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Newsletter 9th January 2014 Issue 111



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ACT Screen Arts Fund Recipients for 2014 

The Minister of Arts Joy Burch announced the recipients of the 2014 ACT Screen Arts Fund earlier this week. The nine successful applicants range across a number of genres and mediums including television, documentary, short films and feature films. 
The nine screen-based artists and their projects/activities selected for funding are (in no particular order): 
  • Andrew Pike - 'Missionaries' (Documentary)
  • Clare Young - 'Unruly Girls' (Feature Film)
  • Daniel Sanguineti - 'Me and my Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse' (Feature Film)
  • Humphrey James - 'Unreal Estate' (TV Series)
  • Joe Kisch - 'Jandamarra' (Feature Film)
  • Kris Kerehona - 'The Centenarians' (Documentary)
  • Melanie Calvert - 'Freycinet' (Feature Film)
  • Simon Weaving - Mentorship/Professional Development
  • Vanessa Gazy - 'Highway' (Short Film)

AIDC Registration Grants  

ScreenACT is offering two grants to cover registration at this year's Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) that is being held as part of DocWeek 2014 from March 7th - 9th in Adelaide.  Only people who have not received an AIDC Registration Grant previously can submit an application.

To apply for the grant please fill out this online form.

Deadline: 5pm Friday 31 January 2014


ACT Screen Investment Fund Deadline

The application deadline for the next funding round of the ACT Screen Investment Fund for the 2013-14 financial year is 5pm Friday 31 January 2014.

For more information on the Fund please click here

Good Pitch Coming to Australia in 2014

GOOD PITCH, the international forum for high impact, feature-length documentaries, will be held in Australia for the first time in Sydney in October 2014. GOOD PITCH is a partnership between BRITDOC and Sundance Documentary Film Program, and has been gaining momentum since the first international event in 2009. In recent years, three GOOD PITCH films were nominated for Academy Awards. 
GOOD PITCH brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, not-for-profits, campaigners, philanthropists, policy-makers, brands, educators, broadcasters and media to forge powerful alliances around ground breaking films that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society. 

At each each GOOD PITCH event, seven filmmaking teams are chosen to pitch their feature documentary and its associated outreach campaign to the 10 invited representatives at the table, and a theatre of up to 300 participants. A moderated session follows each pitch with the aim of creating a lasting and unique coalition around each film, to maximise its impact and influence in the years ahead. The pitch is not a dragons den style competition. GOOD PITCH is structured so that all projects can successfully pitch for support. 

For further information about submission process and GOOD PITCH AUSTRALIA, please email: hello@goodpitch2australia.com.au or visit www.goodpitch2australia.com.au

ScreenACT Online Actors Directory

ScreenACT launched its free online Actors Directory in April 2013. Actors can now upload their headshots, resumes and links to video clips to help create an individual profile that will be searchable by interested film productions. The online database will enable casting professionals to search through the directory by age, gender, physical characteristics and credits. An Extras Directory has also been established to help identify/organise extras for film, television and documentary productions. 

To register for the Actors Directory please fill out this online form.

To register for the Extras Directory please fill out this online form


SASI Insurance Update  

ScreenACT is once again be offering SASI members low-cost public liability insurance for non-commercial filmmaking in 2013/14. It covers $20 million public liability and limited equipment theft and loss on location. ScreenACT is heavily subsidising this insurance as we believe every filmmaker should be covered for public liability when shooting in the ACT, and many locations require it. For more details, costs and how to apply for the insurance visit our website

Please note that only 10 policies are still available through ScreenACT (ending on 31 January 2014), so please be sure to secure yours now before they sell out!

A new and improved PL Insurance scheme for 2014 will launch in February. Stay tuned for further information.   


ScreenACT Equipment

Need some equipment for a shoot? Just need a few small things? Well look no further! ScreenACT is proud to offer excellent equipment at an affordable rate. We have bought a new industry standard camera with lots of bits and bobs to add to the camera itself. ScreenACT are also hiring out lights, sound equipment and  tripods. For a full product list click here. Our huge range of products are a great way to fully equip your shoot or just find that extra little bit of equipment you need. Bookings are essential and ScreenACT highly recommends obtaining Public Liability Insurance before shooting begins. ScreenACT can also offer affordable Public Liability Insurance for non commercial projects under our SASI initiative.

For more information on equipment and SASI visit our website
To book equipment please click here.





Upcoming Festival Deadlines

Entry Deadline: 21st January (regular); 14th February (late) 

Entry Deadline: 31st January 

Entry Deadline: 4th February (regular); 18th February (late) 

Entry Deadline: 7th February (regular); 28 February (late) 

Entry Deadline: 7th February  

Entry Deadline: 20th February 

Entry Deadline: 27th February 2013

Entry Deadline: 3rd March 

Entry Deadline: 11th April 2014 

Entry Deadline: 1st April (late)

Entry Deadline: 17th April 

Project Attachment Register

Part of a condition of being funded through the ACT Screen Investment Fund is for a production to take on "attachments".  An attachment is a paid position which gives the attached person experience and credits.  This attachment program is designed to help the ACT build capacity in various positions. In most cases, productions will take on a number of attachments but would require that the attachee have had some exposure to the role that they are taking on.

Interested?  Then fill out the form to get onto the register.

Writing the New Stories - A Retreat for Writers

  • Are you a writer, author, blogger, journalist, playwright, screenwriter or creative ready to have more success?
  • Are you a published pro, but feel like there's never time to step back and focus on what you really want?
  • Do you have a story to tell, but need help getting it out into the world?
Then Writing the New Stories is for you, and ScreenACT SASI members get $50 off! 

When: 10am-10pm Saturday 11 January; 10am-5pm Sunday 12 January 2014
Where: Braidwood, NSW - only an hour and a bit from Canberra, and 3 1/2 hours from Sydney.
Bookings: Enquiries via websiteemail or phone: (02) 4842 2819

Upcoming Screen Australia Deadlines

24 January 2014 - Features - Letter of Interest and Production Investment

14 February 2014  - Documentary Development
14 February 2014 - Drama Development

21 February 2014 - International Documentary Program
28 March 2014 - National Documentary Program
28 March 2014 - General Documentary Program
24 January 2014 - Documentary Development

TV Drama
14 March 2014 - General TV Drama
14 March 2014 - Children's TV

Multi-Platform Drama
17 March 2014 - Multi-Platform Drama Production

9 May 2014 - Games Enterprise

For recent funding approvals click here.

See their website for the full list


Short Film Script Reading Service 

Need help with developing your short film script? ScreenACT is providing a script reading service for $22 for filmmakers who would like to have their script analysed before going into production. National short film award winner Marisa Martin will be critiquing the scripts and will give detailed constructive feedback. This is a great way to improve your script which ultimately improves the film itself. This service provides a great opportunity to get real professional advice without the cost of a professional script editor. 

For more information please visit our website.  You can book online  here.

Screen Australia: Apply Now for Enterprise and Enterprise Asia

Screen Australia is calling for applications for the next funding rounds of both Feature Enterprise and Enterprise Asia, two special initiative strands of Enterprise funding. 
Feature Enterprise will provide up to $150,000 over two years to new feature film producers who have had recent commercial or critical success, to support them in the creation of their next Australian feature projects. A total of up to $300,000 will be available through this program for 2013/14.
Enterprise Asia is a facilitation strategy devised to connect Australian screen businesses with key Asian territories. The program aims to benefit companies entering new growth markets in the Asian region by creating opportunities to gain detailed insights into government requirements, incentives, marketplace engagement, content and business approaches.
Applications are currently open for both programs and will close on 28 January 2014.
Do you have news to share? Email info@screenact.com.au

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The ScreenACT Experience Level 'Three E's'
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· New practitioners,
· Students in related fields,
· Hobbiests with no career aspirations, or
· People with less than three years experience of making screen content of any kind.   
· Media field degree graduate,
· Part-time media business owner,
· A few festival credits for short films or music videos,
· At least three years experience of making screen content of any kind.
· Media professionals,
· Production businesses,
· Full time employees in production field,
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