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League of Women's Voters and the Ralph Munro Institute Present A Virtual Walking Tour of Bellingham's History from Below, with WPJC Board Member Josh Ceretti

Dear Friends,

As we come up on Thanksgiving and new orders are issued from the governor in regards to social distancing, this is a great opportunity to reflect on the history of disease and exploitation in the United States. Indigenous people are impacted by COVID-19 at disproportionate rates, which is a disturbing parallel with the foundation of the Thanksgiving tradition. If you have young people at home especially, consider taking this time to do some collective reflecting on the myths of Thanksgiving as well as the history of violence and displacement which constitutes the legacy of colonialism in America. In addition to the resources linked below, the virtual walking tour led by our very own board member Josh Ceretti is a great resource for uncovering the history of colonialism in Bellingham.

Here's a list of further resources to guide in your learning/unlearning:

Now that the election is over, it's important that we not lose sight of the work ahead of us. Voting was certainly important, but grassroots organizing is where we will have the biggest impact. Keep reading for ways to get involved in our efforts to mobilize for peace and justice in Whatcom County and beyond.

As we're reflecting on Thanksgiving and its history of exploitation of Indigenous peoples, let's remember that Indigenous folx are among those most likely to be impacted by Covid-19, houselessness, and incarceration. One of the most major needs in our community, especially as the weather worsens, is solidarity with and real support for our houseless neighbors. There is currently an occupied protest taking place at City Hall, where more bodies/supplies are needed. Follow Whatcom Focused Youth Movement on Instagram to stay updated on what supplies are needed, and find more action items further down this newsletter. And don't forget to keep an eye out for our Fall outreach letter, which will be going out in the mail this week!

In peace,

Marii Herlinger
WPJC Intern
Get Involved! Showing Up for Racial Justice Weekly Action Calls

This is a reminder that WPJC is continuing to co-host action calls with Showing Up for Racial Justice. In addition to the time slot on Tuesday at 4 pm, we have added an additional set of calls which will take place Wednesdays at 10 am. Please email for more details!
Oppose Appointment of Warhawk as Secretary of Defense!

Sign the petition here to demand that notorious war-hawk Michele Flournoy, who supported the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria when she worked at the Pentagon and is on the board of military IT contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, is NOT appointed Secretary of Defense like she's expected to be.
Tell President-Elect Joe Biden to be a President for Peace!

CodePink has created an exciting 10-point call for the Biden administration to re-envision U.S. policy from a feminist perspective. Add your name to endorse the 10 Challenges for Biden and this petition will be delivered while he considers his cabinet and policies. 

5 pm, November 17
Military Detention as Collective Punishment and US Election Takeaways
Hosted by #NoWayToTreatAChild Campaign

5 pm, November 17
Power in Action: Winning with Our People
Hosted by MoveOn

6-8 pm, November 17
Maru Mora's Birthday Fundraiser
Hosted by La Resistencia

12 pm, November 18

Transforming National Security: Nuclear Policy for A New Era
Sponsored by Ploughshares Fund

2 pm, November 18
Fall Forum (Online)

Hosted by The Whatcom Food Network

3 pm, November 18
Venezuelans Want to Vote! Defending Venezuelan Elections Against US Intervention
Hosted by United National Antiwar Coalition

10 am, November 19

Housing Rights as Essential to Racial and Gender Justice
Hosted by AfroResistance

4:30 pm, November 19

Webinar: Ending the War on Afghanistan
Hosted by World Beyond War

4:30 pm, November 19
Aloha ʻĀina – Rebuilding Our Fractured Relationship to Place
Huxley Speaker Series

4:30 pm, November 19
Nonviolent Action Lab
Hosted by Campaign Nonviolence

5 pm, November 19
Leslie Feinberg: Remember Me as a Revolutionary Communist
Hosted by Workers World Party

6 pm, November 19
Out With the Debt! Solidarity in the Student Debt Crisis
Hosted by For the People

6 pm, November 19
Intergenerational Learning Alliance Info Session
Hosted by Whatcom Intergenerational High School

6:30 pm, November 19
Defend Democracy: Protect Our Communities Training
Hosted by Washington State Labor Council

4 pm, November 20
Peace Vigil 
Corner of Cornwall & Magnolia

4 pm, November 20
Fighting State Murder: Racism, the Police, and the Death Penalty
Hosted by Haymarket Books

6 pm, November 20

Ta-Nehisi Coates in Conversation with Adam Serwer
Hosted by The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz

9 am, November 21
Fellowship of Reconciliation Fall Retreat
Hosted by FOR

9-12 pm, November 21
Rooted in Resistance Virtual Panels
Hosted by SOA Watch

11:30 am - 1 pm, November 22
Rooted in Resistance Virtual Vigil
Hosted by SOA Watch

4 pm, November 27
Peace Vigil 
Corner of Cornwall & Magnolia

9 am, December 3
Nonviolent Communication and Anger Workshop
Hosted by Campaign Nonviolence

Support Occupied Protest at City Hall in Solidarity with Houseless Community Members

On Wednesday November 11, several houseless community members began camping on the lawn of city hall in Bellingham. This camp was established in response to inaction from the city and county as the weather has gotten colder and wetter and as BaseCamp has been operating at or beyond capacity for the past several weeks.

As the camp at city hall grows we are seeing a health crisis develop. There are reports of at least one camper testing positive for COVID-19. Several individuals need medical care. All of the individuals who are camping are in need of immediate housing.

The Coalition to Protect our Community stands with houseless folks and demand a solution from Whatcom County and the City of Bellingham. Safe housing solutions need to be identified immediately. Here is a link to a volunteer sign up form and here is a link to sign up to contribute warm meals to the camp. Call the numbers below and ask that the health department begin working to address the growing healthcare crisis that looms not just over this camp but for all houseless people as we are seeing an unprecedented spike in COVID19 infections, combined with the risks involved with dropping temperatures and sustained rain and wind. Demand that the former Motel 6 on Byron Ave. be opened for shelter now! Also needed are supplies, bodies, hot food and water. You can drop by the camp at any time. 

Satpal Sidhu (Whatcom County Executive): 360-778-5200 Email:

Seth Fleetwood (Bellingham Mayor): (360) 778-8101 Email:


Rud Browne: 360-220-7535 Email:

Kathy Kershner: 360-820-9494 Email:

Todd Donovan: 360-483-8474 Email:

Ben Elenbaas: 360-778-5025 Email:

Tyler Byrd: 360-778-5021 Email:

Barry Buchanon: 360-224-4330 Email:

Carol Frazey: 360-778-5024 Email:


Hannah Stone: (360) 778-8211 Email:

Gene Knutsen: (360) 733-1640 Email:

Dan Hammill: (360) 778-8213 Email:

Pinky Vargas: (360) 778-8210 Email:

Lisa Anderson: (360) 778-8217 Email:

Michael Lilliquist: (360) 778-8212 Email:

Hollie Huthman: (360) 778-8216 Email:


Show Up for Love Follow Up

Last month, Whatcom Human Rights Task Force teamed up with Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) and WPJC to host a Show Up for Love rally in response to hateful messages and swastika stickering from Proud Boys and the Patriot Front in Bellingham. The event was geared toward community conversation and continuing a dialogue on how to confront white supremacy. Please take a moment to fill out this follow-up form, the purpose of which is to carry the conversation even farther and invite more folks into the work. 
WIHS Looking for Elder Co-Mentors

Whatcom Intergenerational High School invites you to join a 1-hour virtual Information and Q&A session about the school's mission, vision, and new volunteer program that seeks to foster supportive relationships between elders in our community and our high school students. In this session, there will also be a presentation of WIHS's working timeline for the year, and an overview of the distinction between positions of mentor and traditional provider. If you're interested in a co-mentorship position, sign up for the info session on November 19 at 6 pm!

Join the Fight Against State Murder

Join family members of death row prisoner Rodney Reed, Rodrick and Sandra Reed, police torture victim and former juvenile life without parole prisoner Mark Clements, author and scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, and journalist Liliana Segura for a discussion about fighting racism in the criminal “injustice” system.

The massive uprising this year against police brutality and murder has sharply illuminated the racism of not only the police, but also the institutions that protect them. This struggle has thrown into sharp relief questions about the true nature of cops, the courts and prisons. The Black Lives Matter movement has given new life to movements for prison abolition, criminal justice reform and the abolition of the death penalty.

The connection between these struggles is clear: the fight against racism. The same system that allows police to murder unarmed people of color in the streets is the system that incarcerates, tortures and murders people behind the walls.

Interactive Online Event on Student Debt Crisis

The national student debt crisis is hurting local communities and weighs heavily on a generation of powerful local organizers working for racial, climate, and economic justice. It's time to take action.

Join November 19th at 6 p.m. for “Out With the Debt! Solidarity in the Student Debt Crisis”—an interactive discussion and panel event designed to draw out these connections and learn what to do next. 
Round Table Discussion on Revolutionary Leader Leslie Feinberg

Last Sunday marked the 6th anniversary of the death of comrade Leslie Feinberg, whose fighting spirit as a revolutionary communist transgender activist continues to inspire people in the US and around the world. 
Leslie understood the connection between the struggle against LGBTQ+ oppression and the fight against racism and white supremacy. Leslie, who used the pronouns ze/hir, believed that the liberation of the LGBTQ+ movement was tied to the liberation of Palestine, the Philippines, and everywhere else under US intervention. Leslie was truly a working class leader. Join us Thursday, November 19 at 5 pm, for a round table discussion by comrades who either knew hir or have been inspired by hir example. 
Continue to Show Up for Workers at Allan Brothers

The workers at Allan Brothers, who were the first of several Yakima Valley fruit warehouses who went on strike in May and June for better pay and safer working conditions during the pandemic, are seeking to have their newly formed union certified to represent the workers at Allan Brothers! The union is called Workers United for Justice, or Trabajadores Unidos por la Justicia, and these brave, essential workers are asking for our support. TUJ is asking all union members and community supporters to contact Allan Brothers. Please participate in sign this letter to express your support and solidarity with the new Union at Allan Brothers.
Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center Now Hiring 

WDRC is looking for a community engagement manager to join the team! Check out a detailed job description here
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