Volume 1, Issue 4
September 2011

Tips & Tricks

Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) Tips:

  • Easy Workplane on a Face:  In your Modeling session, hold the "Alt" key and click the middle mouse button on a face to create a workplane on that face!  This works with ANY recent version of CoCreate Modeling, even without AI MAXTools!

  • Easy Element Centers: Hold Ctrl and Shift, then left-click to find the center of a circular or linear element!
AI MAXTools Tips:
  • Use AI Bisect to easily find (and use!) the midpoint between any 2D or 3D points!  No workplanes or measuring required!  You can even use any ratio -- not just the midpoint!
  • Use AI QSave Package to easily save multiple iterations of work-in-process, allowing you to try different design approaches!
Submit your own tips & tricks to info@ai-maxtools.com for a chance to win a $25 gift card!  Send them now!  Entries must be received by October 31, 2011.

AI MAXTools Webinars and Evaluation Licenses Available!

Would you like to save time on your designs?  In the past few months, we have had some great interest in the AI MAXTools suite of products as people have started to learn how much time they can save with these tools.  We don't expect you to take our word for it -- we invite you to see for yourself!  We'll give you a fully functional installation of AI MAXTools for 30 days at no obligation.  We'll even provide free training and, if desired, installation assistance, too!

One common concern is that designers and engineers do not have the time to learn a new tool.  This is definitely a valid concern.  Fortunately, this isn't an issue with AI MAXTools, as our customers have found that the tools are very intuitive and easy to use -- even the very first time!  As a result, most users are immediately more productive and are able to get increasing benefits from the AI MAXTools as they try out additional functionality.

Please contact us to request your own evaluation licenses and to set up a short demo/training webinar for your organization -- you'll be glad you did!

Video Highlights of AI MAXTools Functions!

The new "2 Points in Plane" method of AI MAX Share allows you to duplicate objects and features on a selected plane using reference points -- with no need to measure or project those reference points onto a workplane!  Watch the video now!

We also have several other videos available highlighting some of the other functionality in AI MAXTools -- check out our Product Demo Videos page!
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Customer Quote

"While I have been using the AI MAX Share tool extensively, I never took the time to investigate or look into the other tools available in the AI MAXTools module.  Wow!  I should have been looking around in there in the past.  These tools will save me time!"
[Quoted after an update training webinar]
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