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RCR Yachts Sailor’s News, October 24, 2014

Let RCR Find Your Next Boat, or Sell Your Existing One!
What’s New? By Tim Finkle:   I’m writing this a day early this week since I’m leaving for Annapolis again for the third time in three weeks…good thing I love it there!  This time it is for the J/70 Fall Brawl regatta.  I’m leaving from Youngstown with boat in tow at 5:30am so we can launch the boat before the marina closes for the day.  For some reason, I have no problem waking up early when I know I’m going racing, not always that easy on other days.  I’m pretty excited for what will be our last event for a few months.  I haven’t been able to get out that much lately since putting the tiller down after Worlds.  Hopefully some of you with boats still in the water will get one last sail this weekend.
We’ve been doing a lot of clean up at our Youngstown showroom recently in order to make space for some really nice boats that warrant indoor heated storage.  We already brought in a Sabre Spirit (36ft), a Trophy 19 center console powerboat, and two J/70’s on trailers.  As the weather turns a bit more, we will have the new C&C 30 One Design, our demo J/88 and a Back Cove 30.  Talk about selection!  If you are interested in any of the above, this winter will be a good time to come in and do some warm indoor shopping in Youngstown.  Besides, don’t most people start their holiday shopping now anyway?

Sabre Spirit “Bella”
Commissioning a J/88 at the Hamilton Harbor YC: Jim Egloff and Brian Buczak are currently in Naples, Florida putting together a J/88 for a customer that is going to sail and race the boat down there this winter.  The boat was towed on its new Triad trailer from Bristol, RI where it was built.  With some help from the boat yard down there, the guys raised the mast, ran the rigging, installed electronics, autopilot, etc.  They have been treated very well and are enjoying the nice weather.  They plan to go for a sail today to see how well they did their jobs!
J/88 Commissioning
RCR Buffalo Annual Fall Open House, October 18-19:  Last weekend, RCR held its annual open house in Buffalo.  Another great turnout from our loyal customers and new this year was a Chili cook-off with winners getting prizes for best tasting chili.  Tim & Sue Angielczyk won the raffle prize for best attendance at our marina social events.  There is great camaraderie between slip holders in Buffalo and you will find that our marina does a lot more social activities than some of the others in the city.  We thank Chuck, Marilyn and Darren who run most of that effort, but it’s the customers who come back each year that make it all happen.

Winning Chili Chefs Brian, Jean and Jean

Tim and Sue
Also at our Open House was the New C&C 30 One Design, which everyone was really excited to see, and it got a lot of foot traffic.

C&C 30, Hull #3.  Please disregard the “slow” sign, that is intended for cars in the yard and not in any way reflecting the sailing ability of the boat!  Maybe we should have moved the sign??  By the way, the keel is shown semi-retracted for transport and storage.
Mark Mills talks ‘design’ on his C&C 30:
More Videos here too:
Haul Out Day at Ashtabula YC, by Jamie Taylor:  This past Saturday I was the Ashtabula Yacht Club for the sale of a sailboat and the club's haul-out day for all boats. Because the club does not have a travel lift a large crane is hired for the day.  It's quite impressive to watch the process as members help each other pull out and cradle boats at a rate of one boat every 10 to 15 minutes. I will admit the unnerving feeling as I watched a Tartan 43 twenty feet overhead, but the crane operator has been doing this for over 40 years!
RCR Yachts also was the proud sponsor of the noontime haul-out lunchbreak. The cold wind and drizzle made the hot soup and sandwiches taste that much better! It was a pleasure to meet and talk with all the AYC members. A special thanks to Joe, Becca, Linda and Jeff. 
Save the date:  January 11, 2015.  The guys in Buffalo are planning another bus trip from Buffalo to Toronto for the Toronto Boat Show. The cost for the bus trip is $22 per person, this includes tax and gratuities.  Tickets for the Boat Show itself are available at the door or you can purchase a discounted ticket on line at  Feel free to contact for more info.
Looking for a boat to buy?  Let us find it for you.  Check out our list below, those shown in this newsletter are only the boats we have for sale in-house, there are many other boats available too.  Please keep in mind that the list contains only our own Central listings, those that are listed directly for sale at RCR.  We work with out of town brokers to find boats for our local customers.  So please let us know what you are looking for and we will find it and negotiate on your behalf.  No cost to you for this arrangement. 
If you are thinking of selling, we can use more listings because our extensive marketing program generates plenty of leads.  Contact any of our brokers for a free evaluation of the sale prospects and pricing for your present boat.  
RCR staff cell phones, dial us as needed!
Don Finkle    CEO 716-695-4328
Rick Lenard  Buffalo Sales 716-472-4702
Corbo Corbishley Rochester Sales 585-752-2530
Tracy Buczak Erie Sales 716-680-4554
Jamie Taylor Erie Sales 814-455-6800
Bruce Lort Youngstown Service 716-998-7545
Darren Wright Buffalo Service 716-572-2312
Jim Egloff Customer Service 716-525-3228
Mary Egloff    CFO, Title Work 716-425-5534
Tim Finkle Marketing 860-917-5416
Have you visited our website lately?  Please check in periodically to see updates to our new and used boat inventory.  NEW WEBSITE UP NOW!  It is the same web address so please go check it out when you have time,  It’s a clean and easy to navigate website that adapts from desktop to iPad to iPhone, etc.  Hopefully everyone will like the new look and find it user friendly.
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Upcoming Events:
Toronto Boat Show, Jan 15, 2015, from Chuck Dickhut:  We are again organizing a trip to the Toronto Boat Show. The date is Sunday January 11, 2015. We will be leaving from RCR Buffalo Marina at 9am and should arrive back at the marina about 5pm. The cost for the bus trip is $22 per person, this includes tax and gratuities.  Tickets for the Boat Show itself are available at the door or you can purchase a discounted ticket on line at
NEW THIS YEAR..... For those of you who may be more interested in Sales rather than Sails the bus will make a stop at the Eaton Centre and will pick you up there at the end of the day. This trip sells out every year so reserve your seat early to avoid being disappointed. Contact me or Darren to secure your place. Please note once your reservation is confirmed we cannot offer any refunds. If you have any questions please feel free to contact
March 1, The North U Racing Tactics seminar is coming to Buffalo on March 1st: Meet the man who wrote the book. Bill Gladstone will be presenting this all day event hosted by the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club. A lecture hall at the University of Buffalo is being reserved. More information regarding registration will be available soon. In the meantime, mark your calendar and plan on attending. Price of admission is $115. Lunch is optional at $10. The North U Tactics CD will be included with your registration.
Stories, News & Articles: 
Yacht Registration vs. Documentation:  We get this question a lot from boat buyers and we recommend that you ask us to explain it so you have a more educated reason for doing one or the other.  But here is a short article on the subject that we saw in Scuttlebutt.
(Article from Sailing Scuttlebutt, 10/14/14):  Should you document your yacht with the U.S. federal government, or does it make more sense to simply register the vessel in your state? Each state has different requirements for registration, and they all have different agencies responsible for management. So you’ll need to figure out the ins and outs of registering in your own state. And if you find there are more outs than ins, it might be time to consider documenting with the federal government.

Documenting vessels started as a way for the government to manage commercial shipping. Today, the U.S. Coast Guard is in charge of documentation and there are multiple types of vessels that can be documented—including recreational vessels. Any documented vessel may be used for recreational purposes, regardless of its endorsement, but a vessel documented with a recreational endorsement only may be used for that purpose. If you want to run a commercial fishing charter business on your boat, for example, you’ll have to document your vessel with a fishing designation even if you also use it for pleasure.
Any vessel of five net tons or more can be documented. Net tonnage is a measure of a vessel’s cargo carrying volume. It should not be confused with the vessel’s weight, which may also be expressed in tons. Most vessels more than 25 feet in length will have a cargo volume of five net tons or more.

How to Adjust a Turnbuckle (from  The concept of how to properly adjust a turnbuckle seems to sometimes elude most people. This is understandable as I didn’t use to spend my days thinking about tightening cables like I do now. So let’s take a moment to discuss how this is done properly. There are generally three different styles of turnbuckles. Yes, there are a few more styles, however these concepts should give you the gist for any turnbuckle.
First things first, always make sure that you start by taking out the cotter pins and removing any old tape. Generally, to tighten or loosen turnbuckles it is the reverse of what you have learned your whole life, “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey” is now “lefty-tighty, righty-loosey”, looking down from above.

OPEN BODY TURNBUCKLES: The open body style turnbuckle is the most common style in today’s sailboat market and will require either an adjustable wrench and a spike (a ‘beefy’ screw driver should do), or a second adjustable wrench. If you have a turnbuckle that has a swage stud at the top end, then look closely and locate the wrench flat which will be either machined or pressed into the stud by the manufacturer.

DOUBLE JAWED TURNBUCKLES: You may also have a double jawed turnbuckle which accepts an eye fitting attached to the end of the stay. In this situation it is important to keep the upper jaw/eye end from spinning by using either a spike or screwdriver. Also, please note: these turnbuckles are often installed upside down and not consistently. So figuring out which way is tight and which way is loose can be a doozie and may vary from stay to stay. It may be worth the extra time to make sure they are all configured in the same fashion, matching up with the aforementioned tightening/loosening method (“lefty-tighty, righty-loosey”).

MECHANICAL STUDS AND ROD STUDS: It is also possible that your rigging utilizes a mechanical stud at the top end of the turnbuckle. This is a similar product to that used for open body rod turnbuckles, and the same directions should be followed. Be careful in this situation as the mechanical stud will have two wrench flats, one is to tighten the cap of the mechanical stud (this is NOT the one to use and may cause the fitting to become undone!) and one is to hold the stud in place while turning the turnbuckle body. This wrench flat will sometimes be less noticeable, but if you look closely you will be able to determine which ‘flat’ holds the stud and not the cap.

TURNBUCKLES THAT UTILIZE RIGGING SCREWS (ROD AND WIRE): Next we have the rigging screw style turnbuckle, typically provided by Navtec. This looks like an open body turnbuckle, but in reverse. Instead of one body and two studs, there are two bodies and one stud. This is another typical turnbuckle found on rod rigged boats and you should follow these same guidelines here as well. Again, care must be taken to ensure that the upper end of the turnbuckle does not spin. In this case it is the upper body portion that will need to be either held in place by an adjustable wrench or a spike. Then use another wrench to turn the rigging screw by using the wrench flats on the screw.

COQUILLE OR STEM BALL TURNBUCKLES: You have probably noticed by now that I keep making the point of always holding the upper end of the turnbuckle in place, be it a stud, jaw, or body. Well, that is because in most situations the bottom of the turnbuckle is kept from spinning by the way it is pinned to the chainplate. EXCEPT, when the chainplate isn’t conventional. Beneteau and Jeanneau are notorious for these types of chainplates. They use what is called a coquille style chainplate, that means essentially, that the connection of the turnbuckle at the deck is a ball and socket type (which means it can spin freely). Here you need to either have three hands and arms, perform a bit of a magic trick or grab a friend. Both the top and bottom screws will try to spin in this case, so you will need to hold both upper and lower studs by their wrench flats. I like to go for the “magic trick” method myself, by using large vise grips to grip the lower stud. I will then place my knee near it (as I am in the crouched position) so that the vise grips become wedged up against me as they begin to spin. Then, I will go about holding the upper stud with an adjustable wrench and turning the body with my spike as usual. This maneuver can be a bit tricky, but with a little body contortion and the right tools, it can be done. OR…… simply grab a friend and have them help you :-)

When you are done make sure you line up the cotter pin holes in the studs so that the turnbuckle can be pinned. If cotter pins aren’t present then there should be locking nuts of some sort. A turnbuckle ALWAYS needs to be secured so that it cannot become undone.

TIP: No matter what type of turnbuckle you are adjusting make sure the wire, rod or whatever type of stay material you may have, does NOT turn, or is in any way able to become distorted. This can lead to shroud failure!
Remember, if in doubt you can always ask……
Read more about rigging here:

We add the following:  It is important that you make sure the threads are clean before tightening to prevent galling.  It is a good idea to lubricate the turnbuckle threads also, especially if the tension on the rigging is high. When tensioning the rig while sailing it is best to adjust the shrouds on the leeward side as they will be under less tension.  This not only makes it easier to turn but also reduces the load in the threads.  Then tack and adjust the other side.

New Boats News:
New J/112e, ready for Spring 2015 launch!  While at the Annapolis Boat Show last week, we spoke with Jeff and Al Johnstone about this new design.  They were excited about their latest new baby.  It has a somewhat higher freeboard for headroom and a cruising interior, a bit different than most of the recent J models we are used to seeing.  It still maintains the fine handling and performance traits of other J’s.

Alerion Yacht New Video and Updated Website:  Alerion Yachts just released a new video Alerion Yachts Video, which is designed to deliver a strong performance message alongside the easy-to-sail pretty daysailer one. Alerion’s are excellent performers under sail too, they race and they race well, winning 4 out of 9 awards at the Corinthian Classic for example as shown in this video. The video is also placed front and center on their recently updated website.
Alerion 28
New First 35 Carbon Edition Sailboat - By Beneteau:  For almost forty years, the performance and elegance of Firsts have regularly enabled their owners to shine on the water and win prestigious regattas.  With the 2015 season comes the Carbon Edition.  New features include a carbon mast, rod rigging, a retractable carbon sprit, new graphics and a three position pivoting wheel.  The interior woodwork is beautiful, they really did a nice job with this version. 
Video Here:

Beneteau First 35
New Boats in Stock and available for viewing at RCR Yachts:
Beneteau Oceanis 38, Erie, Buffalo and Rochester
Beneteau Oceanis 35, Coming Soon!
Beneteau ASA 22, Coming Soon!
Back Cove 30, Rochester
23’ J70, Youngstown and Buffalo
29’ J88, Youngstown
C&C 30 One Design, Buffalo
Used Boat Listings: 
RCR Yachts is a member of Yacht Brokers Association of America and our brokers follow the code of ethics and business practice that promotes the high standards of professional competence character and ethical conduct.  Don Finkle is on the board of YBAA.

Featured Used Sailboats
36’ Catalina 36 TR 1989 “Blue Bayou” NEW LISTING fin keel-5'10",K, D, W, Auto-pilot, GPS, stereo, VHF, Wheel, AC/Heat, Full canvas w/enclosure, RF Genoa, Teak cockpit floorboards, lazy jacks on Main, ST winches,Cruising spinnaker never used, propane stove/oven, ice box , one owner-fresh water, Winter cover, Asking $52,900, Buffalo
36' Pearson 36 1973 "Patriot" NEW LISTING Over $35,000 in Recent Upgrades, more than the asking price of this fine yacht!  The Pearson 36 is a solid, stable, comfortable performance cruising boat.  Patriot has been repowered with a Yanmar 30HP diesle with low hours, Too many upgrades to list but they include electronics, plumbing, mechanical, running rigging, roller furler, canvas, etc, etc.  An excellent value at $29,900, Rochester
35’ Niagara 35 1979 “Sea Fever” NEW LISTING  We were dealers for this excellent Mark Ellis design and sold many of them.  An excellent cruisng boat with an innovative interior layout that works really well.  High freeboard makes the N35 a dry boat and provides plenty of headroom.  Sea Fever has a Dark Blue painted hull, Volvo diesel, Refrig/freezer, Dodger & Bimini, Electric Windlass, Radar, Pilot, Maxprop, Full Winter Cover & More.  Buffalo, $54,900

Niagara 35 1979, Buffalo, NY, $54,900
34’ Beneteau 34 2009 “So Many Roads” NEW LISTING  AC/Heat, In-Mast Main Furling, Additional Upgraded Genoa, Cruising Spinnaker w/sock, 4'6" Shoal Draft, 29 HP Yanmar diesel, Full winter cover, Raymarine Electronics inlcuding Autopilot, Knot, Depth, Wind, C80 Color Chartplotter w/Raystar 125 GPS, RAM, Fridge/Freezer, Propane stove/oven, 2-inlets for 110v w/cords, Ateel Cradle, Buffalo, $119,900
33’ Beneteau 331 2001 “Assorodus” NEW LISTING  In Mast Main Furling, Dodger, Bimini, New Winches, Refrig, Microwave, Propane Oven, H/C Water with Shower, 110V Shore Power, Charger, Vhf, Stereo, Tridata, 30 HP Diesel, Steel Cradle, Sodus Point, $72,500

Beneteau 331 2001, Sodus Point, NY, $72,500
31' Beneteau Oceanis 31 2011 "Solena" One Owner, LIKE NEW, Fresh water only, 5'11" Keel, In-Mast Mainsail furling, Air Conditioning & Heat, Raymarine Electronics including C90W Color Plotter at helm, ST70 MFD at Helm, ST70 MFD at Nav Station, Wheel Pilot w/6002 Head, ST70 wind, speed, depth transducers, VHF, Stereo, Sirius Radio, Folding prop, Custom Winter Cover & Frame, Custom Dodger, Bimini, Connector & 3 Sided Cockpit Enclosure, Pedestal Cover, 2013 Ullman Performance Furling Genoa with Foam Luffpad & UV Cover, Steel Cradle, VC17 bottom, Olcott, NY, $105,000

Beneteau Oceanis 31 2011, Olcott, NY, $105,000
30’ O’Day 302 1989 “Bet Sea” NEW LISTING  Very, Very Clean, Wing Keel, Yanmar Diesel, H/C Pressure Water w/Shower, Wheel, Pentex Genoa on Furler, Aft Cabin, Good Bottom, Buffalo, $23,500

O'Day 302 1989, Buffalo, NY, $23,500
30’ Sabre 1981 "Identity Crisis" Fresh Water only; Many newer upgrades; Autopilot; Diesel; Dripless shaft seal, In transit to Sodus Point, $24,900

Sabre 30 1981, Sodus Point, NY, $24,900
26' C&C Wave 26 1989 "Lady in Red" NEW TRADE Fresh Survey, 12HP Diesel, Wheel, Dodger, Bimini, two Suits sails, Storm Jib, Genneker, Shoal keel, Profurl, 110V Shore Power with Charger, Two Batteries, Raymarine Speed, Depth, Wind, Autopilot, VHF, Youngstown $17,900

C&C Wave 26 1989, Youngstown, NY, $17,900
25’ B-25 1991 “Spirit” NEW LISTING Leif Bailey designed Sportboat, pretty red hull, new mast and rigging 2002, very lightly used 2005 Yamaha 4 Stroke 4HP Motor, carbon rudder, carbon spin pole, lifting keel, trailer with brakes.  Rochester $12,500
24’ Melges 24 2000 Hull #445 NEW LISTING Melges 24 hull numbers in the 400’s are known to be fast.  Meticulously maintained boat with TactTick Compass, Velocitek ProStart, 2 motors including 2011 Mercury 4HP, Galvanized trailer with 2 boxes.  Full deck, mast and keel covers. Raptor soft deck added in 2013.  Buffalo, $25,000
22’ J/70 #246 2013 “Touch 2 Play” REDUCED Just finished 4th place overall out of 86 boats at the J/70 World Championship, among other strong finishes.  Includes Triad trailer, 6HP Yamaha outboard, Quantum sails, TackTick Racemaster and more.  Buffalo, $51,900.
Full List of RCR’s Central Sailboat Listings:
Size Make Year Name Location Asking Price
50’ Beneteau Oceanis 500 1989   Rochester REDUCED 89,900
42’ Beneteau Oceanis 423 2006              Erie     169,900
42’ Hunter 420 Passage Center Cockpit 2000 Daydream Sodus REDUCED $134,900
40’ Jeanneau DS 2003   Rochester 159,900
39’ Beneteau 393 2004 Sensei Buffalo 112,900
37’ Beneteau 37 2011 College Fund Rochester REDUCED 154,900
37’ Tartan 37 CB 1979 Invictus Sodus 39,900
37’ Tripp 37 1987 Kamikazi            Cobourg REDUCED
36’ Catalina 36 1989 Blue Bayou Buffalo 52,900
36’ Pearson 36 1973 Patriot Rochester 29,900
36’ J/111 2011 Intrepid Rochester 288,000
36’ Sabre 362 2001 Finaleigh Sodus REDUCED
36’ Beneteau First 36.7 2002    Vinyasa Buffalo REDUCED
36’ Catalina 36 1983 Wanderer Ithaca 35,000
36’ C&C 34+ Wing Keel 1990 Child’s Play Buffalo REDUCED 74,900
36’ C&C 34+ Fin Keel 1990 Ciao Bella Ohio 72,500
36’ Freedom 36 1987 Royalties Erie REDUCED 64,900
36’ Hunter 36 2008 Ventose Buffalo 115,500
36’ Pearson 365 Ketch 1978 Faith Buffalo REDUCED 15,900
36’ Sabre Spirit 2008 Bella Youngstown 229,000
35’ Pearson 35 1981 Pura Vida Sodus Point REDUCED 
35’ 1D35 TURBO
  Game Changer Buffalo SOLD
35’ Ericson 35 1973 Sea Witch Buffalo REDUCED  14,900
35’ Niagara 35 1979 Sea Fever Buffalo 54,900
34’ Beneteau 34 2009 So Many Roads Buffalo 119,900
34’ Beneteau First 34.5 1986 Sun Runner Sodus Point 38,900
34’ Beneteau 343 2009            Faoiltiarn Rochester REDUCED
34’ Gemini 105MC Cat 2006 Delilah Erie REDUCED 109,900
34’ Hunter 340 1998            IVAA Rochester REDUCED 68,900
34’ Hunter 340 1997 Cruisin & Snoozin Buffalo  REDUCED 54,900
33’ Beneteau First 10R 2007 Perfect Ten Youngstown SOLD
33’ Beneteau 331 2001 Assorodus Sodus Point 72,900
33’ Pearson 33-2 1986 Seaduction Sodus Point 39,000
33’ Soverel 33 1983    Ghost                    Erie    REDUCED
33’ Hobie 33 w/Trailer 1984   Erie REDUCED
33’ Hunter 33-2 2008 Wind Stray Cat Dancer Erie     REDUCED
33’ Hunter 33-2  2007 Makani Rochester 87,900
33’ J/33 1989 Blue Horizon Erie 29,900
33’ Pearson 10M 1975 Escape Erie REDUCED
32’ Endeavour 32 1977   Rochester 19,900
32’ O’Day 322 1989 Satellite Sodus Point 27,900
31’ Beneteau Oceanis 2011 Solena Olcott 105,000
31’ Beneteau First 310 1992 Alcyone Rochester 38,900
31’ Hunter 31-2 2008 Sonny’s Boat Buffalo REDUCED
31’ Hunter 31-2   2007 Irish Eyes Buffalo             REDUCED 65,900
30’ Redwing 30 1968 Osprey Buffalo 7,900
30’ O’Day 302 1989 Bet Sea Buffalo 23,500
30’ Allied Seawind 30 Ketch 1972 Acanthus Sodus 16,900
30’ Sabre 30 1981 Identity Crisis Sodus 24,900
30’ Andrews Custom 30 1989 Flak Buffalo 29,900
30’ Sabre 30 MKIII 1988 Paradox Rochester SOLD
30’ Catalina 30 1986 Paramour Ohio SOLD
30’ Catalina 30              1987  Wombat Erie    REDUCED 25,900 
30’ Catalina 30 1987 Roundabout Buffalo REDUCED 19,900
30’ Catalina 30 1975 Niabelle Erie REDUCED 5,900
30’ Allied Chance 30-30 1973   Erie SOLD
30’ C&C 30 Diesel 1974 Moxie Rochester 12,900
30’ Mumm 30      1997 Uprising Rochester 84,900
30’ Pearson 30 1974 Topaz Erie 10,900
30’ Tartan 30 1974 Shamrock Sodus Point 11,900
30’ Cape Dory 30 Cutter     1979    Hawke Sodus Point               REDUCED 24,900
30’ Cape Dory 30 Cutter 1982 Diva II Buffalo REDUCED 24,900
30’ Islander Bahama 1982   Rochester 12,900
29’ C&C 29-2 1984   Sodus Bay 20,900
28’ TANZER 29 1989 Lady Jane Erie REDUCED 11,900
28’ Tartan 28 1988 Liberty Buffalo 34,900
28’ Hunter 28 1989 Family Jules Erie     REDUCED 15,900
28’ Hunter 28.5 1985 Marika Erie 14,900
28’ Hunter 28.5 1985 Rainbow Chaser Rochester REDUCED 14,900
28’ Newport 28-2 1984 Windrunner Erie 11,900
27’ Catalina 28                 2003 Santarla                   Buffalo 49,900
27’ C&C 27-5 1985 Kiawah Buffalo SOLD
27’ Cal 27-3 1985 Duck Soup Buffalo REDUCED 10,900
27’ Catalina 270 1994 Sailor’s Son Erie SOLD
27’ CS 27 1979   Rochester 5,500
27’ Hunter 27-2 2005   Erie 49,900
26 Hunter 27-2 2005 Sail Mate Erie 46,900
26’ C&C Wave 26 1989 Lady in Red Youngstown 17,900
26’ Macgregor 26M 2007 Kacey’s Charm Buffalo 26,400
26’ Macgregor 26X                        2002 Diastolic Buffalo REDUCED
25’ Pearson 26 1978 Blue Jay Youngstown 4,000
25’ Cape Dory 25 1981   Buffalo SOLD
23’ B Boats B-25 1991 Spirit Rochester 12,500
22’ Bavaria 707 w/trailer 1984 Late Bloomer Erie     8,900 
22’ J/70 2013 Touch 2 Play Buffalo REDUCED
20’ J/70 2013 Road Trip Buffalo SOLD
20’ Pacific Seacraft Flicka 1983   Youngstown SOLD
20’ Melges 20 2009 Touch 2 Play Florida SOLD
12’ Bauer 12 Daysailer 2014 w/trailer Rochester 9,900
RCR’s Featured Central Power Boat Listings:
43’ Gulfstar Trawler 1976 “Barney” NEW LISTING Twin Perkins Diesels, 130hp each, Updates since 2008: new props, new high pressure lines on engines, new fresh water pump, 4 new bronze thru hulls, new exhaust manifolds both engines, 2 new 8D batteries & boxes, bottom redone including blister repair, 12 new opening ports, New veneer around ports, new bilge pumps, new canvas last year, new extended swim ladder, Erie, $49,900 
42’ Ocean Alexander 42 Altus Sport Sedan 2005 “Patricia Ann” NEW LISTING Clean well-maintained yacht, Wintered in heated indoor storage, Alexandria Bay, $299,000
37’ Silverton 37 Convertible 1995 NEW LISTING Twin Crusader 502XLi with 451 hours, Raymarine C120W Radar, GPS, Chart Plotter, DSM300 Depth, ST70 Autopilot, New galley wood floor, carpet and flybridge canvas 2011 Transmissions rebuilt 2013, New windlass 2014, Erie, $59,900
35’ Carver 350 Mariner 1998 “Panacea” NEW LISTING Very Clean, Low Hours, One Owner Fresh water Boat, 6.5KW Genset, AC/Heat, Plotter, Radar, Frig/Freezer, Microwave, Icemaker, Custom Mattress, TV, Full Canvas, Custom Seat Covers for bridge, Twin Crusaders with V Drives, Professionally Maintained, Very Roomy inside and on enclosed bridge, Erie, $69,900
35’ Carver 350 Mariner 2003 “Next of Kim” NEW LISTING Low hours freshwater boat, Garmin GPS/Plotter, AC/Heat, Kohler Genset with only 64 Hours, Over $6,000 in New Canvas, Twin Crusader 5.7L MPI, 320 HP with Only 300 Hours, Erie, $98,900
34’ Silverton 34 Convertible 1979 “Timeless” NEW LISTING Incredible refit with over $25,000 spent inside and out, New canvas and frames for bridge, Aft deck and Suncscreen, New Upholstery & Foam, New leather Couch & Chair, New Raymarine E90 Wide Color Plotter with Radar, New VHF, Complete new Water System, New Appliances Including Icemaker, Microwave, Fridge, New Mahogany Woodwork & Flooring, Erie, $32,900
34’ Thompson Santa Cruz 3400 1995 REDUCED Twin 330 HP Mercruiser Bravo IIs, Recent Survey, 12’ Beam for Plenty of Space Below, Low Engine Hours, Garmin GPS/Plotter, Fishfinder, Depth, Air & Heat, Windlass, Electric Toilet, Well Cared For, Erie, $29,900
27’ SeaRay 270 Sundancer 1999 “Mary D” NEW LISTING Exceptionally Clean One Owner Boat, Always Stored Indoors in Climate-Controlled Area, Mercruiser 7.4L 310 HP with Bravo III Drive, S/S Dual Props, Only 290 Hours.  Windlass, AC/Heat, Vacuflush, Bimini & Slantbakc Canvas, Mooring Cover, GPS, Fishfinder, New Cockpit Upholstery, New Eisenglass, Erie, $31,900
24’ SeaRay 240 Sundancer 1997 “C’est La Vie” NEW LISTING Mercruiser 5.7L Alpha 1, 220HP, Galvanized Trailer, Stored Inside heated building in winters, Bimini with Curtains, New 2013 Refrig, Garmin GPS Map, VHF, Depth, Fishfinder, Stereo, Mooring Cover, Erie, $15,596
22’ Bayliner 2252 Ciera Express Hardtop 1998 NEW LISTING with new 2013 Remanufactured MerCruiser 5.7L Aplha 1, 260 HP, Enclosed cabin with Enclosed head, Bottom professionally redone 2013 with Epoxy & VC17, Compass, Depth, Fishfinder, Chartplotter/GPS, VHF, Transom Fishwell, Easy Clean Cockpit, Windlass, Downriggers, Rocket launchers, Rod Holders, Mooring Cover, Drop Down Curtain, Trailer, Erie, $21,900
21’ SeaRay 200 Sundeck 2003 NEW LISTING Mercruiser 5.0L MPI I/O, 260 HP, 258 Hours, Trailer, Depth, Stereo, Bimini, Morrign Cover, Transom Door, Power Tilt & Trim, Stored Indoors, Excellent Condition, Erie, $18,900
Size Boat Location Asking Price
67’ Custom Paddle Wheel Cruise Vessel 1985 Erie 695,000
48’ Jefferson Monticello 48 1988        Erie   124,900
45’ Wellcraft 45 Excalibur 1998 Erie Motivated Seller
43’ Gulfstar Trawler 1976 Erie 49,900
42’ Ocean Alexander 42 Altus Sport Sedan 2005 Alexandria Bay 299,000
40’ Mainship Sedan Bridge 1993   REDUCED   59,900
38’ Chris Craft Commander 1966 Erie 34,000
38’ Chris Craft Roamer "RI RA" 1968 Pultneyville 12,900
38’ SeaRay 38 Sundancer 2006 Erie REDUCED 179,900
37’ Silverton 37 Convertible 1995 Erie 59,900
36’ Albin 36DC Trawler 1981 Wilson SOLD
36’ Aerocat 36 Explorer Powercat 2010 Erie 98,500
36’ Mainship 36 Nantucket DC '88 Erie 59,900
35’ Carver 350 Mariner “Next of Kim” 2003 Erie 98,900
35’ Carver 350 Mariner “Panacea” 1998 Erie 69,900
34’ Customer 34 Steel Trawler “Gypsy Rose” 1996 Rochester 28,900
34’ Silverton 34 Convertible 1985 Erie 25,500
34’ Silverton 34 Convertible 1979 Erie 32,900
34’ Thompson Santa Cruz 3400 1995 Erie 30,900
32’ Trojan F32 1981 Erie 15,900
32’ Chris Craft 32 Amerosport 1987 Erie 17,000
32’ Carver 3207 AC “Little Weasel” 1983 Erie REDUCED 29,900
32’ Donzi Z 32 "Final Endeavor" 2001 Ashtabula 64,900
32’ Donzi Z 32SS "Black Pearl" 2002 Erie REDUCED
31’ Carver Santego 310 1996 Erie 39,500
31’ Cruisers 3075 “Hunter’s Landing” 2002 Buffalo REDUCED 46,900
30’ Back Cove 30 “Liberty” 2011 Youngstown SOLD
30’ Bayliner 3055 Ciera 2002 Erie REDUCED 37,900
30’ Chris Craft Crowne 1995 Erie 19,900
30’ Sea Ray 300 Sundancer 1988 Erie 15,900
30’ Sea Ray 300 Weekender “R Family” 1985   14,900
30’ Sea Ray 300 Weekender “3 Buoys” 1988 Erie 25,000
28’ Custom 28 Power Cat Explorer 2012 Erie 95,000
27’ Carver Santego 27 “Flying High” 1989 Erie 16,000
27’ Sea Ray 270 DA Sundancer 1996   SOLD
27’ Sea Ray 270 Sundancer 1999 Erie 31,900
26’ MacGregor 26M 2007 w/Trailer Buffalo 26,400
26’ Carver Santa Cruz 26 1986             SOLD
25’ Boston Whaler 255 Conquest ‘03 Erie 49,900
25’ Crownline 250CR "Animals Ark" ‘06 Erie 44,900
24’ Baja Outlaw 1997 Erie 22,900
24’ Baja Outlaw 1994 Erie 18,900
23’ Chris Craft Continental 1957 Rochester REDUCED 31,900
22’ Bayliner 2252 Ciera Express hardtop 1998 Erie 18,900
22’ Bayliner 225 Bowrider 2004 Erie 12,900
22’ Chris Craft Cadet 1929 Rochester REDUCED 35,900
19’ Trophy 1903 CC w/Trailer 2011 Youngstown REDUCED 26,900
RCR will help you find the right boat for you! Our brokers will serve as "Buyers Agents" if you find a boat out of our market listed with someone else. We will protect your interests and represent YOU! It costs you nothing to use us…the seller pays our fee. We split the commission with the listing brokerage…just like in real estate. We do business in your community…our community…trust us to do the job for you.  We’ve been doing it since 1972.
Flea Market & Small Boat Place:
NEW Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole (without end fittings):  Was purchased for a Beneteau 36.7 as a spare spinnaker pole. Selling for $1000, retail is nearly double that price.  Call Jim Egloff at 716-525-3228 or email
NEW North Sails Asymmetrical Spinnaker with Sock:  Great shape, basically brand new.  Made for a Newport 27S.  I tried it out on my Newport 27mkII and it fit great.  Would work for any boat this size like a Catalina 27 or C&C 27.  This sail belongs to one of our customers and is a steal at $700. I have it in my possession if you wish to see it.   If interested contact Darren 716-572-2312 or
Steel cradle for 37' sailboat. $750.  Presently fitted for Hunter 376. Contact Corbo, Broker, RCR Yachts Rochester 585-752-2530
1981 8 HP 25" Shaft Yachting Mariner Outboard Motor with tank for sailboats asking price of $550 315-788-1911 or
Lewmar 40” Commodore Wheel
Diameter: 40”, 5-spoke, Stainless Steel, flat wheel, Tapered 1” shaft
Cover Material: Navy Blue Leather
Originally designed for “Catalina Yachts” as an OEM Wheel
New in box, did not fit our boat
LIST PRICE:  $951.00                     SELL FOR: $350 or Best Offer
Email: RAPPAREEMS@AOL.COM or call 716-807-7915
Contact :
2001 Zodiac Rover Roll-up Inflatable Dinghy                                        $750              
Force 10 Propane grill Cooking surface 9” x 17”                                   $125
45 LB CQR Anchor 200’ 7/8’ Rode Braided to 50’ 5/8” Chain                         $350
5 HP Nissan 2 Cycle OB Motor, FNR, Built in Tank, 48 LBs               $600
6 HP Nissan 4 Cycle OB motor, FNR, 6 Gal Tank, FNR, 75 LBs     $1500
Winter Storage Boat Covers:  The guys at Custom Covers and Canvas do a great job for us and our customers.  They come to our marinas and measure and build the canvas right there to fit your boat perfectly.  We recommend them for any covers, biminis, dodgers, etc.  Just tell them what you want they will find a way to get it done. 
Local sail lofts include:
Bierig in Erie, 814-459-8001 (David Bierig)
Dieball Sailing Cleveland, 419-729-0056 (Ernie Dieball)
Dieball Sailing Toledo, 419-726-2933 (Skip Dieball)
Doyle Detroit, 586-790-7500 (Al Declercq)
Doyle Cleveland, 440-346-2651 (Jon Duer)
Doyle Buffalo, 716-435-5944 (Peter "Louis" Johnson)
Doyle Erie, 814-833-7287, 814-504-8469 (Dick Robertson)
Doyle Hamilton, 905-515-5494 (Doug Folsetter)
Doyle Sarnia, 519-344-5236 (Spike Boston)
Doyle Toronto, 905-820-9169 (Ed Botterell)
Evolution Toronto 416-503-1931 (Greg Bratkiw)
Haarstick/Bay Sails Hamilton, ON 905-529-7245 (Keven Piper)
Haarstick in Rochester, 585-342-5200 (Doug Burtner)
Haarstick in Rochester, 585-943-8652 (Travis Odenbach)
Katlynn in Sodus, 315-483-9102 (Marcia Wait)
Lee Sails Northeast,
Lee Sails Northeast,
Mack Sails & Rigging 585-703-6364 (Chic Lasser) 
North Toronto, 416-259-9644 (Geoff Moore)
North Sails, 585-370-1027  (Mike Ingham)
Sobstad WNY, 716-510-5762, Dave Dannhauser
Sportech sails in St. Catharines, 905-688-1833 (Jamie Day)
Ullman Buffalo, 716-447-9766 (Dan Elliot & Rob Handler) 216- 965-4309
Ullman Cleveland, 216-486-5732 (Greg Koski)
Ullman Rochester, 1-877-sail-umg (877-724-5864) (Justin Damore)
UK-Toronto, 416-915-9134 (Brian Chapman)
Let RCR Find Your Next Boat, or Sell Your Existing One!
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Don’t forget that RCR handles both sail and power. Come visit us.

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