"Pay attention to your resistances and dare to explore these undiscovered regions of yourself." 
Gabrielle Roth


Resistance: Your door to Exceptional Experience + Creative Genius 

You will resist. The best experiences in life activate the greatest resistance. You can actually gauge the best experiences & meditation techniques by the amount of resistance you experience around doing them.

You will come up with every reason, excuse in the world why now is not a good time, or why you don’t need it right this minute. You do. Just get it done. If you wait for the resistance to subside or disappear you are in for a long time of nothing getting accomplished.


The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Amelia Earhart


The trick is to experience the resistance and do it anyway. And to let intense resistance be your guide that you are on the right track: that this is going to make a significant difference to the quality of your life.


You resist what’s best for you.


Welcome resistance. Let resistance be your guide and tip off that you are onto something, and do it anyway.

Go out of your way to get it done. Usually I have found that when resistance is at its most extreme I have experienced the biggest breakthroughs in my life.


"Pay attention to your resistances and dare to explore these undiscovered regions of yourself."

Gabrielle Roth


The real reason you resist? It’s a homeostatic thing. You tend to want to stay at the level you are accustomed to, that you are comfortable with. Call it force of habit. Comfort zone. Just don’t get stuck in it. It’s usually fear of change: the very change and breakthrough you need most.

So use resistance. Enjoy its creative friction. Get excited when it’s at its strongest. You are in for quite the ride.

Have an amazing week!

Thank you for sharing this in the world. The more we use resistance to evolve and develop collectively, the more our collective quality of life is transformed, opening up new experience, making the world even more fun for us all.

Epic Love,

Premakarini X

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