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The Demise of the Caddy
Has This Made The Game More Difficult?

I was recently reflecting on my experiences as a tour player, especially when I first played what was then mainly the British Circuit but which has become the European Tour.  I remembered one of my best rounds during that period when I shot 3 under par in atrocious weather conditions at the superb championship course, Walton Heath, in Surrey, quite close to London.

At the time I had been playing full time for about 18 months and had luckily found a great sponsor who knew nothing about golf but was ready to give me anything I asked for. Unfortunately, the young Brian had hardly any more knowledge of the world of tournament golf than he did and, despite having agreed on the princely sum of £2,000 per annum, I felt that I couldn't use his money to pay for the luxury of a professional caddy. So, I always carried my own clubs apart from the few tournaments I played on the Safari Circuit in Africa where caddies were extremely cheap and you were given one wether you wanted one or not. 

Back to Walton Heath where I was hitting some putts on the practice green just before the round when this old caddy shuffled up and said. "would you like a caddy, Sir?" I asked how much and, looking at the dire weather conditions (it was early March, cold, wet and windy) quickly decided that I would pay him out of my own pocket. 

I wasn't upset when he said nothing for the first few holes as his job was simply to keep the clubs as dry as possible and carry the bag. I hit a good drive down the 5th or 6th fairway (sorry, my memory is not what it was - if, indeed, it ever was that good anyway) and I was debating in my own mind as to what club to take for my second shot. He suddenly took a 6-iron out of the bag and handed it to me saying, "see that bush, Sir, just to the right of the flag? Take this club and hit it straight at that." I meekly did as he requested and had a great result. Hmmm, I remember saying to myself, how did he know what club to give me? He's never seen me play before.

I also remember that for the rest of the round I just did everything he suggested which made it all seem so easy as all I had to do now was to focus on carrying out what he said. It took all the angst and doubt away from my decision making and freed me to be more positive and committed to each shot. 

Unfortunately, despite scoring the low round of the day (5 shots lower than anyone else), not only didn't I win the tournament as the pressure of leading had it's effect on this rookie pro, but I never had a caddy again! What a poor decision that turned out to be as I struggled along on my own with the angst and doubt as constant companions. I am a bit slow on the uptake so it was many years later that I realised how much I owed that great round to my caddy and that I should have taken him on full time.

Now, our professional golf associations will hate to hear me say this but, in days gone by, most golfers learnt how to play under the guidance of their caddies. They didn't tell people how to swing the club but they did give excellent, practical and simple advice about how to get the ball around the course. Has the caddy been replaced by YouTube videos and the over zealous and over-complicated tendencies of the modern golf teacher?

Caddies in that era and before were not well-educated people and had to base their advice on knowledge gained in doing the job. Have golf teachers become too sophisticated and been impregnated with too much technical information? The fact that the British PGA diploma is delivered under the auspices of Birmingham University as a University Foundation Degree may give you some indication but I'll leave you to make up your own mind about that.

The Senior Golfer Advisor Podcast
Dean Davison Interviews Brian Sparks 

Listen to only the second ever podcast from the brand new Senior Golf Advisor in which Dean asks Brian many questions about the unique 'Easiest Swing In Golf' and what it involves.  

Here is a link to the new Senior Golf Advisor website

Combining Easiest Swing with Trackman
Brian Sparks Interviews Antony Morgan 

Antony is the first Easiest Swing coach in Holland at the Rhoon Golf Centre near Rotterdam. He is also an experienced club fitter and combines this with coaching in a wonderful synergy between these two essential aspects of the game as well as using Trackman and Flightscope technology to build the ideal clubs fro each golfer and to reinforce his student's progress. You need not worry as Antony doesn't confuse golfers with a lot of science but uses these tools to show that your new relaxed and comfortable swing is also technically more sound.

Watch this chat with him about how he combines 'Easiest Swing' and Trackman technology.

Pilates for Senior Golfers
A Series of 5 Exercises Featuring Ebrina Vogelaar from Eb Vo Training:

Brian & Ebrina

These videos feature Brian and his superb Pilates coach, Ebrina, demonstrating some basic, simple but very effective exercises and we are delighted to announce that this series is now available for purchase at the introductory offer of just £14.95 ($19.58) via Vimeo.

As you will hear, Brian was so impressed by the way that his body responded to the exercises that he quickly realised that Ebrina shared the Easiest Swing ethos of providing easy information that had a very positive effect with very little effort and in no time at all. 

Click here to take a look at the Eb Vo Training website where you'll learn that Ebrina has her own style that combines Pilates and Yoga and you will see in these videos that she uses all her 20+ years of experience to help Brian focus entirely on exercises that are designed for him and other senior golfers. 

It is now widely believed that we live longer and can be more active in our later years when we are physically stronger and, of course, that can only be of great benefit to your golf. Add to this the fact that these exercises will also increase your flexibility and you will see just how powerful these videos can be for your body and your golf. These videos will form the first part of your bodies pension plan.

This series is designed, in particular, for those of you new to Pilates and it is our intention to follow it up with more progressive videos in the future when your appetite for the subject is established.

Click this link to purchase via Vimeo. 

Please contact us here with any questions either before you buy or with any comments or queries afterwards: brian@easiestswing.com

Upcoming Easiest Swing Courses 
In England, Mallorca and France:

Here are a few of the upcoming courses:

Julian Mellor has 1-Day Courses at Ardencote on Fridays 17th May (only 1 space left), 5th July, 9th August & 6th September. For golfers who want to spend a little longer with him he also has 2-Day Courses on Thursday/Friday 20th & 21st June, 25th & 26th July, 15th & 16th August and 19th & 20th September. Click here for all the details.

Sean Herron is holding 2-Day Courses at Golf Park Mallorca - Puntiro on Saturdays/Sundays 16th & 17th May & 26th & 27th May. The costs are €500pp and you will enjoy Sean's calm and expert way of putting you at ease and helping you to discover abilities you didn't even dream you had. Please email him at sean@easiestswing.com for further information and any queries or follow this link to book your place.

Both of Brian's 1-Day Courses with our new French coaches, Thomas and Jerome at their lovely venue, Le Domaine De Crecy near Paris in France, are now full so please keep an eye open for subsequent dates for courses with our French coaches.

Mike Deeley holds a Senior's group coaching session every Monday morning at The Shropshire GC from 9am - 10am for only £10pp. This represents great value and Mike is totally focused on the requirements of seniors whilst making the whole experience fun. Call Mike on +44 7485 141451 or email him here to find out more or to book your place: mike@easiestswing.com.

Emails of the Month
From American golfer, Geoff White, who we have refunded a payment he had made for a copy of Positive Impact Golf as it can be purchased at a much lower price on Amazon in USA:

Thank you, Brian. 
Yes, I will ask for a refund and will go to Amazon.
I absolutely love your take on the golf swing! Freedom at last!

Book Reviews of the Month
With Thanks To Marcus M  

I am looking forward to training using these ancient/advanced ideas! If golf is supposed to be fun and relaxing, we are doing it all wrong. This book describes a better mental approach and an easier way to view and implement the golf swing both physically and mentally!

& John Hyndman

The key to a good golf swing is a relaxed easy tempo. You need to deliberately de-power the swing and concentrate on a graceful fluid movement. Pretend you are on the dance floor during a graceful waltz. Brian Sparks imparts this message throughout the book. This is not a book to learn the technicalities of the golf swing. Far from it. Brian teaches us the graceful artisty of the swing. I have read many golf books but this book taught me the key to the swing.

With best wishes to all our followers for some graceful swings on the golf course this summer.

Brian Sparks and your team of Easiest Swing coaches
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