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The CDC has officially released that COVID-19 can be spread through air particles, so as we head into flu season, make sure to continue to mask up and avoid gathering indoors with people outside of your household.

The struggle to replace policing with community control and autonomy is an ongoing one, and does not stop merely when news about a recent police murder settles down. There is collective strength behind the movement away from police and toward community care, and this collectivity must not be overlooked. Thankfully, we have much to learn from the struggles of our brothers, sisters, siblings and comrades across the globe. In continuing to resist imperialism, militarism, war, state violence, capitalism, colonialism, ableism and patriarchy together, here are some resources, events and learning opportunities we want to highlight: 
  • At 4:30 p.m., October 14, join us for a 90-minute webinar with three Nicaraguan women who have been involved in building autonomy and safety for black and indigenous peoples in Nicaragua. Ajamu Baraka of the Black Alliance for Peace will help us draw the lessons from the Nicaraguan experience for our struggles in the US and Aline Prata from the WPJC will moderate the panel. You can register here 
  • Check your voting registration status and other resources from your state here 
  • Read up on Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center's recently launched effort at creating a safe space for people who have complaints about the city of Bellingham but feel uncomfortable going straight to the city to file a complaint
  • Attend Stand Speak Listen's upcoming Celebration of Life event, October 14th which will honor the life of George Floyd and others through art
  • Join the Bellingham Women's March at 11 am on October 17 at Bellingham City Hall 
And don't forget that today's the last day to bid in our silent auction! The window closes tonight at 11:59 p.m. Check out the list of auction items here

In peace,
Marii Herlinger
WPJC Intern
Showing Up for Racial Justice Weekly Calls

Don't forget that SURJ and WPJC are still co-hosting weekly community calls to work through local, national and international action steps in support of racial justice. If you're unable to make it on Tuesday, an additional call will take place on Friday at 10 a.m. Join us by emailing for more details! 
Women of Color Monthly Social

Every third Thursday at 7:30 p.m. is a Women of Color Social/Happy Hour on Zoom. Reach out to to receive the link to join!
Ask Gov. Inslee to Extend Moratorium on Evictions

Please write to Governor Inslee asking to extend the rent moratorium through March 31, 2021 to prevent further harm to our most vulnerable neighbors. If you prefer, call his office at 360-902-4111.

Immigration Advisory Board Meeting Open to Public

The purpose of the board is to review and evaluate existing policies and make specific recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding City policy related to immigration matters. This evaluation will include analysis of City data to determine compliance with Washington State law. The board will make recommendations for further data to be compiled in order to facilitate its recommendations. In addition, the board shall support community involvement in and discussion of regional issues and decisions about our City’s future as it relates to immigration. Click here to find the link to join. 

Local Resources for Maintaining Election Integrity 

Refer to this document from Fourth Corner Election Integrity Group, a local group working to prepare for the possibility of a violation of election integrity this November 3rd. 
Sign Defund the Bellingham Police's Petition

Here is the link to add your name to Racial Justice Coalition's petition to defund the Bellingham police. Remember that the demand to defund the police comes straight from the Black Lives Matter organization itself, so if we support Black Lives Matter as a movement, we must support its demands as an organization too. 

6-7:30 pm, October 13
Washington State and Local Tax System: Dysfunction & Reform
Hosted by WA Physicians for Social Responsibility 

12-2:30 pm, October 14
Dominant Culture: A Virtual Anti-Oppression Workshop
Hosted by AfroResistance

4 pm, October 14
Stand Speak Listen: Celebration of Life
Maritime Heritage Park

4-5:30 pm, October 14

Community Restorative Circle: Encouraging Mental Health Awareness
Sponsored by DC Peace Team

4:30 pm, October 14

Power to the People! Policing and Caribbean Autonomy in Nicaragua
Hosted by The United National Antiwar Coalition

5 pm, October 14
Flights and Rights: 2020 Election
Hosted by ACLU

6-7:30 pm, October 14
Teach-In on the Dangers of Fracked Gas in the Port of Tacoma
Co-hosted by WA Physicians for Social Responsibility 

7 pm, October 14

Workshop: Basic Lobbying During a Pandemic
Hosted by Quaker Voice

9 am, October 15
The Path to a COVID-19 Vaccine and Implications for Universal Delivery: Part II
Hosted by Physicians for Human Rights

10 am, October 15
Justice is Political (Not Humanitarian): What Palestinians Demand for Gaza
Hosted by US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

4:30 pm, October 15
Tools for Integrating Ecosystem Connectivity into Planning
Huxley Speaker Series

5-7 pm, October 15

Film Screening and Panel: In Defense of Solidarity: Palestine on Campus
Hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace

4 pm, October 16
Bellingham Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

10-12 pm, October 17
Active Bystander Intervention Training
Sponsored by DC Peace Team

11 am, October 17
Bellingham Women's March
City Hall

1 pm, October 17

Online Rally: Youth Speak Out Against the Wars at Home and Abroad
Youth Against Empire

4 pm, October 17
Rooted in Resistance: Virtual Concert
Hosted by SOA Watch

5 pm, October 18
Livestream: Power in Action Series
Hosted by MoveOn

(Time TBD), October 20
Showing Up for Racial Justice Community Call
Co-hosted by SURJ and WPJC

3:30 pm, October 20

What's at Stake? Our Voice
Hosted by Peace is Loud

6:30 pm, October 20
Immigration Advisory Board Meeting
Hosted by City of Bellingham

4 pm, October 23
Bellingham Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

6 pm, October 23
Tenants Union 2020 General Membership Assembly
Hosted by Tenants Union WA

6 pm, October 24

Freedom Rings: Get Out The Vote — A Virtual Concert
Hosted by Seattle Peace Chorus

4-5:30 pm, October 25

Community Restorative Circle: Feelings of Powerlessness
Sponsored by DC Peace Team

1-3 pm, October 25
Rooted in Spirit for Right Action— Nonviolence and Social Change Workshop
Hosted by Campaign Nonviolence

5 pm, October 25
Livestream: Power in Action Series

Hosted by MoveOn

(Time TBD), October 27
Showing Up for Racial Justice Community Call
Co-hosted by SURJ and WPJC

7 pm, October 28
Online Discussion: What if Trump Tries to Steal the Election?
Hosted by Whatcom DSA

4 pm, October 30
Bellingham Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

Celebration of Life In Honor of George Floyd

Join Stand Speak Listen in honoring the life of George Floyd through food, art, and live performances. The event will take place at Maritime Heritage Park from 4-7 pm on October 14 (tomorrow!). For more details, click here
Demand an End to the Brutal Use of Crowd-Control Weapons 

While media attention on crowd control weapons (rubber bullets, flash grenades, batons, tear gas, etc) has waned, police and federal law enforcement agents have continued brutalizing protestors and medics alike. Add your name to this action by Physicians for Human Rights to demand the Department of Homeland Security to open an investigation into the conduct of ICE and CBP personnel during their operations in Portland and revise department training, policies, and practices on crowd-control weapons to comply with international human rights and policing standards.

Sign the Petition to Ban Guns Around Polling Locations

Recent months have brought heightened political violence and unrest, record sales of firearms, and a surge in white supremacist violence. Now, as we approach Election Day in the U.S., we face another dangerous prospect: gun violence at the polls.

It is crucial that voters and poll workers can vote and work in safety. Send an urgent message to your governor right now: demand that your state ban guns around polling locations.

Tell Secretary of State and Treasury Secretary to Prevent Any New Sanctions Against Iran

Economic sanctions are already hurting the ability of people in Iran to access critical healthcare in the face of COVID-19. Additional sanctions will only exacerbate the humanitarian crisis facing the Iranian people. Sign this letter to tell Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to reconsider any new sanctions on Iran and ask again that existing sanctions be suspended for at least 120 days.
Help Protect Migrant Workers in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi authorities detained 32 more returning migrant workers after they were deported from Syria, taking the total number of such arbitrary arrests to at least 370 since 4 July 2020. The 32 workers were arrested in Syria while trying to reach Italy and other European countries. They returned to Bangladesh on 13 September 2020 after Syrian government commuted their jail terms. In Bangladesh, the authorities detained them for “tarnishing the image of the country” by allegedly engaging in criminal activities, while no credible evidence concerning their alleged crimes has yet been provided in any case. Their arrest and detention violate Bangladesh’s obligations under international human rights law including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They must be freed immediately unless they are promptly charged with recognizable offense. Please write a letter in your own words to one or both government officials listed. You can also email, fax, call or Tweet them. (And click here to let us know the actions you took. It’s important to report because we share the total number with the officials we are trying to persuade and the people we are trying to help.


Mr. Asaduzzaman Khan, MP
Ministry of Home Affairs
Bangladesh Secretariat
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Fax: +88-02-9347290

Ambassador Mohammad Ziauddin
Embassy of Bangladesh
3510 International Drive NW, Washington DC 20008
Phone: 202 244 0183
Fax: 202 244 2771 | 7830
Contact form:
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

Tell Whatcom County Council to Vote NO on (Phony) Proposed Transparency Ordinance

 On September 29th, Whatcom County Council Members Tyler Byrd, Kathy Kershner and Ben Elenbaas proposed an ordinance called "Increasing Community Oversight and Transparency to Establish Fair Contract Negotiations."   This is a union busting tactic coming straight out of the Freedom Foundations playbook.  The Freedom Foundation is a right-wing think tank whose goal is to destroy unions by promoting "right-to-work" laws and bankrupting unions.   Similar ordinances have been introduced in Spokane, Lincoln County, and Blaine.  The goal of the ordinance is to entangle unions in costly litigation that will bankrupt them--it has nothing to do with transparency.  The Freedom Foundation and Washington Policy Center are part of a national network funded by out-of-state billionaires that want to keep wages low, slash education funding and eliminate paid sick leave for public workers. 


Take Action:

1. Email Whatcom County Council members and tell them to oppose the proposed ordinance ( or email them separately--see addresses below).

2. Email or call County Executive Satpal Sidhu and tell him you oppose the proposed ordinance (; 360-778-5200).

3. Call County Council members and state your opposition to the ordinance. (leave a message for all Council members at 360-778-5010,  or call them individually at phone numbers below).

4. Attend the County Council meeting on Zoom on Tuesday, October 13 at 7 pm. The link to the Zoom Council meeting is here:

Whatcom County Executive

Satpol Sidhu               360-778-5200    


Whatcom County Council

Rud Browne               360-820-9494    

Todd Donovan            360-483-8474    

Tyler Byrd                   360-778-5021    

Kathy Kershner           360-220-7535    

Ben Elenbaas              360-778-5025    

Barry Buchanon         360-224-4330      

Carol Frazey                360-778-5024    

The Whole Council – emailing for the record:

Youth Against Empire Online Rally

The newly formed Youth Against Empire is having its first official event, an online rally, on Saturday, October 17, at 1 pm! A common misconception about the anti-war movement is that it's mostly composed of older folks. In reality, it's a movement that crosses generational lines and includes both veterans and non-veterans alike. Join on Zoom here or on Facebook here to be a part of the event and learn from just some of the incredible youth behind the anti-war effort. 
Panel on Palestinians' Demands for Gaza

Ahead of the second presidential debate, Palestinians in the U.S. plan to reiterate critical demands for justice: to end military funding to Israel, to end Israel’s siege on Gaza, and to allow Palestinians their internationally-recognized right to return to their occupied homes. Congress’ responsibility to Gaza is political, not humanitarian. A humanitarian approach seeks to apply a bandage to a gaping wound that should instead be healed by ending the siege, creating true justice in policy. Only when Palestinian voices are centered in determining their futures can their hopes for freedom and justice can be realized. On October 15 at 10 a.m., join expert Palestinians and progressive allies to discuss policy demands that aim to stop the roots of the violence on Gaza by removing U.S. support for Israel’s ongoing violations of Palestinian rights.

Add Your Name to the Call for a National Mask Mandate

The United States has hit a grim milestone: 200,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19. Many of these deaths, according the scientific community, were preventable. 

Without a coordinated science-based public health response to the pandemic, we will see more and more preventable deaths. It’s past time for U.S. politicians and leaders to take definitive action. And now we must demand that action. Add your name today.

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