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Sep'2012 Issue, Vol 18

 Article of the Month

Trade Mark - Intellectual Property
A Trademark is a name or a logo or a jingle or a piece of original music, the means by which a business makes itself visible in the marketplace. A trademark is “a word, symbol, numerals, combination of colours or device that is used in trade with goods to indicate the source of the goods and to distinguish them from the goods of others”... read more >>

 Updates & Amendments 

  • Constitution of a Committee for Reforming the Regulatory Environment for doing Business in India
  • Gazette notification GSR 534(E) dated 14/07/2011-clarification
  • Clarification on Para 46A of notification number G.S.R. 914(E) dated 29.12.2011 on Accounting Standard 11 relating to "The effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Applicability of Service Tax on commission payable to Non-Whole Time Directors of a company under Section 309(4) of the Companies act, 1956
  • Amendment to the Companies (Fees on Applications) Rules, 1999
  • Product Group Classification
  • Company Law Settlement Scheme, (Jammu & Kashmir) 2012
  • Manner of achieving minimum public shareholding requirements in terms of SCRR, 1957
  • Filing Offer Documents under  SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009
  • Redressal of investor grievances against listed companies in SEBI Complaints Redress System (SCORES)
  • Amendment to the Equity Listing Agreement - Manner of Dealing with Audit Reports filed by Listed companies
  • Aadhaar Letter as Proof of Address for Know Your Client (KYC) norms
  • Overseas Direct Investments – Rationalisation of Form ODI
  • Non Banking Financial Company-Micro Finance Institutions (NBFC-MFIs) –  Directions –Modifications

Demystify Law

The Right to Information Act, 2005 (“the Act”) came into force on 12th October 2005. The main objectives of this Act are to ensure greater and more effective access to information.... read more >>



 Partner's Speak

As I  sit  down to write the partner’s column I  am  wondering what is apropos in the current environment  that would interest the reader. Diverse subjects such  as logjam in Parliament due to CoalGate, dwindling Indian economy, labor unrest, sub- optimal rain fall, Apple and Samsung patent fight... read more >>

 Case Laws

  1. The cheques issued by the respondent in favour of the appellant have been dishonored, subsequent to which the appellant has served on the respondent, a notice as required under Sec. 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (hereinafter referred to “Act”)... read more >>

  2. Assessee was a dealer in Shares and Securities. 63 % of the Shares, which were purchased were sold and the income derived therefrom was offered to Tax as Business income. The remaining 37 % of the Shares were retained. It had remained unsold with the assessee, for which assessee had yielded Dividend and didn’t incur any expenditure... read more >>

  3. The Plaintiff (Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals Limited) claimed that the defendants (Unitech Pharmaceuticals Private Limited) are selling products under the Trademark “FEXIM” that is deceptively similar to the Plaintiff ‘s mark “PHEXIN” which is used for Pharmaceutical preparations... read more >>

Legal Jargons

Word: “Malfeasance”
Meaning: Misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official.
Example:The government wants to draw a line under the glut of financial malfeasance
Pronounciation: mal+fea+sance...        

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