Volume 1, Issue 3
June 2011

Creo Direct vs. Creo Elements/Direct: What is the difference?

Now that Creo 1.0 has been released, the confusion about the product naming seems to have grown.  We have provided some clarification below:

Creo Elements/Direct is the new name for the product formerly known as CoCreate.  It contains all the functionality that CoCreate users expect (since it's the same product).  Interaction with Pro/Engineer and Creo Parametric is still done using neutral files, as before (though the more recent versions can write Granite-format files).

Creo Direct is a totally new app built on the Creo Common Data Model.  It's being written "from the ground up" as a new direct modeling tool to comp... (click here to read more)

PlanetPTC Highlights on the future of Creo Elements/Direct

At PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas during the second week in June, there was much discussion about the future of Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) and the Creo Direct app. 

During the event, several PTC reps stated that the Creo Elements/Direct product will continue to be actively developed until the Creo Direct app contains equivalent functionality.  In other words, they don't expect current CoCreate users to move until they can tran... (click here to read more)

AI MAXTools released for v18!

The AI MAXTools suite is now available for Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) v18.  This new version works seamlessly under v18, including taking advantage of the new capabilities of the ribbon UI.  Using the v18 customization capabilities, we have further enhanced our v18 ribbon interface to provide improved direct access to the AI MAXTools functionality.

In addition to v18 support, the latest release provides many other enhancements, including a new positi... (click here to read more)

Tips & Tricks

See how easy it is to export data using AI MAX Export.  Export multiple objects into multiple formats in a single operation, including creating zip files for each object containing all selected formats.  Watch the video now.
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AI MAXTools now available for v18 of Creo Elements/Direct!

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