February 11, 2016

Gov. Snyder Offers Major Support for Flint, Detroit Schools in 2017 Budget Plan   

Gov. Rick Snyder released his 2017 state budget priorities this week with big spending targeted for Flint and Detroit.  His $10.2 billion general fund budget includes major support for children harmed by lead-poisoning with new dollars for Early On heading to Flint, and a $72-million debt-relief program for Detroit Schools.  Turn to our Prioritization in State and Federal Budget webpage for more details about what’s in the Governor’s plan for children and families.


State Board of Ed Supports Plan to Move Michigan Schools into the Top 10

The State Board of Education approved recommendations for making Michigan a top 10 education state within 10 years this week.  Michigan’s Children’s recommendations identified a number of priorities adopted in the report, including statewide support for Early On, connecting schools to community services, school-based health services, expanded learning partnerships, encouraging schools to engage parents and families in their child’s learning, and support for parent education and adult literacy programs.

State lawmakers will be working on their spending priorities for the 2017 state budget now and in upcoming months. Fiscal support is the critical next step for moving priorities into reality.

Maternal Mental Health Matters

It’s been know for some time that children are impacted by the mental health struggles their parents may face.  Senior Policy Analyst Mina Hong explores this vital issue in light of new recommendations for depression screening for pregnant and postpartum women by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. 

Another Chance to View PBS Documentary

The PBS documentary, "The Raising of America, Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation," is once again available for free viewing on television until February 15 (Sunday). This five-part series and public engagement project discusses early life experiences, brain development, the impact of childhood trauma and the public policies that have and continue to impact our nation’s ability to raise happy, healthy children.  Watch "The Raising of America" today.

Advocacy tips to help you stand up and speak out for Michigan children. 
With the release of the Governor’s FY2017 budget recommendations, now is the time to talk to your legislators about what you like and what you don’t like in his proposals. For your programs that are supported with state resource, invite your elected official to visit your program to see the value that state investment can bring to the children and families you serve. 
Direct Quotes
“We're assuming every child [in Flint] has been [exposed to lead].  The best time to mitigate the long-term implications is as soon as you can."
 -- Gov. Snyder in response to a question about Early On, 2/10/2016

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