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RCR Yachts Sailor’s News, January 30, 2015

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What’s New? By Tim Finkle: There was a snow storm this week….and it wasn’t in Buffalo!  Winter storm “Juno” hit some pretty hard in the Northeast.  My brother Travis, who lives in Marblehead MA said he got about 2-3 feet and he spent the day outside having fun in the snow with his three kids, all under the age of 6.  Many businesses were closed on the east coast including one of our brands J/Boats in Newport RI.  We got a picture from Kendra at J/Boats showing us that they had shoveled out and have since reopened.  
J/Boats HQ in Newport this week
Cross Border Shopping:  In the past, when the Canadian dollar was strong, often on par with ours, we would see many Canadian buyers shopping in the US for used boats.  Now, with the Canadian Dollar much weaker as of late, there are some options for US buyers to go into Canada in search of a deal.  Don wrote an article below on the subject, which outlines what this means for you as a buyer.
Beneteau Named Sponsor of Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association:
ANNAPOLIS, MD, Jan. 23, 2015 – Beneteau America announces its sponsorship of the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA), the governing authority for sailing competition at colleges and universities throughout the United States and in some parts of Canada.
“Beneteau’s history is deeply rooted in performance sailing, and if we’ve become the leading brand in pleasure sailing in the market today, we certainly owe it to those young adult whose passion takes them sailing through college and beyond. It only makes sense to support them through the ICSA”, commented Chris Doscher, sailboat sales manager for Beneteau America.
This announcement follows that of last October where Beneteau said it became sponsor of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider and ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami.
As Scoreboard Sponsor of the ICSA, Beneteau America further demonstrates its commitment to the development of performance sailing, but also its desire to increase the popularity of sailing at all levels.
Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club E-News: BHSC January 2015
2015 Buffalo Auto Show: The "Cars & Stars" 2015 Buffalo Auto Show is February 5th thru 8th.  Great vehicles like the All New Aluminum Ford F150 to pull the boat to regattas. Awesome SUV's and Vans to get the crew to the race and high performance sedans and sports cars to have fun driving on days with no wind!!  Also celebrating "One Buffalo" with appearances by Bills Linebacker Legends Darryl Talley & Cornelius Bennett (Saturday), Buffalo Sabres Zemgus
Girgensons and Rasmus Ristolainen (Friday) and Bandits Ryan Benesch, Dhane
Smith and Brandon Goodwin (Thursday).  See the phenomenal 8' tall King
Robota in the Dodge Display Friday thru Sunday!  Advance discount tickets
available at Tops, NOCO, Wegmans and Dash's. 
Visit for all the details.
Watch a 27 meter high slackline between 2 Volvo Ocean Race sailboats:
Who doesn’t love a good boat name?
Miami International Boat Show from February 12-16, 2015:


Thursday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Monday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

New England Boat Show from Feb 14-22, 2015:
@ Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Saturday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Monday: 10:00am - 7:00pm
Tues - Fri: 1:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 5:30pm
Sailing Scuttlebutt:  Just a reminder that this is the best sailing newsletter out there if you want to stay current on sailing and racing matters: sailing scuttlebutt e-news signup
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Speaker Series:  All gatherings start at 7pm at the yacht clubs listed below:
Jan 29 – Thurs – Ashbridges Bay YC
Feb 4 – Wed – Bluffers Park YC
Feb 11 – Wed – Youngstown YC
Feb 18 – Wed – Frenchmans Bay YC
Feb 25 – Wed – Port Credit YC
Mar 18 – Wed – Kingston YC
Mar 25 – Wed – Etobicoke YC
Apr 1 – Wed – Oakville YS
Apr 22 – Wed – Bronte Harbour YC
Don’t always believe everything you read on the internet.  With so many ways to plaster content all over the web, there is a lot out there that may confuse someone when looking for their next boat.  We often find that customers come to us with a lot of misinformation or even worse we hear about it after a boat has been purchased.  Our goal is not to sell you just any boat.  It’s far more important to sell you the right boat that fits your needs and is a good investment long term.  There are a lot of questions to ask and a long list of priorities to think about when looking for your next boat.  Let our brokers help you through the process, it’s what we’ve been doing for 42 years and it costs nothing for you to have us work as your buyers’ agent.
If you are thinking of selling, we can use more listings because our extensive marketing program generates plenty of leads.  Contact any of our brokers for a free evaluation of the sale prospects and pricing for your present boat.  
RCR staff cell phones, dial us as needed!
Don Finkle    CEO 716-695-4328
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Corbo Corbishley Rochester Sales 585-752-2530
Tracy Buczak Erie Sales 716-680-4554
Jamie Taylor Erie Sales 814-455-6800
Darren Wright Buffalo Service 716-572-2312
Jim Egloff Customer Service 716-525-3228
Mary Egloff    CFO, Title Work 716-425-5534
Tim Finkle Marketing 860-917-5416
Have you visited our website lately?  Please check in periodically to see updates to our new and used boat inventory.  NEW WEBSITE UP NOW!  It is the same web address so please go check it out when you have time,  It’s a clean and easy to navigate website that adapts from desktop to iPad to iPhone, etc.  Hopefully everyone will like the new look and find it user friendly.
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Upcoming Events:
Never too early to start planning for this coming fall:  Annapolis Sailboat Show Oct 8-12, 2015 and the Powerboat Show from Oct 15-18.
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Speaker Series:  All gatherings start at 7pm at the yacht clubs listed below:
Feb 4 – Wed – Bluffers Park YC
Feb 11 – Wed – Youngstown YC
Feb 18 – Wed – Frenchmans Bay YC
Feb 25 – Wed – Port Credit YC
Mar 18 – Wed – Kingston YC
Mar 25 – Wed – Etobicoke YC
Apr 1 – Wed – Oakville YS
Apr 22 – Wed – Bronte Harbour YC
Lake Ontario 300 Challenge, July 11, 2015.  Susan Hood Trophy Race, May 29, 2015.  Register and information for both at
Register for CanAm 2015:  We’ve got a lot of plans for the 2nd edition of the CanAm Challenge and hope to make it even better than last year.  It would really help us get started if those who know they are coming to please register online now so we can get fleets sorted out.  For those who don’t have or want to do one design course racing, we offer a Pursuit class too. Trust us, you won’t want to miss our signature event in Youngstown!
2015 Great Lakes International Challenge Cup at Buffalo YC:  Past Commodore IRA G. ROSS GREAT RACE.  For the James H. Righter Trophy. Buffalo Yacht Club, Buffalo, New York, USA.  June 12th through 14th, 2015.  An International Sailing Event at a World Class Yacht Club
Rochester Yacht Club Event Update:
  • June 11-14 (race days are June 12-14)- Hospice Nationals
  • July 14-19- US SAILING Women’s Junior Singlehanded Championships 40-50 boats
  • July 31-August 2nd-  Junior Olympics
  • August 15 Hospice- RYC turn to host
US Sailing Symposium at Rochester YC:  This year the Rochester Yacht Club will be hosting a US Sailing Regional Symposium on February 28th from 10am-4pm. This is an opportunity for our local organizations to get together and discuss ideas, problems, and solutions to promote sailing in our areas. This event will be a round table format where US Sailing will provide two moderators to facilitate the discussion. The US Sailing moderators have their finger on the pulse of what other yacht clubs around the country are doing to improve local sailing programs. Thank you and I hope to see you all there! If you have any questions, please let me know.
Jimmy Carminati
Sailing Program Director
Rochester Yacht Club
Cell- 585-314-9760
Lake Erie Interclub Cruise:  Put in for your vacation time now:
June 27th, Saturday - Erie Race Course
June 28th, Sunday  - Erie to Port Dover
June 29th, Monday  - Long Point Bay Race
June 30th, Tuesday - Port Dover to Port Colborne
July 1st, Wednesday - Port Colborne to Point Abino (BCC) 
US Sailing Sanctioned Safety At Sea Seminar, Feb 28
Port Clinton Yacht Club
127 Brooklyn Ave.
Port Clinton, OH 41210 
Contact: Cliff Ruckstuhl, 419-957-8941
Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club is sponsoring Movies at the Loft. Join us at Obersheimer's, 1884 Niagara St. Buffalo on February 13th, March 13th. All movies start at 7pm.  Bring your lawn chair, a couple of sailing buddies and a beverage of choice. We'll provide the popcorn and a sailing movie for you to hoot, boo or in general get worked up over. This is meant to be entertaining, not educational - unless you expect to learn something from Captain Ron. 
Obersheimer’s Winter Seminars: The Winter Seminar Schedule is up. Topics will be a little different this year. They want to give everyone a reason to show up and learn something new. There have been two seminars so far, but plenty more coming each month of the winter.
February 4 – Sailing Gear, Cruising Destinations, Shorthanded Sailing
March 4 – Racing Part 1:  Sail Trim, Rig Tune, Boat Handling, How to Improve
April 1 – Racing Part 2:  Starting, Upwind/Downwind Tactics and Strategy
May 6 – Weather Forecasting, General Discussion Q&A, Social BBQ with Hot Dogs and Hamburgers provided
March 1, The North U Racing Tactics seminar is coming to Buffalo: Meet the man who wrote the book. Bill Gladstone will be presenting this all day event hosted by the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club. A lecture hall at the University of Buffalo is being reserved. More information regarding registration will be available soon. In the meantime, mark your calendar and plan on attending. Price of admission is $115. Lunch is optional at $10. The North U Tactics CD will be included with your registration.  Register here: North U Tactics seminar
March 2, Erie Power Squadron Classes Start:

Stories, Articles, and Commentary:
Thoughts on Cross Border Boat Shopping, by Don Finkle: Most of you live near the US-Canada border and unless you have been living under a rock you know that the Canadian dollar (aka Loonie or Beaver Buck) has dropped significantly along with the drop in oil prices.  In recent years we have sold many boats to Canadian customers who recognized the value and selection of our boats on the US side while their currency was at or near par with ours.  Things change in a hurry and in a matter of months the market has flipped.  The prices of many Canadian boats are now very attractive to US buyers because of the strength of our dollar.  This means it is a good time to consider boats north of the border.
Before you go running off to spend your money in a foreign country we suggest that you consider the benefits of letting a good professional yacht broker (may we suggest RCR?) save you from the pitfalls of trying to go it alone.  There is no cost to you for having us work on your behalf, the seller pays the commission which is split between the Canadian broker and your US broker.  There is no impact on the purchase price if you use a broker.  You can of course work directly with the Canadian broker but then you are giving up the benefit of having someone here who knows you take care of your end of the transaction.
Buying any used boat comes with many considerations that need to be dealt with, and if you choose to buy outside the US you have just added another hefty layer of complication.  The opportunities for an expensive oversight are there, don’t be the victim of a costly mistake for lack of knowledge, experience or good advice.  There are currency exchange, fund transfer, licensing, customs clearance, potential duty and tax implications above and beyond the normal every day boat transaction.  Let us help you through that so you don’t turn what should be a good experience into a nightmare.
That said, not every boat in Canada is a bargain and it also does not mean all US boats are no longer competitive.  We have already run into some Canadian customers who have raised their prices and others who feel they do not need to negotiate price under the circumstances.  These are further reasons for having a broker assist you with valuations.  A buyer who knows what he or she is looking for, working with a good US yacht broker may very well find this is a great time to buy.  We are here to assist.
New Boats News:
What is New at Beneteau:  With a couple of new Beneteau models due to arrive in a few weeks we thought this would be a good time to discuss what is new with the Worlds’ largest boatbuilder.  Beneteau is truly a global player with plants in North & South America as well as many plants in Europe.  They also sell to every continent.  When we attend the annual Worldwide Dealer Meeting you will hear about every language imaginable among the attendees.  In recent years they have been focusing on emerging markets, one reason they have opened a plant in Brazil.  By being in so many different countries they are less dependent on market conditions in any particular region.  In the past year especially the European boating market has been extremely soft.  North American sales have been carrying the day, just as other areas did back when we in NA stubbed our toe during the 2008-9 economic collapse.
Why do you care if Beneteau is the largest boatbuilder in the world?  For starters their financial strength allows them to develop new materials, technologies and especially design features.  Beneteau has been known for innovation and one reason is they can afford to do it where many other builders cannot.
Beneteau has grown to its lofty position partly on its value proposition, which again is rooted in their immense buying power and efficiency.  Beneteau boats offer a big bang for the buck and this is certainly one reason for their popularity.
New models are the lifeblood of any builder, and those who can afford to design and bring new product to market flourish.  Each year we dealers look forward to the newest models because we know that new designs always sell.  Just as important we know that the world does not stand still.  We all expect to see new design features, both interior and exterior, just as we do in any other products we buy.  It is important to be the leader and that is one reason Beneteau has done so well.  For example, the new chined hull twin rudder designs on the latest Beneteau models are a real step forward in stability, handling, comfort and cockpit ergonomics.  The Oceanis 38 introduced in 2014 and the Oceanis 35 that is just coming along now are perfect examples.  When we saw the Oc35 prototypes in France last summer we knew they had come out with another winner.  Our first 35 is due in a few weeks, we will let you know when she is here.
Beneteau ASA 22 coming February.  The “ASA” 22 is a new entry level sailboat developed in collaboration with the American Sailing Association with a purpose of making sailing a fun, safe, and easy way to sail.  It is also relatively inexpensive, allowing for a small fleet to use them as an introductory fleet.

Beneteau ASA First 22 
Boat of the Year winner, 2015 Beneteau 35! Our stock boat will be here in February!
Best Midsize Cruiser: 2015 Boat of the Year Awards
Meet the Midsize Cruisers judged by an independent panel in Cruising World's 2015 Boat of the Year competition. The Beneteau Oceanis 35 rose to the top with an innovative interior layout.
New Boat Updates:  Along with the J/70 program, we will write more about the other new boats that we offer, like the J/88, C&C 30, Beneteau 35 and 38, etc.  Please sign up for more info on these as we will be sending out updates on these very soon and throughout the winter months. New Boat Updates
J/88 Update Newsletter:  We recently published a new boat update, this time on the J/88. It is a recap of our 2014 season on our demo, hull #27.  There is a lot of information written by Don Finkle, who sailed and raced the boat a lot in 2014.  There are tips on rigging and some suggested upgrades.  The boat has been a success in our area and we hope to build on that next year.  Please read the full report here:
Alerion 41:  Alerion Yachts has extended its reach from the Express and Sport line of daysailers to the new Performance Cruising series of cruising boats. The Alerion 41 captures all of the daysailer spirit of its predecessors while boasting a finely finished interior for those that want to broaden their Alerion Sailing experience. The Alerion 41’s traditional appearance, advanced underwater shape, sophisticated rig and infused fiberglass construction have produced a light-displacement boat optimized for coastal cruising. This boat is full of innovations that enhance the cruising lifestyle, so many that it took 41 feet to fit them all in. Her opening transom for swimming and boarding access becomes untraceable when not in use, preserving her beautiful lines. The folding anchor roller remains concealed until needed without impacting interior volume or the unmistakable Alerion aesthetic. Her standing headroom, luxurious main salon, and two exquisitely appointed sleeping cabins provide everything you need for coastal cruising without any extraneous weight to slow you down. The Alerion 41 cockpit is optimized for comfort without compromising thoroughbred performance. With a sailplan that is simple to handle, easy to maintain and allows you to be single-handedly underway in minutes, the Alerion 41 maximizes every moment you have for Alerion Sailing

Alerion 41
New Boats in Stock and available for viewing at RCR Yachts:
Beneteau Oceanis 38, Erie, Buffalo and Rochester
Beneteau Oceanis 35, Arrives in February
Beneteau ASA 22, Arrives in February
Back Cove 30, Rochester and Youngstown
23’ J70, Youngstown, Buffalo, Rochester
29’ J88, Youngstown
C&C 30 One Design, Youngstown
RCR Yachts of Erie News, by Tracy Buczak: Recently while reading the Erie Yacht Club’s quarterly magazine, the Log, I came across an article written by noted author & historian, Dr. David Frew.  It was about the genesis of a new project involving the rebirth & building of a representation of the Topsail Schooner, Porcupine, the longest surviving vessel from the War of 1812 Battle of Lake Erie.
I’m really excited about the project and over the coming weeks and months I will be reporting on the progress of the Porcupine Project and interviewing the many members of the dedicated team that has been assembled to bring The Porcupine back to life and once again be a part of Erie’s rich Maritime History. The team: Dr. Frew, Dave Bierig (legendary Erie sailmaker), Bob Arlet (noted shipwright and Dave Bierig’s partner in Dreamer, the Alden ketch restoration), Rich Eisenberg, Executive Director of The Bayfront Maritime Center, Jamie Trost, Project Manager and Captain and many others. Click on the BMC link to view more details, photos, and what you can do to help support the project.
The Bayfront Maritime Center is designing and building a representation of Erie’s historic Schooner Porcupine. This project began with the generous donation of a 40′ fiberglass hull designed by Bruce Roberts, meticulously crafted by an Ohio couple, Keith and Kathy Palmerton, who dreamed of retiring aboard and cruising the world.  Their plans were thwarted by health challenges.  The Palmerton’s heard about the important work being done at BMC with inner city and underserved youth who are struggling to succeed in school and donated the hull and 85 HP marine diesel engine and other equipment.
Porcupine’s mission will be sailing as a hands-on STEM classroom (Project-based, hands-on lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) an historic regional attraction, interpreting her important part in the War of 1812, sailing for the US Coastal Survey Office, being a United States Revenue Cutter, and carrying cargo as the merchant schooner Caroline until 1873.
The completed square topsail rigged Porcupine will be operated by the Bayfront Maritime Center as a historic, sailing science vessel for area school students. Porcupine will also offer sailing charters and special events during the sailing season. Because of her size and draft Porcupine will be able to visit Erie’s smaller neighboring ports on both sides of Lake Erie and beyond that are not accessible to larger vessels. Because of her modern high density closed cell marine foam and fiberglass construction she will be a sustainable, efficient, and cost effective high profile local asset with deep ties to Erie’s rich maritime heritage.
U.S. Schooner Porcupine, The Day the Planets Aligned, By David Frew:
Line drawing and sail plan of the U.S. Schooner Porcupine as she has been “conceptualized” by the team that is working to launch her in April 2016.
     “Like lots of other important things in my life, the Porcupine Project had its genesis at the Port Dover Yacht Club.  In August I was with Dave Bierig at PDYC preparing to  take several Doverites on a day-sail in his Dreamer when Dave asked me what I knew about the Porcupine from Perry’s War of 1812 Erie fleet.   My recollection, augmented by some quick internet research, helped recall the schooner and its role in the Battle of Lake Erie. When Daniel Dobbins successfully convinced President Madison to build the American Great Lakes fleet at Erie instead of Black Rock (Buffalo), he immediately returned to town and began a shipyard near the foot of today’s Myrtle Street at Lee’s Run.  Dobbins hired shipwright Ebenezer Crosby and began to build three gunboats at this yard: Tigress, Scorpion and Porcupine.   
When Commodore Isaac Chauncey, who was in charge of Great Lakes naval operations, arrived in Erie with his cadre of Atlantic Ocean shipwrights they inspected Dobbins progress and criticized him.  Then when Perry came later, he and his regular-navy builders continued a general distrust of Dobbins even though at the time he was the acclaimed master of Great Lakes commercial sailing with sixteen years of experience working for Judah Colt and Charles Reed.  By the time Dobbins had sailed into every working port on Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and the Georgian Bay, trading salt for furs and whitefish.   Perry’s people pronounced Dobbins’ designs too short and shallow-drafted and ordered him to stretch his three gunboats by at least ten feet from their lofted lengths of approximately 48-feet.  In their view Erie was a frontier backwater and it seemed unlikely that anyone in such a venue would have the first idea of ship design. Dobbins argued that Perry’s shipbuilders had never sailed the Great Lakes and were making a major mistake, but after they steadfastly refused to listen he dutifully began to lengthen all three.
The Atlantic Ocean builders stayed out of Dobbins’ way that year as all hands rushed to construct the fleet in Erie.  Perry set up a second naval yard at Cascade Creek where Niagara, Lawrence, and Ariel (which was taken away from Dobbins) were built.  Working at warp speed the two yards built six ships from scratch and refurbished a rag-tag fleet of captured British and re-purposed commercial ships that had been moved from Black Rock, N.Y. to Erie.  In the rush to help Perry’s builders at Cascade Creek, complete his three smaller gunboat schooners at Lee’s Run, and refurbish the five ships from Black Rock, Dobbins never got around to lengthening Porcupine or Tigress.  August rolled around and it was time for Perry to leave with his fleet of ten (Perry never included Dobbins’ ship, Ohio, in his reports) for Western Lake Erie and destiny. 
Porcupine was officially classified as a “gunboat” which was a size and armament designation shared by both the United States and British Navies. Gunboats were designed to be small enough to be rowed or sailed, usually carried only one cannon, and were generally used in shallow coastal waters rather than offshore applications.  Like Niagara, there is no official record of Porcupine’s precise dimensions but it is generally presumed from the recorded history of the War of 1812 that she was approximately 50 feet long with a draft of only five feet, making her capable of sailing close to shore and into coastal inlets and rivers.  While Dobbins was the first to admit that the best sailing ship in Perry’s fleet was Ariel, which was more than ten feet longer and carried a deeper draft, his personal papers suggested that Porcupine was the best of the smaller gunboats, easily out sailing her stretched gunboat sister-ship, Scorpion. 
While Lawrence, Niagara and Caledonia were the featured players in the Battle of Lake Erie, Porcupine, which was mastered by Midshipman George Senat, performed admirably and after the battle she served as a hospital ship for wounded enemy sailors. During the following weeks she was used as an artillery support vessel during the campaign to recapture Detroit.  When United States land forces moved up the Thames River in Upper Canada (today’s Ontario) to engage Tecumseh’s Indian forces, her shallow draft allowed her to sail inland as an artillery support ship.  Porcupine returned to Erie in the late fall of 1813 where unlike Lawrence, Niagara, Caledonia, and the Queen Charlotte she was never scuttled.  Her sailing ability and carrying capacity persuaded the officers of Erie’s naval base in Erie to lay her up instead of scuttling her like most of the rest of the fleet. 
Porcupine was loaned to the U.S. Coastal Survey Office in 1816 and went to work charting the complex shoreline of Lake Michigan.  In 1819 the fledgling United States Revenue Service took her over and used Porcupine as a revenue ship at Detroit.  She continued until 1825, taking on the same role that successor revenue ships served until the service was merged with the U.S. Lifesaving Service to create the modern Coast Guard.  Porcupine’s armaments were changed from one 32-pound bow-mounted cannon to two smaller 12-pounders which provided more firing speed and flexibility.  In 1825, after the U.S. Naval base in Erie was discontinued, she was sold to a merchant sailor who changed her name to Caroline.  Her Dobbins-designed carrying capacity and sailing ability made her ideal for carrying package goods and barrels of bulk cargoes to niche ports, the smaller harbors that were not being served by the new breed of large schooners delivering to ports like Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Duluth.   
Porcupine, which was the longest lasting of Erie’s War of 1812 ships, continued until 1873.  She worked the small ports in Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and the Georgian Bay, carrying typical Nineteenth Century cargos of grain, salt, package freight, and lumber.  Eventually, however, steamships became the death of small multipurpose schooners like Porcupine.  As larger steamers took over the major ports, the old small steamers began to push schooners out of their niche port markets.   Finally, Ferry and Sons, the owners of Porcupine who had wintered her at Grand Haven, Michigan, abandoned her in nearby Spring Lake where she sunk in shallow water the following season. She was temporarily raised by archeologists in 1901 who recognized her historical significance.  Several artifacts were harvested for regional museums, but she was allowed to sink again and her bones lie on the lake bottom where, like the remains of hundreds of similarly forgotten Great Lakes schooners, little of her remains.  During the 1913 centennial celebration of the Battle of Lake Erie a collection of Porcupine artifacts was sent to Put-in Bay.
Meanwhile back at the Port Dover Yacht Club last August, Dave Bierig mentioned a conversation with Rich Eisenberg of the Bayfront Maritime Center (BMC).   Rich had become aware of a semi-completed hull in Ohio, whose owners (Keith and Kathy Palmerton) had given up their dream of building a world-cruiser sailboat in their barn. One of Dave Bierig’s long-term visions has been to provide Erie with a second tall-ship, rigged as a topsail schooner which would be a lasting contribution to the legacy of Erie’s sailing history.  Learning of the dimensions of the hull in Ohio both Dave Bierig and Rich Eisenberg concluded that it could easily be repurposed as a topsail schooner and made to represent the old Porcupine.  The new tall-ship, operated by BMC, would join the Brig Niagara in interpreting Erie’s storied naval history and also be able to help interpret the history of the U.S. Revenue Service as well as Erie’s role in commercial shipping.  The hull, which was being offered to BMC as a donation, was close to the correct size, and its fiberglass construction would make it less maintenance-intensive than a larger, wooden tall-ship.  And Dave was convinced that it could be rigged as a topsail schooner which would help BMC teach the art of schooner sailing. 
Dave Bierig’s discussion quickly made me a willing participant and I blurted out a confident assertion that together we could raise the funds needed to complete and launch the new tall-ship.  Recalling Dave’s restoration of his 1929 wooden classic, Dreamer, our next visit was to see Bob Arlet, talented shipwright and partner in the Dreamer project.  It was Bob who offered important advice when he suggested that if we were to make fundraising and planning a success we had to quickly acquire the hull. Bob’s recommendation led to a series of visits to Ravenna, Ohio to measure and inspect the hull, followed by a presentation to BMC’s Board of Directors who enthusiastically approved the project.  

With a generous preliminary donation of the funds needed to truck the hull to Erie, Rich Eisenberg finalized the donation of the hull, commissioned a trucking company, and moved the future Porcupine to BMC’s indoor boat shop where Dave Bierig, Bob Arlet, and I were waiting with Rich and his staff to welcome the new arrival. And now the hard work begins.  As Bob works to transform the nondescript fiberglass hull into a beautiful representation of an 1813 gunship, and Dave Bierig designs the rig and makes sails, I will be stepping off into the abyss of grant-writing and fund-raising.  With hard work and luck we hope to launch Erie’s second tall-ship in April 2016, on the anniversary date of her original 1813 launch in Erie.  If we are successful we will be in time for the next Erie Tall Ship Festival which is planned for August 2016.” 
As Porcupine continues serving both locals and tourists her primary mission will be to expose the region’s children to Erie history, as well as sailing. BMC’s ongoing programs are projected to expose more than 5,000 local students to Porcupine over the next few years.       
The project has begun…Be part of it.

Used Boat Listings
RCR Yachts is a member of Yacht Brokers Association of America and our brokers follow the code of ethics and business practice that promotes the high standards of professional competence character and ethical conduct.  Don Finkle is on the board of YBAA.
Featured Used Sailboats
44’ Hunter 44 AC 2003 "Romance" NEW LISTING Loaded One Owner Boat, In-Mast Furling, Windlass, Dodger, Bimini, Autopilot, Inverter, A/C & Heat, Two Flat Screen TVs, Queen berth with Real Mattresses, Refrig, Freezer, Propane Oven, Microwave, Two Heads with Showers, The List Goes On!  Clayton, $169,000

36’ C&C 34+ Wing Keel 1990 “Ciao Bella”, Diesel, Deep Keel, Wheel, Roller Furling, Refrigerator, Stove/Oven, Shore Power, GPS, Dodger, Ohio, $72,500

C&C 34+ 1990, Ohio, $72,500

36' Sabre Spirit 36 2008 "Bella" Beautiful Flag Blue hull paint 2012, North Sails, 27HP Volvo with Saildrive, Below Deck Jib Furler, Self-Tacking Jib, Electric Halyard Winch, Hall Carbon Mast with Rod Rigging, Hall Quickvang, Knot, Depth, Wind, VHF, RAM, Cruising Spinnaker, Raymarine ST6002-Plus Below-Deck Autopilot, GPS, Stereo, Custom Winter Cover, Steel Cradle, Very Light use, fresh water only.  Indoors in Youngstown for the winter, $229,000
36’ Beneteau 36.7 2002 “Vinyasa” REDUCED RCR owned this boat originally and sold to current owner and it has been exceptionally maintained over the years, one of the nicest 36.7’s around.  Full Tacktick Racing Instruments, Harken Carbo headfoil, 10 Doyle racing sails plus several older cruising sails, Many class legal rigging upgrades, New rudder bearings 2013, multiple protective covers, currently on display at RCR Buffalo, $89,900
36’ Freedom 36 1987 “Royalties” One Owner, Freshwater, Carbon Rig Unstayed, Yanmar Diesel with Low Hours, Erie, $64,900

Freedom 36 1987, Erie, PA, $64,900
34’ Beneteau 34 2009 “So Many Roads” NEW LISTING  AC/Heat, In-Mast Main Furling, Additional Upgraded Genoa, Cruising Spinnaker w/sock, 4'6" Shoal Draft, 29 HP Yanmar diesel, Full winter cover, Raymarine Electronics inlcuding Autopilot, Knot, Depth, Wind, C80 Color Chartplotter w/Raystar 125 GPS, RAM, Fridge/Freezer, Propane stove/oven, 2-inlets for 110v w/cords, Steel Cradle, Buffalo, $119,900
33’ Beneteau 331 2000 “Papillon” REDUCED 27HP Diesel, Autopilot, Knot, Depth, Wind, GPS, Stereo, VHF, In-Mast Main Furling, Full Winter Cover, Nice VC 17 Bottom, Shoal Draft, Bimini, Cruising Spinnaker, Microwave, Propane Oven, Refrig, Beautiful Varnihsed Interior Joinery, Steel Cradle, 110V Shore Power, Clean Fresh water Boat, Rochester, $69,500

Beneteau 331 2000, Rochester, NY, $69,500
32’ C&C 32 Keel/Centerboard 1985 “Whitestar” NEW LISTING Nice sail inventory, recent upgrades, Dodger, Bimini, fully enclosed screens. AP, K, D, W, VC17, folding steel cradle. Sailed out of EYC for many years. $34,900 Jordan, Ontario

C&C 32 Centerboard 1985, Jordan, Ontario, $34,900
31’ Beneteau Oceanis 2011, “Solena”, In-Mast Furling, Air Conditioning/Heat, Full Canvas, Full Raymarine Electronics, Folding Prop, Clean, Olcott, $105,000

30’ C&C 30 MKII 1988 “Kokopelli” NEW LISTING Well-Maintained and Upgraded, Fresh Water Vessel, Autopilot, Spinnaker Gear, Custom Winter Cover, Smoke gray hull, Yanmar Diesel, Buffalo, $49,000

C&C 30 MKII 1988, Buffalo, NY, $49,000

28’ Hunter 28 1989 “Family Jules” Special Price Reduction, $4,000 savings if sold by January 31st.  $11,900

Hunter 28 1989, Erie, PA, $11,900
27’ HUNTER 27-2 2005 "Sail Mate" REDUCED Deluxe, In-Mast, W, K, D, Pilot, Plotter, H/C, Frig, Helm Sheeting, Erie $41,900
24' Hunter 240 1998, NEW LISTING Trailer, Roller Furling Jib, 8 HP Nissan, Bimini, 110V Shore Power, Solar Charger, Stereo, VHF, Knotmeter, Depth, Buffalo $13,500.
Full List of RCR’s Central Sailboat Listings:
Size Make Year Name Location Asking Price
50’ Beneteau Oceanis 500 1989   Rochester 89,900
47’ Vagabond Ketch 1986 Garden Party Oak Orchard 167,900
44’ Beneteau First 44.7 2005 Aurora Buffalo SOLD
44’ Hunter 44 AC 2003 Romance Clayton 169,000
42’ Beneteau Oceanis 423 2006              Erie     169,900
42’ Hunter 420 Passage Center Cockpit 2000 Daydream Sodus REDUCED $134,900
40’ Jeanneau 40 DS 2003   Rochester 159,900
39’ Beneteau 393 2004 Sensei Buffalo 112,900
37’ Beneteau 37 2011 College Fund Rochester SOLD
37’ Tartan 37 CB 1979 Invictus Sodus 39,900
37’ Tripp 37 1987 Kamikazi            Cobourg 34,900
36’ Catalina 36 TR 1989 Blue Bayou Buffalo 52,900
36’ Catalina 36 1983 Wanderer Ithaca 35,000
36’ Pearson 36 1973 Patriot Rochester 29,900
36’ J/111 2011 Intrepid Rochester SOLD
36’ Sabre 362 2001 Finaleigh Sodus 159,000
36’ Beneteau First 36.7 2002    Vinyasa Buffalo REDUCED
36’ Catalina 36 1983 Wanderer Ithaca 35,000
36’ C&C 34+ Wing Keel 1990 Child’s Play Buffalo REDUCED 69,900
36’ C&C 34+ Fin Keel 1990 Ciao Bella Ohio 72,500
36’ Freedom 36 1987 Royalties Erie 64,900
36’ Hunter 36 2008 Ventose Buffalo 115,500
36’ Pearson 365 Ketch 1978 Faith Buffalo SOLD
36’ Sabre Spirit 2008 Bella Youngstown 229,000
35’ Pearson 35 1981 Pura Vida Sodus Point 29,900
35’ Niagara 35 1979 Sea Fever Buffalo 54,900
34’ Beneteau 34 2009 So Many Roads Buffalo 119,900
34’ Beneteau First 34.5 1986 Sun Runner Sodus Point 38,900
34’ Beneteau 343 2009            Faoiltiarn Rochester SOLD
34’ Hunter 340 1998            IVAA Rochester SOLD
34’ Hunter 340 1997 Cruisin Buffalo  49,900
33’ Beneteau 331 2000 Papillon Rochester 69,500
33’ Beneteau 331 2001 Assorodus Sodus Point 72,900
33’ Pearson 33-2 1986 Seaduction Sodus Point SOLD
33’ Soverel 33 1983    Ghost                    Erie    17,900
33’ Hobie 33 w/Trailer 1984   Erie     SOLD
33’ Hunter 33-2 2008 Windancer Erie     REDUCED 89,900
33’ Hunter 33-2  2007 Makani Rochester 87,900
33’ J/33 1989 Horizon Erie 29,900
33’ Pearson 10M 1975 Escape Erie 16,900
32’ C&C 32 Keel/CB 1985 Whitestar Erie 34,900
32’ Sabre 32 1984 Magic Buffalo SOLD
32’ Endeavour 32 1977   Rochester 19,900
32’ O’Day 322 1989 Satellite Sodus Point SOLD
31’ Beneteau Oceanis 31 2011 Solena Olcott 105,000
31’ Beneteau First 310 1992 Alcyone Rochester SOLD
31’ Hunter 31-2   2007 Irish Eyes Buffalo             65,900
30’ C&C 30 MKII 1988 Kokopelli Buffalo 49,000
30’ Redwing 30 1968 Osprey Buffalo 7,900
30’ O’Day 302 1989 Bet Sea Buffalo SOLD
30’ Allied Seawind 30 1972 Acanthus Sodus 16,900
30’ Sabre 30 1981 Identity Crisis Sodus 24,900
30’ Andrews 30 w/ trailer 1989 Flak Buffalo 29,900
30’ Sabre 30 MKIII 1988 Paradox Rochester SOLD
30’ Catalina 30              1987  Wombat Erie    REDUCED 25,900
30’ Catalina 30 1987 Roundabout Buffalo REDUCED 19,900
30’ C&C 30 Diesel 1974 Moxie Rochester 9,900
30’ Mumm 30      1997 Uprising Rochester 84,900
30’ Pearson 30 1974 Topaz Erie 10,900
30’ Tartan 30 1974 Shamrock Sodus Point 11,900
30’ Cape Dory 30 Cutter     1979    Hawke Sodus Point               24,900
30’ Islander Bahama 1982   Rochester 12,900
30’ J/92 1994 J Hawk Buffalo SOLD
29’ C&C 29-2 1984   Rochester 20,900
28’ Tanzer 29 1989 Lady Jane Erie 11,900
28’ Tartan 28 1988 Liberty Buffalo SOLD
28’ Hunter 28 1989 Family Jules Erie     11,900
28’ Hunter 28.5 1985 Marika Erie 14,900
28’ Hunter 28.5 1985 Rainbow Chaser Rochester 14,900
28’ Newport 28-2 1984 Windrunner Erie 11,900
27’ Catalina 28                 2003 Santarla                   Buffalo 44,900
27’ C&C 27-5 1985 Kiawah Buffalo SOLD
27’ Catalina 270 1994 Sailor’s Son Erie SOLD
27’ CS 27 1979   Rochester 5,500
27’ Hunter 27-2 2005   Erie 49,900
26 Hunter 27-2 2005 Sail Mate Erie 41,900
26’ C&C Wave 26 1989 Lady in Red Youngstown 17,900
26’ Macgregor 26M 2007 Kacey’s Charm Buffalo 26,400
26’ Macgregor 26X                        2002 Diastolic Buffalo 16,900
25’ Pearson 26 1978 Blue Jay Youngstown 3,900
24’ Melges 24 2000 #446 Buffalo SOLD
24’ Hunter 240 w trailer 1998   Buffalo 13,500
23’ B Boats B-25 1991 Spirit Rochester 12,500
22’ Bavaria 707 w/trailer 1984 Late Bloomer Erie     8,900
22’ J/70 2013 #246 Buffalo SOLD
20’ Melges 20 2009 Touch Florida SOLD
12’ Bauer 12 Daysailer 2014 w/trailer Rochester 8,495
RCR’s Featured Central Power Boat Listings:
43’ Gulfstar Trawler 1976 “Barney” NEW LISTING Twin Perkins Diesels, 130hp each, Updates since 2008: new props, new high pressure lines on engines, new fresh water pump, 4 new bronze thru hulls, new exhaust manifolds both engines, 2 new 8D batteries & boxes, bottom redone including blister repair, 12 new opening ports, New veneer around ports, new bilge pumps, new canvas last year, new extended swim ladder, Erie, $49,900 
42’ Ocean Alexander 42 Altus Sport Sedan 2005 “Patricia Ann” Clean well-maintained yacht, Wintered in heated indoor storage, Alexandria Bay, $299,000
38’ Chris Craft 38 Commander 1966 REDUCED “Sun Bum” Twin rebuilt Ford 427 V8’s, Flybridge, Autopilot, Electric Windlass, Well Maintained Fresh Water Boat.  $28,000 Erie
38’ SeaRay 380 Sundancer 2001 “Wright Choice” NEW LISTING Twin Mercruiser 8.1L Horizons, 370 HP each, 700 Hours, A/C & heat, Raymarine Radar, Plotter, Pilot, VHF, new winter cover, camper canvas, mooring cover, mini fridge and wet bar in cockpit, TV's, Erie, $129,995
37’ Trojan 11 Meter 1989 “Limoncello” NEW LISTING Clean Boat, Twin 454 Crusaders, Onan 6.5 KW Genset, A/C, New Canvas, Rochester, $48,500 
37’ Silverton 37 Convertible 1995 Twin Crusader 502XLi with 451 hours, Raymarine C120W Radar, GPS, Chart Plotter, DSM300 Depth, ST70 Autopilot, New galley wood floor, carpet and flybridge canvas 2011 Transmissions rebuilt 2013, New windlass 2014, Erie, $59,900
Silverton 37 Youtube Video
35’ Carver 350 Mariner 1998 “Panacea” NEW LISTING Very Clean, Low Hours, One Owner Fresh water Boat, 6.5KW Genset, AC/Heat, Plotter, Radar, Frig/Freezer, Microwave, Icemaker, Custom Mattress, TV, Full Canvas, Custom Seat Covers for bridge, Twin Crusaders with V Drives, Professionally Maintained, Very Roomy inside and on enclosed bridge, Erie, $69,900
35’ Carver 350 Mariner 2003 “Next of Kim” Low hours freshwater boat, Garmin GPS/Plotter, AC/Heat, Kohler Genset with only 64 Hours, Over $6,000 in New Canvas, Twin Crusader 5.7L MPI, 320 HP with Only 300 Hours, Erie, $98,900
34’ Silverton 34 Convertible 1979 “Timeless” Incredible refit with over $25,000 spent inside and out, New canvas and frames for bridge, Aft deck and Suncscreen, New Upholstery & Foam, New leather Couch & Chair, New Raymarine E90 Wide Color Plotter with Radar, New VHF, Complete new Water System, New Appliances Including Icemaker, Microwave, Fridge, New Mahogany Woodwork & Flooring, Erie, $32,900
34’ Thompson Santa Cruz 3400 1995 REDUCED Twin 330 HP Mercruiser Bravo IIs, Recent Survey, 12’ Beam for Plenty of Space Below, Low Engine Hours, Garmin GPS/Plotter, Fishfinder, Depth, Air & Heat, Windlass, Electric Toilet, Well Cared For, Erie, $29,900
33’ Trojan 10 Meter International Sedan 1983 “Elijah Finn”, REDUCED   Flybridge, Bimini, Swim Platform, Dual Helm Stations, Twin Crusader 7.4L 350 HP each, 580 Engine Hours, Erie, $19,900
32’ Donzi Z32SS 2002 “Black Pearl” $69,900 REDUCED, Motivated Seller!
28’ Bayliner 2850 Contessa Flybridge 1987 “Allen D” NEW LISTING  Twin 230 HP OMC 5.0L IO’s, Canvas, Dual Helm Stations, Erie $10,900
24’ SeaRay 240 Sundancer 1997 “C’est La Vie” Mercruiser 5.7L Alpha 1, 220HP, Galvanized Trailer, Stored Inside heated building in winters, Bimini with Curtains, New 2013 Refrig, Garmin GPS Map, VHF, Depth, Fishfinder, Stereo, Mooring Cover, Erie, $15,596
22’ Bayliner 2252 Ciera Express Hardtop 1998 with new 2013 Remanufactured MerCruiser 5.7L Aplha 1, 260 HP, Enclosed cabin with Enclosed head, Bottom professionally redone 2013 with Epoxy & VC17, Compass, Depth, Fishfinder, Chartplotter/GPS, VHF, Transom Fishwell, Easy Clean Cockpit, Windlass, Downriggers, Rocket launchers, Rod Holders, Mooring Cover, Drop Down Curtain, Trailer, Erie, $21,900
21’ SeaRay 200 Sundeck 2003 Mercruiser 5.0L MPI I/O, 260 HP, 258 Hours, Trailer, Depth, Stereo, Bimini, Morrign Cover, Transom Door, Power Tilt & Trim, Stored Indoors, Excellent Condition, Erie, $18,900
Size Boat Location Asking Price
67’ Custom Paddle Wheel Cruise Vessel 1985 Erie 695,000
48’ Jefferson Monticello 48 1988        Erie   124,900
45’ Wellcraft 45 Excalibur 1998 Erie SOLD
43’ Gulfstar Trawler 1976 Erie 49,900
42’ Ocean Alexander Altus Sport Sedan 2005 Alex Bay 299,000
38’ SeaRay 380 Sundancer 2001 Erie 129,995
38’ Chris Craft Commander 1966 Erie 28,000
38’ Chris Craft Roamer "RI RA" 1968 Pultneyville SOLD
37’ Trojan 11 Meter 1989 Rochester 48,500
37’ Silverton 37 Convertible 1995 Erie 59,900
36’ Albin 36DC Trawler 1981 Wilson SOLD
36’ Aerocat 36 Explorer Powercat 2010 Erie 98,500
36’ Mainship 36 Nantucket DC '88 Erie 54,900
35’ Carver 350 Mariner “Next of Kim” 2003 Erie 98,900
35’ Carver 350 Mariner “Panacea” 1998 Erie 69,900
34’ Customer 34 Steel Trawler “Gypsy Rose” Rochester 28,900
34’ Silverton 34 Convertible 1985 Erie 25,500
34’ Silverton 34 Convertible 1979 Erie 32,900
34’ Thompson Santa Cruz 3400 1995 Erie 29,900
33’ Trojan 10M International Sedan 1983 Erie 19,900
32’ Trojan F32 1981 Erie 15,900
32’ Chris Craft 32 Amerosport 1987 Erie 17,000
32’ Carver 3207 AC “Little Weasel” 1983 Erie 29,900
32’ Donzi Z 32 "Final Endeavor" 2001 Ashtabula 64,900
32’ Donzi Z 32SS "Black Pearl" 2002 Erie 69,900
31’ Carver Santego 310 1996 Erie 39,500
31’ Cruisers 3075 “Hunter’s Landing” 2002 Buffalo 46,900
30’ Back Cove 30 “Liberty” 2011 Youngstown SOLD
30’ Bayliner 3055 Ciera 2002 Erie SOLD
30’ Chris Craft Crowne 1995 Erie 19,900
30’ Sea Ray 300 Sundancer 1988 Erie 15,900
30’ Sea Ray 300 Weekender “R Family” 1985 Erie 14,900
30’ Sea Ray 300 Weekender “3 Buoys” 1988 Erie 25,000
28’ Custom 28 Power Cat Explorer 2012 Erie 95,000
28’ Bayliner 2850 Contessa Flybridge 1987 Erie 10,900
27’ Carver Santego 27 “Flying High” 1989 Erie 16,000
27’ Sea Ray 270 DA Sundancer 1996   SOLD
27’ Sea Ray 270 Sundancer 1999   SOLD
26’ MacGregor 26M 2007 w/Trailer Buffalo 26,400
26’ Carver Santa Cruz 26 1986             SOLD
25’ Boston Whaler 255 Conquest ‘03 Erie 49,900
25’ Crownline 250CR "Animals Ark" ‘06 Erie 44,900
24’ Baja Outlaw 1997 Erie 22,900
24’ Baja Outlaw 1994 Erie 18,900
24’ SeaRay 240 1997 “C’est La Vie” Erie 15,596
23’ Chris Craft Continental 1957 Rochester 26,900
22’ Bayliner 2252 Ciera Express hardtop 1998 Erie 18,900
22’ Bayliner 225 Bowrider 2004 Erie 12,900
20’ SeaRay 200 Sundeck 2003 Erie 18,900
19’ Trophy 1903 CC w/Trailer 2011 Youngstown 26,900
RCR will help you find the right boat for you! Our brokers will serve as "Buyers Agents" if you find a boat out of our market listed with someone else. We will protect your interests and represent YOU! It costs you nothing to use us…the seller pays our fee. We split the commission with the listing brokerage…just like in real estate. We do business in your community…our community…trust us to do the job for you.  We’ve been doing it since 1972.
Flea Market & Small Boat Place:
Torqeedo Travel T1003 Electric Outboard Motor:  Purchased in 2013 but has had very light use.  Includes two (2) chargeable batteries and charger.  Perfect for a dinghy or small trailerable sailboat.  $1,500.  Contact or 716-984-2105
2011 4hp Yamaha outboard.  4 stroke long shaft.  Has less than 10 hrs.  Asking $995.  Call 330-323-7395 or e-mail
Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole (without end fittings):  Was purchased for a Beneteau 36.7 as a spare spinnaker pole. Selling for $1000, retail is nearly double that price.  Call Jim Egloff at 716-525-3228 or email
North Sails Asymmetrical Spinnaker with Sock:  Great shape, basically brand new.  Made for a Newport 27S.  I tried it out on my Newport 27mkII and it fit great.  Would work for any boat this size like a Catalina 27 or C&C 27.  This sail belongs to one of our customers and is a steal at $700. I have it in my possession if you wish to see it.   If interested contact Darren 716-572-2312 or
Steel cradle for 37' sailboat. $750.  Presently fitted for Hunter 376. Contact Corbo, Broker, RCR Yachts Rochester 585-752-2530
1981 8 HP 25" Shaft Yachting Mariner Outboard Motor with tank for sailboats asking price of $550 315-788-1911 or
Lewmar 40” Commodore Wheel
Diameter: 40”, 5-spoke, Stainless Steel, flat wheel, Tapered 1” shaft
Cover Material: Navy Blue Leather
Originally designed for “Catalina Yachts” as an OEM Wheel
New in box, did not fit our boat
LIST PRICE:  $951.00                     SELL FOR: $350 or Best Offer
Email: RAPPAREEMS@AOL.COM or call 716-807-7915
Contact :
2001 Zodiac Rover Roll-up Inflatable Dinghy                                        $750              
Force 10 Propane grill Cooking surface 9” x 17”                                   $125
45 LB CQR Anchor 200’ 7/8’ Rode Braided to 50’ 5/8” Chain                         $350
5 HP Nissan 2 Cycle OB Motor, FNR, Built in Tank, 48 LBs               $600
6 HP Nissan 4 Cycle OB motor, FNR, 6 Gal Tank, FNR, 75 LBs     $1500
Local sail lofts include:
Bierig in Erie, 814-459-8001 (David Bierig)
Dieball Sailing Cleveland, 419-729-0056 (Ernie Dieball)
Dieball Sailing Toledo, 419-726-2933 (Skip Dieball)
Doyle Detroit, 586-790-7500 (Al Declercq)
Doyle Cleveland, 440-346-2651 (Jon Duer)
Doyle Buffalo, 716-435-5944 (Peter "Louis" Johnson)
Doyle Erie, 814-833-7287, 814-504-8469 (Dick Robertson)
Doyle Hamilton, 905-515-5494 (Doug Folsetter)
Doyle Sarnia, 519-344-5236 (Spike Boston)
Doyle Toronto, 905-820-9169 (Ed Botterell)
Evolution Toronto 416-503-1931 (Greg Bratkiw)
Haarstick in Rochester, 585-342-5200 (Doug Burtner)
Haarstick in Sodus, 585-261-4884 (Marcia Wait)
Lee Sails Northeast,
Lee Sails Northeast,
Mack Sails & Rigging 585-703-6364 (Chic Lasser) 
North Toronto, 416-259-9644 (Geoff Moore)
North Sails, 585-370-1027  (Mike Ingham)
Sobstad WNY, 716-510-5762, Dave Dannhauser
Sportech sails in St. Catharines, 905-688-1833 (Jamie Day)
Ullman Cleveland, 216-486-5732 (Greg Koski)
Ullman Rochester, 1-877-sail-umg (877-724-5864) (Justin Damore)
UK-Toronto, 416-915-9134 (Brian Chapman)
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