Submit your own tips & tricks (both for Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) or AI MAXTools functions) for a chance to win a Perplexus Epic for yourself!  

Send entries to
Entries must be received by Oct 31, 2012.
Perplexus Epic image

Try AI MAXTools for yourself risk-free!  Contact Us to request full-function evaluation licenses and/or to set up a free short demo/training webinar for your organization – you'll be glad you did!
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