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Video: Basic Peace Team Training from Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation. Scroll down for "Advanced Peace Team Training" video.
Dear friends,

Election Day is less than a week away and with the pandemic, many voters have opted for mailing in their ballots this year. This means the election results might not be available until days or weeks after November 3rd (unless Trump rushes the results—sign this petition to demand every last vote is counted), giving us more time to prepare for nonviolent protest and mass noncooperation in the very possible case of a power grab. The video linked above is a great resource created by Washington Peacekeepers Network, intended to train volunteers who can serve as "peacekeepers" to ensure protests remain nonviolent and to help deal with potential disturbances. 

In good news, on October 24 Honduras became the 50th country to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which means the treaty will go into effect in 90 days. Find some action steps below to encourage American politicians to use their power to get the U.S. to join the treaty. In more (local) good news, Whatcom County rejected the union-busting ordinance proposed recently after receiving hundreds of letters from union, community and environmental activists. Your protest works! Keep it up. 

In upcoming events, the Bellingham City Council will be voting on the city budget soon. If you take any actions off of this newsletter, let it be this one: at 7 pm on November 9th, join the Bellingham City Council Zoom meeting and add your voice in support of defunding the Bellingham Police, which currently receives one third of the city budget. Follow this link for more information and to sign up to speak! And please continue sharing this petition to defund the BPD among your friends and family and fellow Whatcom County residents. 

The rest of this newsletter contains more action steps and learning opportunities, both local and abroad, as well as some community contributions (check out our board member Matteo Tamburini's most recent blog post in response to Trump's celebration of Columbus on Indigenous Peoples' Day!) and resources (here is a voters' guide based on WPSR's central issues of climate crisis, economic inequity, and nuclear weapons). As adrienne maree brown has said, this is not an election year—it's a genocide intervention era. Unfortunately, neither major candidates this year are free from genocidal policies, but fortunately we can allow the danger and seriousness of that reality to compel us toward action. The truth is, no matter who wins, we are still not safe from white supremacy, police terror, state violence and global imperialism. So as November 3rd draws near, remember that our job is to stay on the streets, keep organizing, and not stop until everyone is free.

In peace and solidarity,
Marii Herlinger
WPJC Intern
NEW Timeslot Added to Showing Up for Racial Justice Calls!

Have you been unable to make it to the community calls we co-host with SURJ on Tuesdays at 4 pm? Good news—we have added a new timeslot! Just bring your wonderful self and a willingness to "make good trouble" to Zoom at this link on Wednesdays at 10 am. See you there!
End Debt-Based Driver's License Suspensions

The most commonly charged crime in Washington state – Driving While License Suspended in the Third Degree (DWLS3) – disproportionately impacts poor people, young people, and people of color while doing little to keep us safe. Filing these charges drains criminal justice resources and burdens poor people with unnecessary criminal convictions that can affect employment and housing opportunities. Take action with the ACLU to urge legislators to keep drivers licensed and insured and end debt-based licenses suspensions for moving violations.

Don't Let Them Rush the Election Results

Members of President Trump’s White House have already begun to demand that final results are announced on Election Night. But if there is needless pressure to declare a winner too early, we risk disenfranchising the millions of Americans who voted by mail — and denying them their right to be heard in our democracy. Sign this petition to demand that every vote is counted.


Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility Now Hiring!

WPSR is seeking applicants who share the deep commitment of our organization and the passion of members to fight for health, equity, and peace. We look for smarts, superlative written and interpersonal communication skills, an eagerness to learn, and a demonstrated record of success in nonprofit development, fundraising, and communications. For the full job description and application link, look here
4-5 pm, October 30
Friday Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

4:30 pm, October 30

How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab
Hosted by Choose Democracy

11 am, November 1
Defend Democracy: Protect Our Communities - WSLC Training 1
Hosted by WA State Labor Council

7 am, November 2
Webinar: Target 2045 (or before) for Nuclear Weapons Elimination
Hosted by Unfold Zero

5 pm, November 4
Protect the Results & Count Every Vote - Washington State
Hosted by Fix Democracy First!

5 pm, November 4
National Advocacy Call
Hosted by Friends Committee on National Legislation

4:30 pm, November 5
Nonviolent Action Lab
Hosted by Nonviolence Campaign

5 pm, November 5
At the Brink: Getting Ready to Stop a Coup
Hosted By Resource Center for Nonviolence

4-5 pm, November 6
Friday Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

6 pm, November 10

Housing Justice Campaign Kickoff! Banning Housing Discrimination Based on Criminal History
Hosted by WA Statewide Reentry Council

7-8:30 pm, November 10

Bellingham’s History From Below: A Virtual Walking Tour
Hosted by Whatcom Museum and League of Women Voters

10 am, November 12

Black Migration in the Americas: An Invisible Issue
Hosted by AfroResistance

4:30 pm, November 12
Nonviolent Action Lab
Hosted by Nonviolence Campaign

4-5 pm, November 13
Friday Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

6:30-8 pm, November 15
Post-Election Nonviolence Strategies and Tactics
Hosted by Fellowship of Reconciliation

5:30 pm, November 16
Support Teens in Local Action
Hosted by RE Sources

10 am, November 19
Housing Rights as Essential to Racial and Gender Justice
Hosted by AfroResistance

4:30 pm, November 19
Nonviolent Action Lab
Hosted by Nonviolence Campaign

4-5 pm, November 20
Friday Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

4-5 pm, November 27
Friday Peace Vigil
Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall

Support Youth Climate Activism in Whatcom County

A message from RE Sources:

"During COVID's isolation and a year of crises, YEP! connects high school students and helps them implement a meaningful action project that protects or otherwise benefits communities. And we’re growing. YEP! received so many applications this year that we’re now offering two cohorts this fall/winter to accommodate twice as many students. 

In addition to learning more about YEP! and hearing from students about their stories and experiences at this event, we also need to double down and raise funds to support the 30 students who have enrolled in the program. Our goal is to raise a total of $6,000 in order to cover the $200 stipend we give to each student to extend our reach into underrepresented communities and make sure no one is left out for financial reasons.

Please join us in supporting YEP! Together we can offer high schoolers a chance to connect during this difficult time, inspire hope, elevate their voices, support self-esteem and provide meaningful activities that enrich our communities."

Post-Election Protest for a People's Mandate

On November 4, join National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression for a day of protest. Among the demands included are:
  • stop police crimes
  • gain community control of police
  • gain economic relief for the unemployed
  • stop evictions and utility shut-offs
  • make healthcare accessible to all
  • stop racist attacks on immigrants
  • stop harassment of Asian Americans
For more information, visit this details page!
Tell the State Department: The Struggle for Palestinian Rights is NOT Anti-Semitism!

Elan Carr, U.S. special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, recently pressured the State Department to slander organizations like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Oxfam, because they frequently advocate for equal rights for Palestinians. Tell the State Department to focus on dismantling REAL anti-Semitism and stop attacking organizations protecting human rights! 

Important Victory in the Fight to End Nuclear Weapons!

On October 24, Honduras became the 50th country to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The treaty will begin to take effect in 90 days, a momentous step in the global disarmament effort. Now we must take action to urge the United States to follow the leadership of the 50 countries who are party to the TNPW! Follow these action steps below to join the struggle to end nuclear weapons!

  1. Sign and share this petition

  2. Take a picture of yourself with this graphic and post to social media using the #nuclearban and tag your member of Congress using these sample social media posts

  3. Post this graphic in your window, on your car window or in your workplace to activate others to take action

  4. Organize with your friends to create a freeway banner with a message, following these guidelines

  5. Call or email your member of Congress to urge them to take action now to comply with the treaty using this script

  6. Publish an opinion editorial in your local newspaper using these tips

Tell Your Governor and Mayor: Protect Protestors' Rights!

As we approach Election Day — and the potential for more demonstrations — we must be aware that our state and local politicians and those who oversee police departments might decide to deploy the National Guard in their communities amid post-election reactions. Sign below to urge your governor and mayor: I demand you protect the right to peacefully protest and dissent, and take special measures to keep your constituents and communities safe from violence and armed intimidation.

Tell Elected Officials to Permanently Adopt Practices That Led to Reduced Jail Populations 

Washington’s overall statewide jail population was reduced initially by approximately 50% in the few weeks following the start of the pandemic. Approximately 5,000 people were released between mid-March and early April 2020. Considering Black and Brown people are affected disproportionately by incarceration, and jails are extremely dangerous settings for the spread of COVID, elected officials should be working hard to reduce jail populations. Add your name to ACLU's petition here. 
Keepers of the Dream: Seattle Women Black Panthers 

Whatcom Human Rights Task Force and Pickford Film Center presents this series of five short documentaries exploring the courageous actions of pioneering women Black Panther activists in Seattle. Combining contemporary Seattle settings with personal archival photos, viewers get an introduction to the very first chapter of the Black Panther Party created outside of Oakland, California. These young women built and sustained the long-lived Children’s Free Breakfast Program and the Carolyn Downs Family Health Center. They took up arms, organized, and led. With Seattle artist SassyBlack providing the score, Keepers of the Dream is a celebratory mini-fest introducing these women whose daring was indispensable to Seattle’s Black Power movement. For more information, click here
Advanced Peace Team Training video from Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation
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