Issue 6
June 2012    

PlanetPTC 2012 Update: The Future of Creo Elements/Direct

PlanetPTC Live in Orlando had much discussion about direct modeling and what its future looks like for PTC.  Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) is officially going to be developed and supported through 2015, and it's extremely likely that the product will continue to be actively developed and supported for several years beyond that.  

The reason for this is that PTC has no plans to retire the Creo Elements/Direct platform until the Creo Direct app contains equivalent functionality, and the Creo Direct app isn't gaining that functionality as quickly as some expected.  As a result, several influential folks said that it was very likely that the stable and mature Creo Elements/Direct product will continue to be actively developed for at least another 5-8 years, making your investment in this platform a safe one!

Based on this information, we expect to be able to continue to help you get the most out of your investment in the Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) platform both today and long into the future.  Contact Us to learn more!

PlanetPTC Recap

There were over 2000 attendees at PlanetPTC Live during the first week of June!  The keynote speakers were inspiring, and provided insights into what they view as the big needs in the world today and what the future looks like (or could/should look like).

PTC has made some of the sessions available, including some of the keynote presentations.  Those sessions, including the Creo Roadmap (the Creo Elements/Direct timeline is shown at about the 44:00 mark), can be found on the PlanetPTC Communities forum in the "Session Replays" thread:

Additionally, there were many presentations and hands-on classes, plus many booths in the exhibit hall.  All in all, it was a great time for people to learn and network with each other.

You can review some of the happenings here:

Thanks to all who visited our booth in the exhibit hall!  We were able to talk to many folks about direct modeling and AI MAXTools, and gave away 3 Perplexus Epic puzzles!  See our Tips & Tricks section below to learn how you can win one for yourself!

PlanetPTC Live 2013 will be held in Anaheim, CA on June 9-12, 2013!  Mark your calendars!

Tips & Tricks

AI MAXTools Tips:
  • Use AI Info (part of AI DesignMAX) to see a quick summary of an object's status -- name, model name, volume, density, number of shares, position in the structure browser, and more -- all in one place!
AI Info screenshot

Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) Tips:
  • Change the selection method when preselecting faces/bosses/pockets/etc!  Just hover over a face and hit the TAB key to cycle through the various selection methods!  Works great!  (v17+ Only)  
Submit your own tips & tricks for a chance to win a Perplexus Epic for yourself!  

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