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Dear friends

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I hope your Christmas time and New Year's holiday was good, and that your year is off to a great start.  We had a good Christmas with all the kids and grandkids in attendance--but had an emergency room visit on Christmas afternoon, which seems to be a new Christmas tradition in our household.  Pneumonia is going around this winter and this time my wife was laid low by it. 

I encourage you to consider taking on a new challenge this year.  Is missions in your future?  What if you acted on that idea to see where God steers you?  I have always liked the ship analogy--you can't steer a ship until it has forward motion.  That is basically true for small boats too if you want to consider taking baby steps.  I found that by taking steps forward, God was able to steer me into roles I had never considered--and it has been a fun ride.

Craig @ 425-761-2224 or

Race to 2025.  We are registering teams for our upcoming March and April  Race to 2025 events being held in Washington near Lake Wenatchee, Michigan, and Tennessee.  Let me know if you are thinking about this--I would love to come tell you about it.  You can read about it at 

This event has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Bible translation, and is a great way to learn more about the work of translation.  Many of our past racers have been influenced by the race to consider careers in missions.  This video includes clips from several of last year's races:

If you are in a position to do so, we would also like to talk to you about being a race financial sponsor.

If you don't have experience, don't worry--most of our teams last year had never done these activities before.  Prizes were awarded for a variety of challenges, not just speed.

Short Term Opportunities.  This photo is a rerun from my last letter but I like the shot of my friend Molly from our Get Global team last summer, hanging around with Agarabi children.   Now is a good time to apply for overseas and USA-based Discovery internships (6-8 weeks) or the Get Global trips (4 weeks).    Find out more here:

USA-based and Overseas internships:
Get Global trips:

Don't wait.  Summer will be here before you know it.

Our PNG team last summer, savoring our 50 minutes in New Zealand.  For what it's worth, I will be co-leading a Discovery team to Papua New Guinea again this summer

I wanted to share this story about our co-workers from our time in PNG.  I often cite their story in my presentations because God can use any gift...find out how with Randy and Colleen.

Randy’s Story:

Randy and his wife Colleen had a desire for helping in missions, and so took a 2-year assignment with Wycliffe to serve in Papua New Guinea as teachers. They left the U.S. in 1980 with their 6-month old daughter in tow, and ended up at the Ukarumpa center using their skills to teach missionary kids. Randy also had a passion for and a background in pro golf, but he wasn’t sure what to do with that in missions. He was feeling that maybe golf had become too important in his life, and was maybe pushing out some other things that God wanted him to do. So, he decided to surrender his golf to God, and go to the mission field and teach. But he took his clubs along just in case there were golf courses in PNG, and what happened next may surprise you!

Read the rest of Randy’s story here
(Picture credit: Colleen Karcher--
Randy and his golf ‘caddies’ in Papua New Guinea)

A few other things before I quit for the day. 

  1. I have mentioned MP3 meetings.  If your mission pastor or lay mission leader would like to meet with others monthly, we have meetings on the Eastside.  Let me know and I will send details.

  2. Frontiers (not Wycliffe) is offering Oral Storytelling workshops at a number of cities in the NW, including Redmond, Federal Way, and Mill Creek.  If you want more information about that contact Tom Horton at or call 206-954-4100.  They have some great connections if you are interested in working locally with your Muslim neighbors.

  3. It is not too late to join a Perspectives class.  Two of them start tomorrow in Redmond, and if Thursdays don't work well, there are other classes that started last night and tonight.

Race to 2025 competitors--working hard to be linguists.

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