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Newsletter 18th February 2013 Issue 94


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Thank You, Marisa Martin

We held on to her as long as we could but Marisa Martin, our original Pod Princess, has decided to dedicate more time to her own projects and sadly left us last week.
Over the past two years Marisa has been the driving force behind all of our Elementary programs – from the SASI membership program and insurance to Take One Workshops and the sell out short::seasons film festivals.  She also completely redesigned the look and functionality of our website including streamlining all of our application processes by bringing everything on line.  She designed our new logo and even made the pillows with our logos in our office!  “Multi-talented” does not do justice to her and she will be terribly missed.   We look forward to seeing Marisa’s spectacular work get onto screens around the world in the very near future.
Filling her big shoes will be Christian Doran.  Christian is an award winning filmmaker, lecturer and film festival director and is well known amongst the local Canberra filmmaking community.  Along with Victor Willis, who joined us in September, Christian will be running the various programs for our elementary and emerging practitioners on a part time basis.
So thanks to Marisa (who knows that once with ScreenACT, always with ScreenACT) and a big welcome to Christian!

Register Now for Stephen Cleary's Genre Boot Camp 

Stephen Cleary returns to Canberra this April to run his Genre Boot Camp. This four day modular workshop is a fantastic opportunity for anyone involved or interested in genre writing to understand:
  • The basic principles that apply to all genre writing and the associated questions derived from them that you can apply to whatever story genre form you are working in
  • The standard set-piece genre scenes and how you vary them according to the story genre you are writing in
  • The different dialogue styles in different story genres
  • How to mix genres together, and which story genres are more or less compatible with each other and why
  • Dedicated half days on the secrets of these genres: the thriller, romance, children’s and family films and the straight drama 
The genre boot camp will take place over 4 days, spread across two consecutive weekends. Each day is a self-contained module. Participants can choose to attend any number of the days, from a single day, through to all four.   
On completion of each day, participants will be emailed a 30-page course book summarizing the day’s content, including the text of all power-point slides used and an index of film-clips shown.

Please fill out this online form to find out what is on offer for each day and to nominate which specific workshops you are interested in. Once you have completed the form you can pay via the below links.   

When: 9:30am - 4:30pm, 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd of April (lunch included) 
Where: ScreenACT, 216 Northbourne Ave Braddon ACT 2612
Cost: (early bird rate available until 8th March)
1 x day $150 (SASI Members), $158 (non SASI Members) RSVP HERE

2 x days $275 (SASI Members), $289 (non SASI Members) RSVP HERE
3 x days $400 (SASI Members), $420 (non SASI Members) RSVP HERE
4 x days $500 (SASI Members), $525 (non SASI Members) RSVP HERE


"Lets Talk Crowdfunding" with Matthew Benetti of Pozible 

Matthew Benetti of crowdifunding platform Pozible is bringing “Let’s Talk Crowdfunding!” to Canberra! This free event is for any filmmaker looking for advice, tips and tricks on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign on a platform like Pozible. Project Creators (Past, Present or Future!), are encouraged to attend what will be an informative and passionate discussion on crowdfunding your dreams and ideas with like minded individuals.

When: 5:30pm - 7:00pm, Thursday 21st March
Where: ScreenACT, 216 Northbourne Ave Braddon 2612 ACT
Cost: Free 
RSVP: Essential


Apply for Filmmaker-in-Residence Position with CSIRO 

The CSIRO, in partnership with ScreenACT, is excited to offer a filmmaker-in-residence position for 2013.  This is an eight week full-time salary position at the CSIRO offering a before tax salary of $2,209 a fortnight. The artist would get a work station at the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre and have access to the both the Centre and staff for six weeks with a further two weeks paid time that can be used off site if required.  The artist would be a member of the HRPPC staff and join meetings and discussions, with at least one field trip.
The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre (HRPPC), the Canberra node of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, is the only publicly funded facility of its kind in the world. It conducts plant phenomics research in controlled environment chambers and in the field, applying high resolution imaging techniques and computer vision to plant research. The HRPPC is a world class research facility and has developed several landmark instruments such as the PlantScan, a novel 3-D imaging system to produce models of plants which can be used to compare growth and performance of different plant varieties under a range of environmental conditions and the Phenomobile, a buggy for analysis of crops in the field.
The filmmaker-in-residence would produce a series of short films that the Centre could use on their website, and post to the CSIRO Facebook and YouTube channels. 2013 is the HRPPC building’s 50th anniversary and the Centre is planning a day of lectures and celebrations in late April.   The filmmaker would be encouraged to complete one short film with the 50th anniversary celebrations in mind.
Beyond the need to abide to the CSIRO’s public comment policy and CSIRO’s values, the artist would have editorial control over their films.  
Furthermore, the CSIRO would also like to discuss with the artist about how to host a physical exhibition of their work, and run an educational component as part of the exhibition.  There is a small budget to cover these components plus a bursary for filmmaker expenses ($2,000).
The CSIRO Filmmaker-In-Residence Program will provide a fantastic opportunity to explore the synergies between science and art, collaborate with scientists, and have your films screen online and developed as part of an exhibition. 
To apply please click here and fill out an application form. 
Closing date is 5.00pm Friday 8th March. 


short::seasons Project Funding Opportunity

short::seasons is pleased to announce the short::seasons Project Film for autumn 2013. This is an opportunity for Canberran filmmakers to get $1000, use of some equipment and heaps of support from the short::seasons team to make a film for the next short::seasons film festival. 

Firstly, you will need to submit a script you have written.  The short::seasons team will then pick the most suitable idea from the bunch and we will help you make it happen.  One film will be chosen per season (two per year).

For more information about the short::seasons autumn 2013 click here.


Legal Cafe with Scott Chamberlain

Scott Chamberlain is offering 1/2 hour legal advice meetings for all SASI Members in our Legal Cafe. This is a great opportunity to talk to an entertainment lawyer about the details of your upcoming projects.   

When: 10:00am - 12:00pm, Tuesday 5th March
Where: Legal Cafe, ScreenACT, 216 Northbourne Ave Braddon 2612 ACT
Contact: Please contact victor.willis@screenact.com.au to schedule a meeting
Cost: Free (Available ONLY to SASI Members)
RSVP: Monday 4th March


SASI Insurance Update  

ScreenACT is once again be offering SASI members low-cost public liability insurance for non-commercial filmmaking in 2013/14. It covers $20 million public liability and limited equipment theft and loss on location. ScreenACT is heavily subsidising this insurance as we believe every filmmaker should be covered for public liability when shooting in the ACT, and many locations require it. For more details, costs and how to apply for the insurance visit our website

Please note that only 85 policies are available through ScreenACT this calendar year, so please be sure to secure yours now before they sell out!   


ScreenACT Equipment

Need some equipment for a shoot? Just need a few small things? Well look no further! ScreenACT is proud to offer excellent equipment at an affordable rate. We have bought a new industry standard camera with lots of bits and bobs to add to the camera itself. ScreenACT are also hiring out lights, sound equipment and  tripods. For a full product list click here. Our huge range of products are a great way to fully equip your shoot or just find that extra little bit of equipment you need. Bookings are essential and ScreenACT highly recommends obtaining Public Liability Insurance before shooting begins. ScreenACT can also offer affordable Public Liability Insurance for non commercial projects under our SASI initiative.

For more information on equipment and SASI visit our website
To book equipment please click here.





Upcoming Festival Deadlines

Entry Deadline: 27th Feburary 

Entry Deadline: 1st March (regular); 15th March (late) 

Entry Deadline: 1st March (regular); 15th March (late) 
Entry Deadline: 4th March 

Entry Deadline: 28th March 

Entry Deadline: 1st April (late)

Entry Deadline: 5th April

Entry Deadline: 26th April

Project Attachment Register

Part of a condition of being funded through the ACT Screen Investment Fund is for a production to take on "attachments".  An attachment is a paid position which gives the attached person experience and credits.  This attachment program is designed to help the ACT build capacity in various positions.  n most cases, productions will take on a number of attachments but would require that the attachee have had some exposure to the role that they are taking on.

Interested?  Then fill out the form to get onto the register.

The Television Writers Studio 2013

The Television Writers Studio (TVWS) promises three days of the most comprehensive, challenging, fast paced and exciting learning environment for all writers with a belief in their idea and a desire to create great content for the small screen.
The US instructors will include Jen Grisanti, Ellen Sandler, Carole Kirschner and Steve Kaplan - who are among the most respected and sought after teachers of television writing and producing in the world today. Each of them have a wealth of experience writing and producing Emmy award winning television series and developing series ideas for major networks and cable, including HBO, NBC, Disney, Spelling Entertainment, CBS and the ABC.
More information about The Television Writers Studio can be found at: www.epiphany.com.au/index_tvws.html

Upcoming Screen Australia Deadlines

8 April 2013 - Features - Letter of Interest and Production Investment

28 February 2013  - Documentary Development
28 February 2013 - Drama Development

14 June 2013 - International Documentary Program
5 April 2013 - National Documentary Program
1 March 2013 - Signature Documentary Program
5 April 2013 - General Documentary Program
12 April 2013 - Documentary Development

TV Drama
8 April 2013 - General TV Drama
8 April 2013 - Children's TV

For recent funding approvals click here.

See their website for the full list


Short Film Script Reading Service 

Need help with developing your short film script? ScreenACT is providing a script reading service for $22 for filmmakers who would like to have their script analysed before going into production. National short film award winner Marisa Martin will be critiquing the scripts and will give detailed constructive feedback. This is a great way to improve your script which ultimately improves the film itself. This service provides a great opportunity to get real professional advice without the cost of a professional script editor. 

For more information please visit our website.  You can book online  here.

ABC Mini Documentary Film Competition  

To celebrate the screening of ABC’s new initiative ‘Opening Shots’ where 5 emerging filmmakers under the age of 35 were given the opportunity to make a 30min documentary, the ABC is proud to announce the launch of their Mini-Shot competition. Mini-Shots is open to anyone who has a fresh, innovative take on an aspect of contemporary Australia that will get people talking. It’s a great chance for emerging filmmakers to be in the running to win $2000 and  flex their doc making muscles! 

Deadline is 31 March, 2013 and more details about the competition can be found at: www.openingshot.abc.net.au
Do you have news to share? Email info@screenact.com.au

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The ScreenACT Experience Level 'Three E's'
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· Students in related fields,
· Hobbiests with no career aspirations, or
· People with less than three years experience of making screen content of any kind.   
· Media field degree graduate,
· Part-time media business owner,
· A few festival credits for short films or music videos,
· At least three years experience of making screen content of any kind.
· Media professionals,
· Production businesses,
· Full time employees in production field,
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