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 Articles of the Month

XBRL - A PUZZLE - As most of us are aware, "XBRL" is the buzz word in the corporate world today, but with a veil to it, making it difficult to understand its practical implementation. Unless we step in, we do not know how cold the water is... read more >>

NAME AVAILABILITY GUIDELINES - The Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) has issued Name Availability Guidelines, 2011, vide its notification dated 8th July, 2011... read more >>

 Updates & Amendments 

 Demistify Law

The acquisition of land by governments for development and industrialisation has become a contentious political issue in recent years. Many have criticized the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, as a draconian piece of legislation... read more >>

 Legal Jargons

Defamation The word defamation means, "the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation"...
Acquittal Acquittal basically means: Judgment, as by a jury or judge, that a defendant is not guilty of a crime as charged... read more >>


 Partner's Column

"India is witnessing a defining moment of our Democracy having unanimously passed a resolution by parliament to include three important aspects ... read more >>

 R & A Events

Achromic Point together with Deloitte and R & A Associates as knowledge partners along with LVV Iyer & Associates is organizing the seminar on Proposed Companies Bill 2011 in Mumbai on 8th September 2011... read more >>

 Case Laws - Companies Act, 1956

  1. Loss of original share certificate by the transferee and transferor not responding - Whether duplicate share certificate can be issued and whether the company can register the transferee in its members register...
  2. Increase in Authorized Share Capital on sanction of scheme of amalgamation does not require compliance under Section 94 & 97 of Companies Act, 1956... read more >>
  3. Principle of universality to be applied in determining the basic wage for calculating the Provident Fund Contribution... read more >>
  4. Dematted Shares- Fraudulent Transfer of Shares, Depository Participant is not liable...  

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