Welcome to the 2014 Graduate Michigan Action Network.  As always, we are using this network to provide timely information on a variety of topics related to promoting high school graduation in Michigan, with a focus on race equity and the importance of school success and career readiness in the cradle to career continuum.  If you have questions about any of the information provided, please contact me at the e-mail address below - I welcome your input.
  1. NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION:  Send a letter to the editor this week to encourage Primary voting on August 5 and VOTE!
  2. NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION:  Presenters wanted for 2014 Michigan Afterschool Association Conference, deadline August 8
  3. NEEDS CONTINUED ATTENTION:  What's at stake in this election
  4. INFORMATION:  Latest Speaking for Kids blog posts – please resubscribe

NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION:  Send a letter to the editor this week to encourage Primary voting August 5, and VOTE!

It is critically important that people who care about young people and their families vote in the primary elections next Tuesday.  The manner in which political boundaries are drawn have made nearly all primary races pivotal this year.   In many areas the winners in August will easily win the general election in November. 

Letters to the editor can be a powerful engagement tool, but to impact the primary election, these letters must be submitted by Thursday.  Scroll down to the bottom of this email to see some sample letters to the editor.

NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION:  Presenters wanted for Michigan Afterschool Association Conference

Join Michigan’s Children in sharing your knowledge and expertise by submitting a Presentation Proposal for the 2014 Michigan Afterschool Conference. This one day conference draws hundreds of participants from all kinds of afterschool programs across the state. 

Conference workshops should focus on transferable skills or 'hands-on' content that can be applied immediately in after school programs, or present "best practices" and other exemplary components of after school programs. This is a great opportunity to showcase programs that connect the dots for families, schools and other programs, like: integrating school services; providing dropout prevention and recovery through partnerships; alternative methods to combat summer learning loss; or getting kids successfully reading by the 3rd grade,  You can find suggested topics and more details here.   The deadline to register to present is August 8. 

NEEDS CONTINUED ATTENTION:  What's at stake in this election

This election season, it is essential for the needs of Michigan children, youth and families to be heard and prioritized.  As we move beyond the primaries and into the general election season, Michigan's Children will be providing more information to help you talk with candidates about the things that you care most about.  Through the Sandbox Party, we've laid out how key priorities of ours relate to what the candidates are or are not saying this election season. 

Take a look at what's at stake in this election, and use the information as you talk with candidates.

INFORMATION:  Latest Speaking for Kids Blog posts – please resubscribe
As you know, we have a new website.  As you also may know, as a result of our new site, we also have shifted our Speaking for Kids blog page.  If you were previously receiving email alerts every time we posted a new blog, you will need to resubscribe.  Recent posts include:

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Sample Letters to the Editor Encouraging Primary Election Voter Turnout

Letters to the editor can be a powerful engagement tool.  If you are concerned about more people voting in the primary election on Tuesday next week, submit a letter to the editor to your local paper and encourage your community to get out to vote. 

If you don’t know how to get in touch with your local print media outlets, enter your zip code at this link: to find contact their information, then contact them for instructions for submitting a letter to the editor. 
Dear editor:
The Aug. 5 primaries offer a critical opportunity for people who care about kids to make their voices heard.  The reshaping of our political districts along partisan political lines have made primary elections tantamount to summertime general elections. In many races, those who win in August become our elected representatives in the fall.
It’s important for our children, youth, families and communities that we vote for people committed to making Michigan the best place to raise a child. Our children’s futures and our state’s vitality rely on it.

Please vote Tuesday -- and vote with our state’s future in mind!
Dear editor:
As a (fill in the blank --  parent, grandparent, teacher, business person, etc.), I plan to vote Tuesday and urge other registered voters to vote, too.  Too often our August primaries generate only a fraction of registered voters, a disturbing sign of apathy. But never before has it been more important for voters who care about kids to vote.  District boundaries have been redrawn to favor one political party over the other, so that primary winners are very likely to be elected in November.

Please vote Tuesday with children in mind.  We need elected officials who are willing support public policy in the best interest of children, youth and families.

Dear editor:
As a voter who cares about the future of children and youth in Michigan, I plan to vote Tuesday and vote with kids in mind. I urge others to vote, too! 

While only a fraction of voters typically turn out for primary elections, there are big decisions being made this year that warrant every voter’s attention.  The redrawing of political jurisdictions to favor one political party over the other makes the August elections the big deciders for who goes to Lansing or Washington, D.C.

Don’t sit this one out.  Vote with kids in mind!

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