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2014 Call to Action
Calgary City Council Vote


September 5th, 2014


Help Preserve Access to our Community


Dear Crestmont Neighbours,

This Monday, Calgary City Council will vote on an issue that will cause major changes to our community.  They will vote on building a new retail center larger than Market Mall right at the bottom of the hill where the current interchange is.  

This development will force all traffic (residential, commercial, retail) into one single intersection. The result will be longer commute times and jeopardize emergency access to and from our neighbourhood.

CLICK HERE to view a map of the proposed development.

Let’s be clear: Our community association supports the development next door, but we want it to take place in a manner that will not hurt community access.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Email our Councilor Ward Sutherland and Mayor Nenshi. Here are their email addresses,

Please tell them to amend the plan to ensure that proper infrastructure is in place to either:

-Have direct, residential access from the current overpass, separate from commercial traffic; OR
-Build a new access point from from 16th Avenue, west of the current access point.

  1. Attend the meeting at City Hall on Monday.  Anyone can speak, and will have 5 minutes to state their position and request.  Please email if you can make it.


Thanks for your support,

Crestmont Community Association - CCA

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