Newsletter #3

INCIRCLE keeps up the great work!

July 2021

1. What is INCIRCLE?

INCIRCLE is about enhancing circularity in Mediterranean (MED) vulnerable touristic destinations, such as the islands and scarcely inhabited territories. In these areas, the massive tourist flows often cause a wide range of negative impacts and externalities, affecting, among others the quality and availability of natural resources as well as the areas’ attractiveness.

INCIRCLE aims to support these areas to meet the increasing environmental challenges caused by tourist activities by promoting the application of Circular Economy (CE) principles in the tourism sector, preserving the natural resources as well as improving the quality of life of residents and tourists.

2. The call for replicating territories

The public call opened on Monday, 14th of June 2021 and closes on Wednesday, 21st of July 2021.The INCIRCLE project supports territories in the transition towards a more circular tourism economy. The project will select 6 territories and will guide them in the creation of territorial strategies, which will help them increase circularity and sustainability of tourism in their territories to support the relaunch of the sector in a post-covid time.

A webinar focused on the Opportunities for Mediterranean territories to reinforce sustainable tourism after COVID-19 was held on the 15th of June 2021.

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3. Pilot demonstrators

The pilot demonstrators of the project keep doing hard work and update the project’s social media with their excellent progress. All projects, so far, are remarkable and promising!

Click on the photos to find out what each pilot demonstrator has done so far!

4. Other INCIRCLE activities

Meetings - Workshops

Four Project Meetings were held during the last months of the project. All partners updated the status of their works and fruitful discussions led to the next steps of the successful implementation of the Project.

An interactive Mid-way Stock-take workshop was also realised in May 2021! During the workshop, the national strategies were presented and discussed while feedback was also provided from the partners.


Webinars on Circular Economy were organised by Larnaca and Famagusta District Development Agency. The participation in the webinars was really high and the audience showed great interest in the subjects discussed.

Stakeholder Working Groups

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Regional Strategies Evaluation

The Energy and Water Agency (EWA) has been in the process of creating a total package which can be used to assess the circularity of the tourism strategies created by the 5 regional partners within the Project.

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Circular Tourism Tools for the private sector

The Sustainability Management Laboratory of the Institute Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna developed a framework for measuring the circular performance in the tourism sector.

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5. Be Part of the CIRCLE!

INCIRCLE brings together stakeholders from the MED area in order to co-operate to reduce tourist-based pollution, to avoid natural resources depletion in these areas and to promote economic and social prosperity. Either you are a public or private stakeholder, either a citizen or a tourist, anyone who belongs to the INCIRCLE target groups and cares about the sustainable development of MED tourist destinations, should follow INCIRCLE project and #ThinkCircle!

And do not forget to watch the INCIRCLE video!

INCIRCLE Interreg MED - Promo Video
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