Do what you love. It makes more of a difference than you can imagine.


Do what you love. It makes more of a difference than you can imagine.

It’s all in how you feel.

Alchemize emotion. Use it as fuel. When you do what you love, you add so much energy in the world.


You are who you most long to be


Trust your longing and passion. It’s the key. Passion sustains. Life. love. creativity.

The more intensely passionate you allow yourself to be, the quicker you become all of who you are. Let yourself shine. Play until you catch a glimpse of that girlish {boyish} face again.


Life is not a haphazard design, but a careful mix & combination of potent forces, circumstances & realization: all with the intention of bringing out the very best in you.


Trust this. Trust its process.

Trust = love

Love yourself unequivocally.

You’re all you’ve got. Until you deeply get this, until you realize the truth of this, your life won’t truly begin. The moment you fall in love with yourself head over heels, everything begins to make sense: life takes on a quality that you haven’t experienced until then.


It’s this love that sustains life, that changes everything.

Some soundscapes I have been playing in that you might like

Christian Vogel: Thom Yorke Black swan spare parts remix

Jamie XX: Radiohead Bloom remix part 3

Gold panda: You

Uppermost: Travel to the top + Passion

Wixel: On my way to the moon + Fatigas del querer

{Dance, sing: as much as you can: they are potent creative catalysts}

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Thank you for sharing this &  all that you do in the world, and for your continued love & support. Have an incredible week!


Epic love,

Premakarini x

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